Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who are the PBB guys interested in Belawai?

by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: When his name was dropped as an assistant minister at the end of last year, it was sort of a sign to all that his days as an elected representative were numbered.

As a matter of fact, Datuk Hamden Ahmad was a loyal soldier who didn't go berserk after being dropped from the State Cabinet.

He just kept quiet and went to his constituency, Belawai, to carry out his normal duty as an elected representative without much ado.

In fact he was said to have beckoned to the party top leadership that this term would be his last and he had no problem to give way to a new candidate.

However, almost a year later, the party is surprised with loud calls made by its members from the constituency to retain Datuk Hamden Ahmad as the party candidate for the constituency.

Many are taken by surprise with this unexpected development in the constituency when there is yet to be any important sign of when the state election would be held.

They are wondering whether Datuk Hamden Ahmad has made a U-turn on his retirement plan - and if he really did that, what was the reason.

Apparently not many know that Sultan of Semop Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar is the one who makes the party members to be 'excited' in urging the top party leadership to retain the incumbent.

It is not that Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar is asking them to support Datuk Hamden Ahmad but it is him whom the party members are rejecting.

Dato Sri Awang Nassar is now under the impression that this term would be his last as the Sultan of Semop because he knows that he is no longer as influential as before.

Before this, he had the ear of the party top leadership - but certainly not now.

Many of unpleasant things which he did - together with his 'ministers' - in the past are now known to the party top leadership - thus making his position as an elected representative untenable - at least to his understanding.

He knows that it would be very difficult for him to retain the seat because although majority of the voters are with Barisan Nasional (BN), virtually all of them despise him.

And this could cause BN to lose the seat which something that BN certainly does not want to happen.

Thus, he has to find a new seat for himself - a safe seat for Barisan Nasional regardless of who is the candidate.

Based on his calculation, Belawai is a good bet because Datuk Hamden Ahmad, who is said wanted to retire from active politics after the state election, would certainly not resist any move to name him as the candidate.

However, he needed a good pawn - who was not too 'difficult' for him to kill later - to test the water.

The person whom he chose to be his pawn was a son-in-law of the former Chief Minister Tun Abdul Rahman Ya'akub - i.e. Sa'adi Olia.

And, as he expected, Tun Abdul Rahman Ya'akub bought the idea that his son-in-law was the best candidate to replace Datuk Hamden Ahmad.

When the constituents heard about Tun Abdul Rahman Ya'akub was keen to have Sa'adi Olia as the party candidate in the next election, they didn't jump to say no.

But when they heard about Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar was behind the 'fantastic' idea, many started to make noises because they knew that Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar was someone who could not be trusted.

And they also heard about Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar's plan to get rid of Sa'adi Olia - i.e. after it is confirmed that the constituency is indeed a safe seat for BN regardless of who is the candidate.

May be Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar should concoct a plan to make Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri George Chan Hong Nam to agree to allow him to contest in a Chinese-majoirty seat because he would surely get minimal objection from any PBB member in the constituency.

May be the Chinese has no problem at all to have him being installed as their Emperor.

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  1. HAMDEN / ASFIA = 2X5 =10..5X2=10.. SAMA AJAK..!


  2. sarawak for sarawakians supporterOctober 4, 2010 at 5:52 PM

    ur comment above just shows u know shit about politics.have u ever been to both of their constituencies & talked with the locals about their ybs??not every yb goes everywhere shouting & boasting about their track record in the media, you just need to meet the locals to know bout it.i would guess u're just another gullible rakyat who is desperate for change, in the end,sarawak instead will still be raped by ppl from malaya either its UM(NO) or PR.
    I can honestly claim that I'm politically indifferent & have been to both of the ybs area & meeting with various ppl. unlike DSA who is very unpopular & have issues againts him & is desperately clinging to his seat, DHA is mostly respected & supported due to his humility & dedication to his kawasan. Believe me calls for his reelection has nothing to do with the desperate DSA but due to his popularity among his constituents. DHA "retirement" plans are actually due to efforts done by Norah to replace ybs in her kawasan to be her yes men like DSA & co. that seems to be not working well.DHA is unwilling to kowtim to all Norah plans & plus her family grudge against DHA for defeating Saadi Olia in '87 means that a whisper to 'abang Taib' as she call him & DHA political days are numbered.
    DSA & supporters nowadays is just desperate for attention & spread any rumours or chance to cling to his yb-ship.

  3. Hanya Mohd Kassim Arbain (ppd sarikei) ajak maok dekat2 ngan Asfia..Ada hati nak jadi wr/yb ke??

    Mun ada hajat tu ubah2 lah stail pentadbiran..! Al-mak-lum sendiri la..?? Orang lain pun ada degree/master/phd pun ada..!!

    Apa2 you nak cakap..hanya 'keluarga' atau 'geng' atau 'tukang jilat burit' DHA ajak cakap cam ya.. Cuba dengar cakap2 orang paloh/sarikei/bewalai empun..taielah... shit is your politics! not mine..!!

  4. sfss..kesian bunyi kitak nok mempertahankan DHA. Kenak hilang sumber/lubuk rezeki kitak ka... Kesian cari lubuk lain pulah..!!

    Mun dah tegar DHA ikut ajaknya cni2..!! Don't vorry..nya sik ninggal kitak ya..!! Smile... while you can..!!!

  5. aku org dari constituency DHA. tahun '87 aku sekolah SRK Abang..(u pilih jak lah, ada 3 buah sekolah rendah jak di area ya, semua nama mula SRK Abang) ada jugak ngago kedirik sukarela ngantung poster BN n PERMAS. Apa significant dev. / changes kawasan rajang,belawai,jerijeh ya dapat since '87? slow nak mampus pembangunan... we want new candidate tambi pun ok.. asalkan boleh keja and selalu nyenguk kampung

  6. hallo political scum pigs!! BN won in Belawai in 2006 without a fight! so please someone out there from opposition parties come to Belawai and challenge BN! We are the new generation of Belawai longing for change!! Watch out BN, you better do as you promised back in 2006. ORANG KAMPUNG SEKARANG NI BUKANNYA BODOH!!

  7. UMNO cuba nak dibawa ke Sarawak, be realistik, penduduk Sarawak majoriti adalah BANGSA IBAN dan BANGSA MELAYU bukan majoriti seperti di Semenanjung. Kalau nak masuk Sarawak sila tukar huruf M dalam ejaan UMNO tu kepada huruf B, yakni UBNO. B itu untuk BUMIPUTERA. baru betul. UMNO Sarawak jangan cuba nak pecah belahkan perpaduan rakyat Sarawak selama ini. KAMI RAKYAT SARAWAK TAK MAHU NEGERI KAMI JADI SEPERTI SABAH. SARAWAK FOR SARAWAKIANS, BUKAN UNTUK MELAYU UMNO ATAU PKR! KAMI SUDAH MEMPUNYAI PARTI POLITIK SENDIRI YANG MEWAKILI PELBAGAI BANGSA DAN KAUM DI SARAWAK. JANGAN BAWAK POLITIK PERKAUMAN DAN POLITIK CARA MALAYA KE SINI!