Friday, January 1, 2010

DUN Sitting (Day Two): Draft of Private Motion By Ho Leng on logjam at Rajang River

YB Wong Ho Leng (N45 – Bukit Assek) moves (on Nov 02, 2010):-

Motion concerning Logjam at Rajang River:

  1. For 2 days on 7th and 8th October 2010 about 300,000 metric tonnes of timber logs. Stumps and debris had flowed from upstream of Rejang River to Sibu, causing unprecedented environmental and ecological disaster and economic loss in the Rejang basin.
  2. The logs and debris literally jammed the entire waterway at upper Rajang River, especially at the township of Kapit.
  3. Until today, the government has not told us the cause of the incident.
  4. The government had taken no action but had let the timber logs, stumps and debris flow into the South China Sea.
  5. Many of the logs, stumps and debris are strewn all over the banks of Rejang River and Igan River, and rising water level will wash them down to the rivers, causing further clogging and hamper riverine traffic.
  6. No one knows, whether the logjam was caused by illegal or and excessive logging or some other causes.
  7. This is a major environmental catastrophe and unless actions are taken to bring the culprits to book it will happen again.

(a) Action be taken against those culprits who were responsible for the logjam;
(b) Action to be taken to ensure that such environmental and ecological catastrophe should not be allowed to happen again.


  1. by Saudara YB Wong Ho Leng,
    State Assemblyman for N45 Bukit Assek and Member of Parliament for P212 Sibu

    (1) 1st Motion Killed

    We had seen so many statements made by the BN Ministers on the logjam, that it was an environmental and ecological disaster at the Rejang basin.

    We saw the other side of their faces today. The Speaker asked the Dewan whether they agreed to debate my Motion. They voted against debating it. The important Motion on the logjam was out of the window and dismissed.

    I hadn’t even the opportunity to move it. I told the Speaker that he was wrong to dismiss my Motion before I even moved it. He smiled. But it was to no avail. The Speaker’s ruling was final.

    To the BN members, it is a matter of political convenience. To them, it is better to play safe than antagonize the political masters.

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