Friday, June 18, 2010

Asfia, Norah and Kampung Bruits residents

by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: Kampung Bruit residents of Pulau Bruit are incensed with their people's representatives.

They were given a promise before the last state election that they would be getting 5,000 hectares of land for them to plant oil palm to supplement their income.

As a matter of fact, they have worked hard since 2002 towards their dreams of supplementing their income with oil palm plantation. 

They decided to opt for the business because their fish catches were getting smaller each year – and they were worried about the future of the young generation if no alternative means of income were found in the near distant future. 

They believed that the survival of their community could only be assured if they could make the oil palm plantation a reality on the island.

They knew that they could not rely on their people's representatives to think for them because their elected representatives were busy counting monies in their treasure chest. 

Because of this, the islanders didn't mind to slog through the hardships without expecting their elected representatives to roll up their sleeves to help them.

The only thing they wanted from their elected representatives was to honour their promises to them. 

Before the last state election, their state assemblyman Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar had promised them that they would get 5,000 hectares of land if they helped him to win the election.

After giving a serious consideration, the islanders decided to give their votes to the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Speaker.

Initially they wanted to dump him because of his countless broken promises but they were confident that this time around he would not dare to cross them.

After the election, they went to see him to further discuss about his promise. 

However, to their surprise, Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar denied that he ever gave such promise to them.

He challenged them to prove their claim -  he arrogantly told them that if there was no black and white on his promise, then a promise is not a promise !!!

The islanders were upset with Datoo Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar but they knew that there was nothing they could do to make him to honour his promise because they already knew his character.

So, instead of mourning over the broken promise, they decided to carry out the plan on their own.

They wrote letters to the Mukah Divisonal Land and Survey Department requesting for the land. And they were happy to hear that the divisional department was supportive of their plan as per letter dated on July 14, 2008.

They also had a copy of a memo from Acting Daro District Officer dated on March 17, 2008 who expressed his support to the islanders’ plan to apply for a piece of land for an oil plantation business.

Months later, they were shock when they saw a group of people who claimed to be from Poh Zhen Sdn Bhd brought few earthwork machineries into the said land - which was located just outside their village – to do clearing works for the purpose of using the land for an oil palm plantation business.

The islanders were extremely not happy upon hearing this and tried to stop the strangers from encroaching into the land by erecting No Entry signs outside the land.

Their argument was the Mukah divisional Land and Survey Department said they still were processing their land application.

Therefore, it was impossible for the divisional department to give the land to Poh Zhen Sdn Bhd when the department was still processing their land application.

The company made an inquiry with the divisional department when the villagers stopped them from carrying out the clearing works on the land.

The villagers also made their own inquiry with the divisional department on the matter. 

In a letter dated on January 19, 2010, they were informed by the divisional department that their application was still in the process and had been forwarded to the department HQ in Kuching. 

They aired their grievances to Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar but failed to get any response.

So, they decided to meet the Tanjung Manis Member of Parliament YB Norah Tun Rahman with a hope that she could assist them.

But to their surprise, instead of trying to help the islanders, she told them to buck off and warned them that they would be thrown into jail if they dare to challenge the Poh Zhen Sdn Bhd for the right over the land. 

They just could not believe their ears when they heard YB Norah Tun Rahman said this because they didn’t expect it at all. 

Since they could not get YB Norah Tun Rahman to assist them, they sought out for a legal assistance from a lawyer in Sibu.

The lawyer helped them to send warning letter to the company if they continued to clear the land without waiting for the result of the villagers' land application.

After making the researches, with the help of the lawyer, they were shock to find out that the company was owned by Jaya Tiasa Holdings Berhad which was related to Rimbunan Hijau.

And they also managed to find out that the company was actually a proxy for both Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar and YB  Norah Tun Rahman to do an oil palm plantation business on the island.

At the same time, they also got to know that their village was not the only village experiencing the same problem because there were others too.

They subsequently requested the lawyer to help them to challenge the decision to give the land to Poh Zhen Sdn Bhd but the lawyer politely turned down their request.

The lawyer said although he personally believed that the company was at the wrong, he didn't dare to take up the case as it could affect his business.

Thus, he suggested to them to get legal assistance from lawyers in the oppositions pact.

After giving it a serious consideration, they finally decided to go to the press hoping that their plight could be aired for all to know and subsequently someone would come to their rescue.

Their sad story has come out in the press but it seems that it fails to cause the desired impact.

Both Dato Sri Asfia Mohd Nassar and YB Norah Tun Rahman are seemed to continue their normal life as if nothing has happened in Pulau Bruit.

But obviously they don't know that their days as elected representatives are numbered because the islanders are determined to teach them a good lesson, i.e. vote them out in the coming state and general election.

As it is now, even a Chinese candidate could win both the Semop and Tanjung Manis constituencies in the coming elections because the villagers are really not happy with them.


  1. Norah is sharing the same bed with Asfia? hahaha ... no wonder Asfia not ngam with Wahab... fighting over money and woman :)...

  2. the Bumiputeras should vote them out!!! i think, even george chan can win there..............

  3. Hope writer is prepared to face his Maker, if the story are not true. To spread out lies on innocent person and reader believed them, then you can imagine the multiple consequences writer need to answer later, especially when the grieved person pray to God. May Allah forgive you, and us all

  4. hahaha ... you should pray for Asfia and not the writer. Asfia already has many sins. if you think that Asfia is innocent then you better go to Pulau Bruit. But please don't tell them that you are a friend of Asfia. Or they will look at you as if they want to eat you. hahaha ... and also pray for yourself when you do business with asfia. hope that you are still breathing after he is done with you. hahaha ... and you also say Norah is innocent??? hahaha ... u better go back under your tempurung!!! May Allah spare you from being victimised by Asfia and Norah. Amin ...

  5. bolehkah saya republish artikel ini

  6. menilai kejahatan dan dosa2 org lain bukan kerja kita sebenarnya ... sejahat2 manusiapun ada juga kebaikannya dan pasti sentiasa ada ruang untuk berubah ... dan yg pentingnya usah keterlaluan, apa primitif dan agresif sangatkah org Pulau Bruit sehingga mempamirkan kebencian dan ketidakrasional mereka dgn cara yg anonymous (June 22,2010 2.33 AM ) katakan. agak2lah sikit teman .. jgn aibkan org2 kpg dan jgn pusing fakta, percayalah pada apa yg kita lihat.

  7. Penduduk Kpg Bruit tak akan tertipu atau terpengaruh dgn isu2 dan pembohongan yg sengaja nak jatuhkan WR2 kawasan Pulau Bruit ini iaitu YB Datuk Norah Tun Rahman dan YB Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar. Tolonglah kami rakyat Kpg.Bruit .. kami tak izin nama kpg dan penduduk sengaja dikait2kan untuk kegunaan peribadi golongan yg cuma pentingkan agenda peribadi. Kami tak ingin hubungan baik dan sokongan kami terhadap kedua2 YB tersebut menjadi bahan hidangan untuk menjamu nafsu rakus golongan serakah dan berangan2 melampau dan kami tak nak dipandang serong dan hipokrit oleh kepimpinan PBB dan kerajaan. Apa yg diperkatakan adalah provokasi cuma .. isu tanah adalah angkara niat buruk segelintir individu, tidak samasekali mewakili majoriti penduduk. Kalaupun kita ingin sangat nak jd org besar atau jd calon WR gunakan platform yg betul dan bersih .. jgn aibkan sesama kita dan jgn cuba jatuhkan kedudukan sesorg dgn cara yg hina dan tidak bermoral.

  8. pada mereka yang menindas inilah kata kata mereka. cuba tanya pada majoriti mereka yang tertindas.. hehhee

  9. Kalau dah cukup bukti sperti di atas tu..why not just 'give' to SPRM sigik..!! let them (SPRM) do their work..only than we know, do SPRM really work!!

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  11. melalut si maharani pulau utara ni..promote blog sampah dia...nk minta org lain baca blog sampah dia la tu...memang katak bawah tempurung lh MPU ni..tak tau apa2..ckp je lebih tp semua fakta2 kosong belaka..fakta bercanggah...

  12. Tahniah Maharani Pulau Utara : selama ini tak ada org yg mampu mempertahankan WR/YB kawasan PB dan ahli2 PBB yg setia kpd PBB daripada dimaki hamun dan diaibkan oleh kumpulan tertentu itu. Ahli2 PBB yg setia dan menjalankan tugas sebagai kesenimbungan pada perjuangan PBB sebelum ini ditaburkan dgn pelbagai tohmahan dan fitnah tidak sape yg pertahankan. Teruskan misi MPU kami akan sokong demi mempertahankan YB2 dan ahli2 PBB .. terutamanya dari MHS yg amat BENCI dgn YB Dato Sri .. perjuangkanlah keadilan dlm menilai.

  13. Tahniah Maharani Pulau Utara : selama ini tak ada org yg mampu mempertahankan WR/YB kawasan PB dan ahli2 PBB yg setia kpd PBB daripada dimaki hamun dan diaibkan oleh kumpulan tertentu itu. Ahli2 PBB yg setia dan menjalankan tugas sebagai kesenimbungan pada perjuangan PBB sebelum ini ditaburkan dgn pelbagai tohmahan dan fitnah tidak sape yg pertahankan. Teruskan misi MPU kami akan sokong demi mempertahankan YB2 dan ahli2 PBB .. terutamanya dari MHS yg amat BENCI dgn YB Dato Sri .. perjuangkanlah keadilan dlm menilai.

  14. Silakanlah wahai Mokhtar hashim aka maharani

  15. Eh eh...mengarut hj sejili... sekarang MHS siap puji pulak... dulu hantam bukan main bunyi MHS.... nak tumbangkan YB, nak ajak orang kampung benci pihak YB, benci kerajaan...

  16. hahahahaha...anonymous 11.01pm..geng gps ni mmg dah suka sgt membuat fitnah...fitnah pulak saya ye...tq :) :P saya menulis..menyuarakan pendapat cuba membuka "hidden agenda" GPS yang lidah bercabang..cakap tidak membangkang kerajaan konon..menyokong BN dan PBB..BLAHLAH..bukan dengan menggunakan cara TIDAK BERMORAL BEGINI HAILMI OIII !!!..SAYA aka MAHARANI PULAU UTARA memberi FEEDBACK terhadap si pemikir gila kuasa ni.. ;) PEACE... (^-^)v

  17. Teruskan perjuangan.......? Perjuangan apa? Selama tok apa polah si asfia d PB? Jgn main sokong babi buta jak pok! Kita org ada kepentingan sebab ya nyokong si asfia ya. Cabar asfia diam 1 bulan d PB. Mun nya tahan dan baruknya tauk kelak betapa susah org d sia. Lai katong, maharani, hj sejili dan beberapa ekor gik sama based politician. Cuba baca di Sarawak Report lok....tok dengar sebelah pihak jak. Takut rahsia d tahu org kah? Cnea check and balance.

    Kinek tok x ada gik politik main tikam is performance based. No performance, out you go by the real VOTERS of semop.

  18. Gago jak ckp pasal asfia. nya rendu di rumah ngumpul reta....tengok jak janggutnya ya..janggut tolah org kpg.

  19. Tak usahlah menghina sangat WR,kalau tak suka dengan Asfia,jangan undi beliau lagi.Lebih baik cari macam mana nak menambah ekonomi orang kampung. Kalau berpolitik tak ada penyudahnya,saya orang lama,boleh dikatakan dalam parti PBB lebih 25 tahun,apa yang saya dapat!bukan saya nak minta.yang pandai bodek, rezekinya melimpah,rezeki tak ikhlas. Saya sarankan tumpukan kepada macam mana nak menolong orang kampung menambah ekonomi mereka.Itu lebih penting tak usah kita bertelagah sama sendiri.Pesanan saya KALAU TAK SUKA DENGAN ASFIA,JANGAN UNDI BELIAU LAGI.

  20. asfia the best,hidup asfia,jgn takut asfia dgn bebelan budak hingusan....kami warga kpg tekajong sayangkan asfia dunia dan akhirat..jgn undur asfia kami sentiasa dibelakangmu..hj sb

  21. I don't like asfia because of his bad mouth and back stabbing activities. I also don't like this GPS thing as try are just merely good in saying things but in terms of performance, habuk pun tarak ! Jgn bising mun dirik mpun pun sik betul. Dua dua group tok sama jak..... 2X5.

  22. Astarilullah...suka benar kita org membuat fitnah....terutama terhadap Yb Datuk Norah, mun nak jadi calon be a gentlemen.. lists what u can contribute to develop your island.. show your talents, your capabality..

  23. Abgo .. napa nak dilist out nya ya .. PBruit rah lain, tubuh badanya rah lain, cakap2nya bukan dgn rakyat tp dlm FB jak .. dgn kwn2 sekepala ngan nya jak .. sik adanya ya layak jd wr .. jd ketua kaum punnya dah gagal samasekali .... cakap2 telor ada ... pecah telor kuning putih nampak ... PB sik minat ngan sik akan pernah sokong org kedak ya ..dlm BN pun nya belum gerenti org banyak mauk ...

  24. Alahai!... orang pulau bruit.

  25. sebagai sorang yg berpendidikan tinggi MHS tak seharusnya terbawa2 dgn peribadi2 kwn FB dia kalau nak buat atau lakukan sesuatu untuk org2 kpg .. jgn cakap2 kosong tembak sana tembak sini sehingga terikut2 dgn budaya fitnah,aib mengaib kwn2 .. balik lah ke PB dan sumbangkan yg sepatutnya ... kita punyai terlalu banyak cara untuk taburkan niat baik kita dan untuk membuktikan jasa dan komitmen terhadap rakyat ... rakyat bukan bodoh MHS walaupun tak setinggi mana pendidikan yg mereka terima tp mereka punyai akal fikiran untuk menilai buruk baik dlm kehidupan. hukum karma telah kita saksi dan terima dan rakyat sememangnya tak terima ideologi2 kabur MHS dan geng2 ... lihatlah. jadi MHS dan geng2 sudah2lah dgn mimpi2 disiang hari kamu dan bumi nyata adalah tempat kita berdiri. kalau kita miliki banyka kelemahan kita tak akan mampu bersaing dgn ketahan yg kita miliki...

  26. anak jati kpg bruitJuly 10, 2011 at 9:17 AM

    hi cool...
    iboh nak kecoh..kecohhhh...
    what the important rite now time kita VOTE leader yang kita rasa TERBAIK utk masa depan kawasan kita...berik peluang dgn cdak...mun sik ada juak rupa perkembangan atau elections kita pilih the others one...easy bah..!!! Think positive bah..!!!!
    Dan jgn kita TERSALAH vote kedak kita vote DATUK ASFIA dolok...
    ASFIA kaya udah kinek tok..!!
    MILLIONS DOLLARS MAN...!!!! days ktk org semua akan tengok BALASAN TUHAN dengan pemimpin kdak ya..believes me...TUHAN ITU MAHA ADIL..!!!
    so,after this..i hope kita sik tersalah pilih dan belajar dari kesilapan kita...
    AND one more thing ktk org semua maok ingat is POLITIC ITU KOTOR..!!!
    kita sbg rakyat sik perlulah maok kelaie oleh cdak tok...xda guna bah...cdak ya ney maok gago pasal kita tok...nok cdak tauk..MONEY COME...kita banyak saluran k kita molah aduan...mun udah sik harap dgn org2 besar d sarawak tok..kita refer pegi semenanjung cnun...senang kan...dunia makin canggih nek tok bah...!!
    K lah...thats all from me...
    mun ada nok tersinggung dgn comment kmk tok..harap maaf..!!!

    -anak jati kpg bruit-

  27. Wahhh!!!!
    Cayalah ank bruit.renung2kanlah kata2 ank bruit di atas ya.Betul katanya ya.Kamek setuju ya.

  28. walaupun kamu mengaru kepala tp muka mu tetap mcm belangkas veteran .. mana semua cakap2 kosong kamu .. menjadi ke .. kosong amat kelapa mu ..