Friday, January 1, 2010

DUN Sitting (Day Two): Draft of Private Motion By Ho Leng on Ministers

YB Wong Ho Leng (N45 – Bukit Assek) moves (on Nov 02, 2010):-

Motion concerning of responsibilities by Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers:

  1. The Cabinet Ministers are charged with responsibilities to answer questions raised by elected State Assembly-persons during every meeting of the Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak:
  2. Many questions raised by elected State Assembly-persons for written answers have not be answered and there is evidence, from at least the Opposition bench, that the number of written answers not supplied has been increasing;
  3. There is either laziness on the part of the Cabinet Ministers to answer questions or they are derelict in their reespons9bilities in ensuring that their Ministries and Departments provide written answers to the elected State Assembly-persons during the Meeting;
  4. Inability and/or refusal to answer questions will promote non-accountability and non-transparency and will generate ridicule to the administration which is both unhealthy and dangerous.


For the derelict of their responsibilities to provide written answers to elected State Assembly-persons, IT IS MOVED that the salaries of all the Ministers (which term is defined to include Assistant Ministers) be deducted by RM100.00 per month with immediate effect.

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  1. by Saudara YB Wong Ho Leng,
    State Assemblyman for N45 Bukit Assek and Member of Parliament for P212 Sibu

    (2) 2nd Motion Killed

    All elected representatives are entitled to receive answers to questions that they have raised. Over the years, the Ministers (which include the Deputy Ministers by definition) had been lazy to ensure that their Ministries enabled elected representatives to get their answers. For their laziness I gave notice to move a motion to deduct their salaries. It was gunned down by the Speaker saying that a similar motion that was moved by me was dismissed for exceeding the word limit in May 2010. He wouldn’t allow the issue to be opened up.

    The Speaker was totally wrong. The subject matter in the May 2010 Motion was never considered or concluded and my Motion was proper. The Speaker quoted Gobind Singh case saying that all elected wakil rakyat is entitled to receive the remuneration/allowances. But my motion is to deduct salary of the Ministers for not doing their jobs. It has nothing to do with the Ministers’ allowances as elected members.

    I wondered what the Speaker had learnt in his legal practicing days. I also asked him to resign. But that was not captured by the microphone which was switched off by the Speaker.