Saturday, November 20, 2010

Only committed entrepreneurs will get SEDC aids, says Talip

SEDC Takes Strict Stand In Disbursing Entrepreneurial Aid

MIRI -- The Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) is taking a strict stand in providing entrepreneurial aid to ensure that only those committed to their ventures receive the aid.

Its Chairman, Datuk Talib Zulpilip, today said there had been a number of people who had received assistance from SEDC and had failed to succeed due to a lack of commitment and discipline towards their business.

"I know there are people who would not be happy with this but we had to do it because we want them to be successful," he said when closing the Young Entrepreneurs Programme (YEP) here today.

One condition given to successful applicants of the aid programme is that they adhere to specific business hours.

"We have come across cases where entrepreneurs who got our shoplot assistance tend to open their business late and close early," said Talib, who is also the State Assistant Minister of Tourism and Heritage.

A total of 77 students and 22 counselling teachers from 11 secondary schools from Miri, Bintulu and Limbang Divisions took part in the programme, jointly-organised by the National Entrepreneurship Institute, International Trade and Industry Ministry and the Education Ministry.

SEDC acted as the secretariat for the YEP in Sarawak to manage and monitor its progress at all the participating schools.

Advising the participants, Talib said only those who were willing to work hard and committed to their ventures would become successful entrepreneurs.

He said successful entrepreneurs also played crucial roles in generating Malaysia's economic activities and in steering the country towards a developed nation status.

"It has been proven that a country with a lot of entrepreneurs will develop better," he added.


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  1. Islam teaches that to succeed, an enterprise must be led by the most able and competent, irrespective of whether he or she is a Muslim or not, and the fierce competition in the market demands exactly that.
    A Jihad cause, in its traditional context, is a source of abundant energy and empowerment. Indeed, a Jihad call has to be met with selfless, altruistic extraordinary effort that knows no bounds and limitation, with full submission to the will of Allah.
    A business jihad is therefore uncompromising in the pursuit of enterprise and whose end result must be economic prosperity for all.
    The decrees of business, especially big business and corporations, must behave more responsibly and take a caring attitude towards its impact on society, life and human dignity. Not only must business pursue profits and add economic value. It must also result in enhancing the good through high ethical conduct and moral principles. That we can reach everybody by creating wealth and creating jobs and thus combats poverty.
    We need entrepreneurs who are futuristic in their thinking, who are prepared to change the way they do their business.
    - Tan Sri Hashim Mohd Ali

  2. nampak gaya macam orang kanan yb talip jak tok, if not yb himself. kerna yb talip tok jenis kelakar 'berfalsafah'. bagus la mun da merik respon. sik kira la wetther yb himself or his man. yang penting to respon and try to rationalise with these unhapy people. mun sik respon, silap gaya, the unhapines will be translated into NO votes to BN. paham jak la. busines / ekonomi da kaitan with politik. lagikpun sik lamak gik nak election.

  3. jgan cakap banyak yb. kelakr pandey tapi polah kerja nak ambik nama ajak. orang jepak nang dah sik suka yb. nunggu cm merik isarat jak. mun cm madah yb turun, semua kampung turun ke padang nyurh yb turun.

  4. Salah Hormat kpd YB Datuk Talib,
    Macam mana hal kecik tok sik bolih diselasai, dan sampe bila kah hal tok sik diatur dan nanti YAB Perdana Menteri sendiri datng ke Kuching untuk selasaiakannya, adakah patut demikian dan juga sidak orang lain teta lihat hal kita orang tok berkelahi sampe minta PM datang, macamlah hal tok sik bolih diselasai disitu aja. Dan kalau ikut kata YB Datuk Sri Mohjd Asfia, hal tok mudah diatur jika semua pihak sama sama mahu dudok dan bincang, tatapi jika terus bertegang sampe bila? kata YB Asfia, Dan YB Datuk Talib buat lah sessuatu dan minta sidak UPB Pej KM buat perjumpaan dan bincang secara terbuka hal tok dan selasaikan.