Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PERSB to contest all state seats

BINTULU: The yet-to-be registered Parti Ekonomi Rakyat Sarawak Bersatu (PERSB) has identified some 38 potentials candidates to contest in the state election which is due by July this year.

Its protem committee president Salleh Malahi said PERSB was ready to contest in all 71 state seats and even the 31 parliamentary seats if a snap general election was to be called.

He added that since they had not received approval from the Registrar of Society (ROS) for the party's registration, the party's candidates would either contest as PERSB members or united independents.

Speaking to reporters at the media conference yesterday, he said they submitted their application to ROS on January 21 and another one on April last year but were yet to receive approval thus far.

"We urge ROS to approve our application without any further delay before this February.

Failure todo so will reflect clearly a breach of principles of democracy and disrespect for the rights of the people of Sarawak to determine their own future and leadership through the election process," he said.

Meanwhile its head of Northern Zone Michael Jok said other candidates would be finalised soon after completing all the processes and procedures.

He said Sarawakians must be brave, ready and wiling to sacrifice and struggle to govern their own state as the future of their children should be determined by themselves.

He stressed that with the approval from ROS, the party would be able to accomplish its mission of contributing to the community, especially those in rural areas.

"PERSB policy is to govern our won country through the economic growth of all people of Sarawak with a clean administration free from corruption, and exploitation of land and natural resources," he said.

He pointed out that the difference between PERB and other political parties was "Projek Ekonomi Rakyat Sarawa' - a jathropa plantation project that it had implemented for almost three years in various districts, regions and rural areas with 100 percent financing to plant 10 acres per person.

Among the potential candidates they have identified are Ellem Narawi (N24 Beting Maro), Mosis Reniga (N42 Meluan), Ajiji Fauzan (N36 Semop), Michael Jok (N57 Belaga), Awang Abdillah Awang Nassar (N58 Jepak), Salleh mahali (N50 Dalat), Gilbert Asson Kulong (N3 Tanjong Datu), Noh @ Mohammad Noh Bakri Bakeri (N37 Daro), Kiprawi Suhaili (N35 Belawai), Drahman Razali (N20 Sadong Jaya), Suhaimi Selamat (N4 Pantai Damai), Intali Empin (N53 Kakus) and SUjal Gansi (N25 Balai Ringi). - Borneo Post

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  1. Hai,hai PERSB angan2 biarlah bertempat.Nok naroh calon di 71 kawasan bukannya senang pok. merah jobor kitak orang pun x dapat.Kitak orang betul2 kenak permain oleh orang tertentu yang suka mbulak orang sarawak. Bagus jak kitak orang mikir tentang ncari duit supaya kitak orang jadi kaya mentega. Hehehe. Mun di tangar calon2 PERSB, semuanya macam calon hilang deposit jak. Lupa jak hal kitak orang PERSB nok bertanding ya, marak umur jak. Salam kitak semua


  3. mula2 org sarawak di suroh ternam pokok JATROPHA,selepas ya di suroh polah PARTI PERSB dan ada lagi polah KOPERASI.udah ya nk bertanding 71 kwn.mum kt nngar muka sidk nya smua org skt.cubalah calon persb fikir parti pbb gi sik btanding 71 kwn.ktk ya knk bulak olh org malaya ja.tnggu nk dijual olh malaya seperti cerita P RAMLI 1 dalham, 2 dlhm 3dlhm.....fikir2 lh

  4. My respected friends,
    Listen to what I gonna say. With your voice and your votes, you can make it clear that in this moment, in this upcoming election, there are something happening in our beloved State of Sarawak. There are something happen when Sarawakians who are YOUNG in AGE AND SPIRIT, who never participated in the politic before turn out in number we had never seen because they know in their heart, that this time must be different, regardless whether they are rich or poor, black or white, Malays, Iban, Bidayuh, Chinese and Indians, we are ready to take this STATE FUNDAMENTALLY NEW DIRECTION. That is what happening in Sarawak right now, change is what happening in Sarawak, my friends.
    We mobilise OUR VOICE to CHALLENGE the money and influence that stood in our way and challenge ourselves to reach for something better. There is NO PROBLEM WE CANNOT SOLVE. There is NO DESTINY THAT WE CANNOT FULFIL. We gonna tell those giant that while we sit on the table it does not mean we need to buy every chair. NOT NOW NOT THIS TIME. WE CAN DO THIS WITH OUR NEW MAJORITY...
    It is not just about what I WILL DO AS A VOTER but YOU AND THOSE WHO LOVE THIS STATE. The people of Sarawak can change it, that this UPCOMING ELECTION is all about. We know the battle ahead will be longer THAN WHAT WE HAD EVER EXPECTED.
    But always remember that no matter what OBSTACLE STAND IN OUR WAYS, nothing could withstand the POWER OF MILLIONS OF VOICES CALLING FOR CHANGE. We have been told for we are not to do this by a course of SINGLE VOICE. It would only grow louder more decently. A week, a month to come. We have BEEN warned from offering the people of this state FALSE HOPES. But in the history of Sarawak, there is NOTHING FALSE ABOUT HOPE.
    For when we have faced down impossible odds, we have been told we are not ready or we should not try or that we can. Generation of the young have responded with a simple creek sums UP THE SPIRITS OF THE PEOPLE.
    As we learnt THE HOPE OF A LITTLE GIRL who goes to public school is THE SAME AS THE DREAM OF A LITTLE BOY who learn from the sketches on the mud and broken wall. We will remember that there is something happening in Sarawak. THAT WE ARE NOT AS DIVIDED AS OUR POLITIC SUGGEST. That WE are ONE PEOPLE we are ONE NATION ONE SARAWAK.. and we WILL BEGIN the next great chapter in the history of Sarawak from coast to coast, from sea to sea,..... CHANGE IS WHAT HAPPENING TO SARAWAK..

  5. Salam, haaaaaaaaaaa..ketawa lok jap...okeh...nok calon yg berpontensi di N.35 Belawai ya...(haaa)..dapat x numbang Hamden di sia lak...kmk takut calon ya ilang deposit hentam Datuk Hamden lak...haaaa...aduh nya xtauk ka N.35 Belawai ya ada org kuat BN di sia..Datuk Hamden ngan Datuk Norah, yg udah terbukti di sukai urang Belawai...boh jak lah nak berangan bertanding di sia..carik tmpt lain la..k

  6. Salam, baguslah ya orang nak bertanding, apa hal nak halang orang bertanding. Berapa taun dah BN memerintah heh...heh... banyak tanah rakyat abis. Kita penduduk kpg yang bodo, begaduh... orang politik, calon bersalam2 diatas pentas. kalau ada bertanding...itu yang bagus, orang kampung ada kerja... kalau menang tanpa betanding. kerja untuk penduduk kpg pun tiada.

  7. betul, tu saudara di atas parti PBB habis tanah sarawak disapu 'bersih' hahaha.walaupu atas nama pati bumiputra habis hak bumiputera di rampas..apatah lagi pati ekonomi lagik sapu licin..hahahaaha.leps menang muka sik nampak..ngabas orang kampung jangankan ketua pemuda...YB lagiklah...ssshhhhhhhhhh.