Friday, January 1, 2010

DUN Sitting : Nov 01 - Nov 10, 2010

Day One (Nov 01):
* Ucapan Belanjawan 2010 by Taib

Day Two (Nov 02):
* Draft of Private Motion By Karim on WHITE PAPER
* Draft of Private Motion By Ho Leng on Ministers
* Draft of Private Motion By Ho Leng on logjam at Rajang River
* Draft of Private Motion By Violet Yong against Article 24(7)
* Abu Seman querying about Mukah airport and MASwings
* Nelson querying about road connecting Ba' Kelalan and Bario
* Simoi querying about road upgrading
* Mohammad Ali querying about general hospital in Kota Samarahan
* Joseh Mauh querying about supply of water to long houses
* Dr. Abdul Rahman querying about drainage system in Rampangi
* Wahbi querying about telecommunication tower
* Andy Chia querying about jetties

Day Three (Nov 03):
* RM1.4 bln road to make Kapit accessible in 5 years, says Manyin
* Investment in 1st Silicon for long-term benefit, says George Chan
* Protect Sarawak companies servicing oil and gas industry, says Andy Chia
* Police HQ to be built at Petra Jaya, says George Chan

Day Four (Nov 04):
* RM60 million for perimeter survey on NCR land, saysTengah
* Dr Jerip urges dept to urgently build long-overdue Siburan health clinic
* Limbang in need of specialist doctors, says Dr Abdul Rahman
* Assign specialist to Dato hospital, says Abu Seman
* Improvement for Kpg Benuk, Kpg Mongkos homestay programmes, says Talip
* Voon calls for govt clinic or mobile medical team for Batu Lintang
* Bayoi - Many areas in Serian need power, clean water supply

Day Five (Nov 05):
* DAP’s Chiew and Voon invited to join ruling govt by Dr. Abdul Rahman and Liwan
* Buffalo farmers to receive assistance, says Jabu
* 4 hectres per family can lift state’s economy, says Jabu
* Categorise SK Long Napir as Penan school, says Paulus
* Manyin says Rayang-Sebemban road to be included in 10MP
* Dr Chan says History syllabus must be all inclusive
* Dr Abd Rahman says every Pantai Damai village needs primary drain
* Abg Jo says 70 pct maximum loan won’t affect local property market
* Hasidah says Consider grassroots’ opinions in future govt plans

No DUN Sitting on Nov 06 (Sat) & Nov 07 (Sun).

Day Six (Nov 08):
* Sarawak's Export Of Timber Products To Hit RM7 Billion This Year, says Tengah
* Sarawak Foundation Aid For All Sarawakians, says Fatimah
* Human Capital Development Must Meet Needs Of SCORE, says Taib

Day Seven (Nov 09):
* White paper not designed to oppress, says Taib 
* Sarawak Plans To Develop Bus Rapid Transit System, says Abang Jo
* Higher House Prices In Sarawak, says Abang Jo
* Pandalela, Bibiana And Brian Rewarded By Sarawak Government, says Mawan
* Sarawak Plans To Merge, Upgrade Dumpsites To Sanitary Landfills, says Soon Koh
* Goverment Plans To Implement Eight EPP Along The Palm Oil Value Chain, says Masing
* Masing says many countries want to copy BN unique system
* Ministry aims to improve people’s oral health, says Soon Koh

Day Eight (Nov 10):
* DUN passes Budget 2011
* Dr Chan says rep should not have touched on his and his daughter’s personal affairs
* Jabu says Community leaders to get raise 100% in allowances
* More MAS international flights from KIA, says Dr Chan
* Salcra might pay highest dividend, says Jabu
* Soon Koh tells private sector to take lead in Sarawak’s economic transformation
* Vessels can enjoy further sudsidised diesel extension, says Dr Chan
* Local business portal ready to assist entrepreneurs and investors, says Dr Chan
* SMEs in major sectors assisted with training, says Dr Chan

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