Friday, January 1, 2010

DUN Sitting (Day Five): Manyin - Rayang-Sebemban road to be included in 10MP

(Nov 05, 2010)

INFRASTRUCTURE Development and Communication Minister Dato Sri Michael Manyin yesterday explained that a number of approved road projects in Tarat constituency could not be implemented due to lack of government funds.

Replying to Roland Sagah Wee Inn (BN-Tarat) at the DUN sitting, Manyin said that the Rayang/Munggu Kopi/Tanah Puteh/Sebemban road in Serian was in fact approved in the Eighth Malaysia Plan (MP) valued at RM20 million then.

“However, no allocation was provided under the 9MP and our ministry, through the State Planning Unit, has submitted the project to be included in the 10MP.

“Thus the implementation of the project will depend on the availability of fund under the 10MP,” he said.

He pointed out that under the 8MP, RM2.3 million was provided for the project and that was just enough for design and payment of compensation for crops and land, which had all been done.

According to him the total length of the road was 15 kilometres and the present estimated cost was RM70 million.

On a related subject, Manyin said that there was also no allocation under the 9MP for the construction of the Kambug-Parang-Asum-Sapit road in upper Padawan.

“Again we are putting this up under the 10MP and the implementation is subject to the availability of funds,” he said.

The total length of the road was said to be 3.2km with an estimated cost of RM20 million.

Assistant Minister of Public Utilities Sylvester Entrie Muran (BN-Marudi) told the august House that based on the feasibility study carried out by a consultant on micro hydro-electric projects in the state no suitable site had been identified in Batang Ai area.

In his reply to a question asked by Malcolm Mussen Lamoh (BN-Batang Ai) he revealed that based on initial study a total of 86 villages with 1,471 households had the potential to use the solar hybrid power supply.

“From the list of villages none is in the Batang Ai area,” said Entrie.

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  1. maioh amai jalai ka digaga kitak nya manyin neh.pama maioh ga pemulak kitak perintah nya.ninting kali bersidang kunsil nengeri bisi jalai baru ka digaga.uji check, udah tembu ka enda jalai diplan ari suba.manyin, kemaia ka mengundi? arap nuan alah ilak