Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miri Marriot 'Confidential'? (Part 2)

KUCHING: Something big is being planned to take place on February 20, 2011, i.e. this Sunday.

If it is successfully executed, it could lead to a big change in the political landscape in Sarawak.

In another words, it could cause a historic event to take place in Sarawak that would change our local politics.

Based on the agreed plan which was concocted during the meeting at the Marriot Hotel in Miri, a big gathering is to take place at Padang Merdeka in Kuching.

JPUNS has been entrusted to get the crowd that would stage an anti-Taib demonstration.

The bigger is the crowd, the better it would be because it could give a strong signal to KL that the Semenanjung-based party is badly needed to prevent Sarawak to fall into the hand of the oppositions in the coming state election.

If thousands of people turn up for the demonstration, the future of the Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) are as good as dead. Thus, Sarawakians have no choice but to agree to accept the Semenanjung-based party to spread its wings to the state.

Meanwhile Helang Putih Silat Association is to provide protection to the demonstrators from any aggressive retaliation by the supporters of Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and PBB.

Those in the meeting anticipated that the supporters of Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and PBB would not quietly watch the demonstration from afar when the demonstrators are condemning Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

The two PBB youth leaders, including a Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, are to monitor the situation and to give 'real' feedbacks to Dato Ahmad Shabery Chik and Political Secretary to the Prime Minister Datuk Shafie Abdullah who would later try to convince their boss to agree with the plan to force Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and PBB to agree allowing the Semenanjung-based party to come into Sarawak to defuse the 'crisis'.

However, if the demonstration fails to take place or the size of the crowd is too small to have any significant impact on the future of Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and PBB, the pro-conspiracy group would not despair because they already have a contigency plan that would be executed during the state election.

If you think that the pro-conspiracy group would field independent candidates in the coming state election, then you are wrong!

This will be revealed in Part 3.

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  1. So funny, still playing with the divide and rule mentality.

  2. hahahaha lawak tidak jadi

  3. ".....If it is successfully executed, it could lead to a big change in the political landscape in Sarawak......"

    Sebanaku IS telling a TRUE lie!

    BENAR bulaknya!

    Sdraku orang Kuching sekalian, nok dicerita Sebanaku tok bulak tapi, benar bulaknya!

    Sebenarnya, Sidak tu begumpul nok nebang pokok kapas depan hotel merdeka palace sebab ngaco aje.... nok beribu-ribu urang datang pada ari ahad tok kelak akan nolong sidaknya narit tali, takut-takut pokok tumbang atas jeraya, sesak kenaknya! Toklah bunyi cerita sebenar nok dibincang sidak di hotel marriot di Miri tok tek! Harap maklum ngan adik-kakak semua!

  4. apa nama cerita katon tok tek?sebanakupaloi?

  5. Kenapa & Mengapa setiap kali SABANAKU menyetuh isu ini,ada pembaca ygm melenting!!!.Hairan!Ke benarannya belum diketahui lagik.Malah selalu mengkritik,tetapi tidak ada penjelasan.
    Pendapat saya,jika ada unsur2 luar yg mengugat Ketenteraman,Kestabilan & Keharmonian di Negeri Sarawak ini,ia harus dipandang serius,wlpn sesama Komponen BN.
    PBB ataupun BN Sarawak membentuk BN diperingkat Persekutuan.Mutual Respect' mesti ada dikalangan Parti & tidak ada 'Double Standard'.Kita dibwh pemerintah BN Sarawak diterajui President Parti PBB iaitu Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud tidak pernah gagal menghadiahkan kemenangan kpd BN keseluruhan.Malahan pada PRU 8,Sarawak adalah 'Penyelamat'.
    Bukan nak menghina,tetapi buat masa sekarang kehadiran mereka tidak dialu2kan.Tlg fikir2an

  6. orang sarawak nak nandah orang malaya masuk? mintak maaf. mun benar perhimpunaan tuk berlaku, sedia jak orang malaya yang ada di seluruh sarawak tuk book awal tiket airasia pulang ke malaya. ingat zaman main ngap sayot lok? giney org kuching melayan org malaya di kedei makan?

  7. Kebanyakan kita orang Melayu Islam Sarawak, apabila di sebut ORANG MELAYA dalam palak kita orang Melayu Islam dari Semenanjung Malaysia. Kita takut sidak orang Melayu Islam dari Semenanjung Malaysia nak ambik kekayaan negeri kita Sarawak. Kita orang Melayu Islam Sarawak cuma 18% daripada kesemua 2.5 million penduduk Sarawak, yang Cina dari Semenanjung Malaysia (Orang Malaya juak) sik di protes! Sidak Cina Sarawak diam-diam ajak sedangkan sidaknya udah banyak bangsa sidaknya disitok. Sebenarnya banyak dah dak Orang Malaya Cina kaya raya dari khazanah Sarawak dan menindas kita orang Melayu Islam Sarawak, masih sik sedar lagik kah kita tok...

    Apa orang Melayu Islam Sarawak sik takut kah Sarawak tok jadi Singapore atau Pulau Pinang dimana orang Melayu Islam dipinggir kerana bilangan sidaknya sik banyak!

    Apa salahnya kita nambah bilangan penduduk Islam kita. Selamak tok sidak MELAYA tok belum banyak di Sarawak, sik pun kaya raya kita orang Sarawak. Masih gik kerja sebagai kerani..

    Sebenarnya kita orang Melayu sarawak senang diasut oleh orang cina, sebab banyak kita terhutang dengan bangsa tok...

  8. 11:53pm, sebenarnya cina sarawak pun sik sik suka cina malaya. bukan orang melayu malaya jak yang rakus.

  9. UMNO and PBB? Both are good parties. Both are BN Component and Both are well accepted by the People to form FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. UMNO depend on PBB to secure its control at FEDERAL Level while PBB depend on UMNO to support its State Agendas. However, if UMNO wants to spread their wings to Sarawak nobody can say YES or NO. It is up to the public to use their right as set in the Constitution to choose the political party that they are willing to join and support. PAS and Keadilan can easily coming to Sarawak without any single problems but yet they received less supporters.Their existence in Sarawak did not affect much on State BN as a whole. So now why we are so worried about the arrival of UMNO to Sarawak where they are part of BN Component.We also do not want Sarawak be like Sabah where most of the business opportunities is monopolized by Western Malays. Our CM TAib is not sitting as CM for one or two years. He is wise in juggling this issue so as not to give negative impact to the public and create unwarranted sentiment.
    UMNO is not so daring to organize a demonstration that could portray negatively to the State BN. Doing such unwise move will create havoc and trigger of loss public confidence on the credibility of BN to continue serving.
    The demonstration which is heard to be held this weekend was not initiated by UMNO. It was purported organized by Opposition party to duplicate the people rally in Egypt and Tunisia with objective to force CM TAib to step down.
    UMNO with the help of PBB are planning to mitigate the situation from affecting the chance of winning in the upcoming election. But it still gossip mongering and currying flavor.
    Nothing could STOP UMNO from coming to Sarawak but also Nothing could force Sarawakians to join them....It is up to Sarawakian NOW.....

  10. Yang saya tahu, geng BAS Sekolah ada berjumpa dgn sidak dari KL masda di Miri ari ya!

    Oh geng budak sekolah,....udah agik

  11. aku nunggu & lihat jak....mun cita katon,kita nangga jak...mun cita mena,kita nangga jak....

  12. Sebanaku is simply a blog full of bullshits.. are you a fellow Bumiputera?? and a Muslim?? if so.. stop doing what you are doing.. kta x sedar kah bahawa keadaan dah semacam telur di hujung tanduk utk masa depan anak bangsa kta?? apa yg kta dpt dgn condemn dan melaga sesama kta? kepuasan? atau so called your truth?? dari banyak cerita yg keluar hanya fitnah dan assumption semata2.. where do you get your facts?? udah la.. kerja kemaik dak tok akan merugi bangsa Bumiputera pun.. mun kau sorang dgn konco2 kau ajak rugi x juak hal.. if you want 2 act like you are a so called saviour of Swakian then do it in a proper channel.. or maybe you are a dissapointed male who wants to be somebody but then become NOBODY.. from what I see.. you are just soooo frustrated over something.. dissapointed of everything.. over things that you yourself and all your failed buddies couldnt lay your hand at..
    To all d bloggers.. if you want to do things then do it right.. dont judge n condemn people by just simply listening to rumours or reading this untrusted blog.. yg akan rugi.. kta, anak2 kta, keluarga kta, bangsa kta dan agama kta.. kta semua lebih bijak dari group sidak insan yg kecewa tok..

  13. The state police have advised the public not to attend the gathering planned at Padang Merdeka this coming Sunday.

    Those attending may face the risk of getting arrested for participating in an illegal gathering because there is no permit for anyone to hold the gathering there.

    State Police Commissioner Datuk Mohmad Salleh said this when asked to comment on a message sent through the SMS that “A planned protest against Taib (Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud) has been arranged at 2pm on Sunday, 20th Feb at Padang Merdeka, Kuching …”

    He said: “There is no permit (for the gathering). So if it proceeds, it will be an illegal gathering.”

    He also wanted the public to ignore the SMS which circulated around town and probably outside Kuching since yesterday.

    Nevertheless, he said, the police will monitor the situation leading up to the day and also on the actual day.

    There is no clear indication from the police if the SMS has spread extensively throughout Sarawak and who the organiser of the purported rally is.


  14. haha a thing or two to worry about, first we have lot of Musang Bejanggut now,and now Little Egypt is looming around and for Sebanaku, he or she insist for the truth but he or she never willing to expose his or her real self....miak ckei!

  15. slm...iboh kelaie bh...sory nak nyampuk lok.. politik is politik...hidup perlu di teruskan..jangan mati kerna politik...dlm demokrasi apa2 boleh berlaku..hormati undang2..ikuti procedure ..bersaing dgn sihat..after undi baru tau suara sapa kuat..rakyat didahulukan,pencapaian di utamakan....

  16. Iban version:


  17. hahahaha....3 abdul nak niru gaya mesir...SO FUNNY... Jako APAI ur blog is not tranparent ma...let people comment la...what for ur scan it b4 display ha...ur are also Bullshitsss...chikensss...

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  19. Planned Taib protest a no show, says police

  20. My respected friends,
    Listen to what I gonna say. With your voice and your votes, you can make it clear that in this moment, in this upcoming election, there are something happening in our beloved State of Sarawak. There are something happen when Sarawakians who are YOUNG in AGE AND SPIRIT, who never participated in the politic before turn out in number we had never seen because they know in their heart, that this time must be different, regardless whether they are rich or poor, black or white, Malays, Iban, Bidayuh, Chinese and Indians, we are ready to take this STATE FUNDAMENTALLY NEW DIRECTION. That is what happening in Sarawak right now, change is what happening in Sarawak, my friends.
    We mobilise OUR VOICE to CHALLENGE the money and influence that stood in our way and challenge ourselves to reach for something better. There is NO PROBLEM WE CANNOT SOLVE. There is NO DESTINY THAT WE CANNOT FULFIL. We gonna tell those giant that while we sit on the table it does not mean we need to buy every chair. NOT NOW NOT THIS TIME. WE CAN DO THIS WITH OUR NEW MAJORITY...
    It is not just about what I WILL DO AS A VOTER but YOU AND THOSE WHO LOVE THIS STATE. The people of Sarawak can change it, that this UPCOMING ELECTION is all about. We know the battle ahead will be longer THAN WHAT WE HAD EVER EXPECTED.
    But always remember that no matter what OBSTACLE STAND IN OUR WAYS, nothing could withstand the POWER OF MILLIONS OF VOICES CALLING FOR CHANGE. We have been told for we are not to do this by a course of SINGLE VOICE. It would only grow louder more decently. A week, a month to come. We have BEEN warned from offering the people of this state FALSE HOPES. But in the history of Sarawak, there is NOTHING FALSE ABOUT HOPE.
    For when we have faced down impossible odds, we have been told we are not ready or we should not try or that we can. Generation of the young have responded with a simple creek sums UP THE SPIRITS OF THE PEOPLE.
    As we learnt THE HOPE OF A LITTLE GIRL who goes to public school is THE SAME AS THE DREAM OF A LITTLE BOY who learn from the sketches on the mud and broken wall. We will remember that there is something happening in Sarawak. THAT WE ARE NOT AS DIVIDED AS OUR POLITIC SUGGEST. That WE are ONE PEOPLE we are ONE NATION ONE SARAWAK.. and we WILL BEGIN the next great chapter in the history of Sarawak from coast to coast, from sea to sea,..... CHANGE IS WHAT HAPPENING TO SARAWAK..