Friday, January 1, 2010

DUN Sitting (Day Seven): White paper not designed to oppress, says Taib

 (Nov 09, 2010)

KUCHING: Government backbenchers’ effort to keep the proceedings of the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) decorous must not be regarded as a move to oppress the opposition.

Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud who said this yesterday gave state BN Backbenchers’ Club chairman Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah a pat on the back for his initiative to curtail unintended disputes in the august house.

“I think it is an intelligent way (Karim had moved a motion for a white paper) to get things to calm down, to get people to see the rational approach to solving problems… not like what (you see) in the papers, to muzzle the opposition.

“It is an effort to try to understand what the real situation is. Once we know the real situation, measures will be taken and prevention put in place to preserve the good character of the people,” he said in his winding up speech yesterday.

Taib said every politician, be he from the government or opposition, had to preserve the stability, security and unity of the nation.

He added that if facts were brought to the attention of the government, they would be cross-checked in order to better monitor any situation.

“This is the best way for us not to punish the people who are not naughty or guilty,” he said, adding that differentiating between the “good and bad people” was the first step to ensure that any measures taken would be fair and just.

He added that on the BN’s part, its backbenchers had to support the motion.

“This is our nation, this is our Sarawak. We, on our part, have to agree to support it,” he said, adding that similar effort was done during the British colonial era and “Singapore did it many times” as well.

“Singapore did it once for the solidarity of the people. This is the way we ought to do to make sure that the development of the state does not cater to the extremism of a small group, but rather an effort to make sure that our development is orderly.

“It is also not to jeopardise the years of hard work that we have put in for the good of the country,” he said.



  2. nak po nak di banggo. nyo ekot po padoh taib. bukan nyo pon yang maok kelakor. paloi kao tok. samo paloi ngon karim.