Friday, January 1, 2010

DUN Sitting (Day Five): Categorise SK Long Napir as Penan school, says Paulus

(Nov 05, 2010)

PAULUS Palu Gumbang (BN-Batu Danau) has called for SK Long Napir to be recognised as a Penan school so that all its students could receive allowances as those in other Penan schools in the state.

At the moment, the school, located deep in Ulu Limbang has about 81 students including pre-schoolers.

From the number, 57 students (80.2 per cent) are Penans while the 24 others are Kelabits.

“Now that the Penan students in SK Long Napir are more than 80 per cent, it is only just that the school received recognition. Furthermore, it is to help the people,” said the Batu Danau assemblyman when debating during the State 2011 Budget at the State Legislative Assembly yesterday.

Gumbang also mentioned that the school used to be dominated by the Kelabits but as the Penans became more aware of the importance of education, more of their young have entered school.

On another note, he urged the government to implement as soon as possible the community’s much needed Batu Danau-Nanga Medamit-Tedungan water supply project under the national key result area (NKRA).

“I understand that no less than 49 settlements including longhouses and villages along the said areas will benefit from these projects.

“In addition, I also hope that the clean water supply projects could be extended to Kubong-Ulu Pandaruan areas comprising of Rumah Bujang, 12 1/2 Mile Kubong road, Rumah Ungkil, Kampung Reda, Rumah James Jimbau, Kampung Semabat, Rumah Baba Ajit, SK Penganan, Rumah Sintau, Lubok Kepayang and Rumah Manai.”

Regarding the rural electricity supply (RES), Gumbang said 12 projects costing RM4.7 million under the NKRA was supposed to be implemented in 2009-2010.

The contractor for the projects covering Kampung Anak Bukit/Kuala Awang, Tanjung Riman, Tanjong, Ranggu/Pengkalan Jawa, Pengkalan Gurah, Lembuak Tedungan, Nanga Medamit (including its health clinic), Tanjung Ungar (Limbang), Bawang Ubor and Pengkalan Madang have been identified and it was hoped that the implementation would commenced soon.

“Apart from the said areas, there are many more villages and longhouses in Batu Danau that do not have 24-hour electricity.

“The villagers are so accustomed to generate their own electricity but due to the increase in diesel cost, it has become a burden for the people.

“Therefore, I hoped that the government would speed up the implementation of the projects and I hope that these said areas could be included.”

The areas are Kelati, Teban, Tubai, Ensurai, Sungai Lumbong, Pulau Brunei, Ensungei, Staie and Nanga Merit.

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