Monday, March 21, 2011

Dimanakah perginya polisi Unit BCIC (Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Community) dlm SEDC?

Anonymous said...

The new Damai complex (comprised of 1 huge administration buildings + 10 kiosks/bazaar) yg fund molahnya SEDC dpt Free dr Min.Of Tourism 

now udah di sub-manage kpd a non bumi sdn bhd: Damai Bay Management Sdn Bhd (Managing Director Terence Tiong Ing Huat) Level 3, 111 Jln Hj Taha Kuching for RM10ribu/mth for 10yrs 

*well well, I wonder dimanakah peginya policy Unit BCIC - Bumiputeraa Commercial and Industrial Community dlm SEDC.

if sudah di sub manage at tht price,berapa lagik jadi harga sewa kiosks? 

I thought bila Fund udah dpt free,SEDC boleh sewakan kiosks2 tersebut pd harga yg rendah utk penggalakan usahawan/belia mencebur dlm bidang keusahawanan.

SEDC dah hilang arah?

March 20, 2011 5:06 PM

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