Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Farewell To Datuk Awang Bemee Ali Basah

We will put no impediment in your way and we will be at dockside bidding you a farewell as you set off into the sunset.
- Charles M. Lichenstein -

KUCHING: We wish to say thanks to Datuk Awang Bemee Ali Basah for his past contribution, if any, as the Nangka state assemblyman.

We pray that he would have a successful undertaking after the coming state election.

And again, we wish to say thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Sebanaku Sarawak

p/s To those who have emailed to us the necessary details and facts, we wish to say thank you.



by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: Early this month (i.e. 04/06/2010), we posted this message in our blog.

And now suddenly Datuk Awang Bemee Ali Basah starts to become a Malay fighter in Sibu.

Apparently, Datuk Awang Bemee Ali Basah and his men are trying to persuade the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) top leadership not to drop the Nangka assemblyman from contesting the seat in the coming state election.

He knows that his fate is already written on the wall but he is trying his luck to reverse the 'decision'.

This time around, however, he is basically on his own because his 'political master' Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar is having a severe headache caused by the Kampung Bruit folks.

Regardless of what Datuk Awang Bemee Ali Basah's men said about him, the assemblyman has to go ... or ...


  1. Isn't your "farewell wish" premature sebanaku?

  2. the best way to deal with a stubborn person like bemee is to continue hitting him. hope we can read more interesting articles about him in the blog ...

  3. The best way to deal with jerk is to drown him in Batang Rejang!

    But he would be a good candidate to clobber in the next election. Don't, please don't drop him! :D


  4. (Bemee, hope you read this letter ... specially written for you from an old buddy)


    Whats holding you on Bemee? Can't you sensed that the people there no longer like/want you. You are not wanted and welcomed anymore in Nangka-period. Can't you honestly feel the hatred-vibes bellowing from the people in that area?

    Or is it the skin on your face is too thick to feel the humiliation or the word "shameful" and "disgrace" had never processed into your brain (if you have one) turning you into person who could not sensed of not being wanted or maybe although you knew and realized that the people hate you,you're the type who don't give a shit about it.

    Or are you really that too ignorant or so-damn stupid to take notice of these hatred plus being pampered by cock-sucking cronies, giving assurance that there is still a chance for you to make a "come-back" and kept on repeating and chanting, "all's gonna be well and taken care of Bemee".

    These so-called close-friends of yours whom you trusted for all this while actually knew that the clock is ticking very fast and you are actually walking slowly towards your "gallows".

    Yeah, okay their campaigning for you now but realize this Bemee, what they doing is actually trying to protect "their own personal interest" that's all, after all in the end it is your ass going into the pit not theirs plus their are still in a "denial-trance" hoping for a miracle to emerge however, unfortunately that would never happen.

    Bemee, now you even can't convinced BN anymore that you still have influence and popularity in Nangka and PBB seemed also to have realize this situation.

    Your majority of 4,815 votes in the last election against an opposition candidate is no more a "bullet-proof-vest" or "cloak and dagger cape" to protect you because if PBB stands even an ordinary PBB member as it's candidate in Nangka in the next election, that majority would surely shoots-up to the star because the Nangka people would celebrate of your departure.

    Please don't start trying to be a hero now to the Malays Bemee, please, it's already too late as the people in Nangka have seen the true-you within the years that they have entrusted you as their assemblyman however, you had delivered the people nothing but everything to yourself and your cronies.

    Each sen and ringgit entrusted by the government to you which is supposedly for the people that you and your co.s have siphoned during your many years of "ruling" have turned into the nails to your coffin.

    Bemee, the best thing for you now is to step down as a gentleman, walk away, never turn back and the most important task is to repent, ask ALLAH for forgiveness for all the sins you have done. Don't think only you knew about your sins as the people in Nangka had also knew and saw what your sins were.

    Just take the only thing that you still have-which is being a human, whom makes mistakes however, after realizing them, mended the mistakes through the best and only option which is to withdrawal.

    However, please don't try to do the otherwise as the nails are already in their places therefore, such actions would become your coffin.

  5. ney suppoteer bemee? kenak diam ajak?

  6. Asan,

    B-Mee dah lost cause, ler! Jangan jamah lagi ngan 20 feet pole! Nya ghoulish, you know, mayat mati pande berjalan. Pa kena sidak Dayak sik pansap orang Brunei tok! :-))

    Awang2 lain jangan marah, ye! ;-))

  7. hahaha ... bemee better retire or bn will kalah di nangka

  8. tidak mungkin Bemee akan kalah ....

  9. Bemee udah diberik banyak peluang untuk membuktikan kemampuan sebagai seorang wakil kepada penduduk kawasan nya,tapi kinek tok ramai tauk nya sik dapat jadi ketua. Udahlah, berik peluang ngan orang lain gik. Aku kenal ngan bemee ya juak. Aku pun kenal ngan dr anuar dari zaman sekolah agik. Pendapat aku mun dr annuar mok jadi calon, beriklah peluang ngan nya.

  10. He is doing not to ur expection.Nothing to be pround of for thee term Yb.Only the belian jambatan to kpg folks n longhouses i have seen he have done.Anywhere thanks for yr contribution hope Allah give u more stronger to serve people in other way.For new Yb if have welcome.Nowadays to be a Yb is not that easy.No need more comrade,supported,real followers n ofcourse $$$$$$ lots.They are lots of educated ppl in Nangka.For Dr Annuar i think he can but not alone.PBB Nangka have to be restructure let the golden AJk give ways to new blood.We need Ajk for Nangka n Bumi developtment In Sibu dont follow the foochow instruction too much .We have to plan our own destination for the betterman of Nangka voters esp the left behind Bumi.Anywhere thanks to Beemee for fast contribution may umur u berkhat.Amin

    Fr Dagang Pak malau Kpg dato bru Sibu

  11. In a few years to come as accorded by the so-called "SUPP Visionary Theme", all the Muslims thereafter populated/situated in the general nangka area shall be vacated/moved en-masse to a new area purprotedly in kemunyang (10th Mile oya Road). When this programme was launched, the Bumiputras were never referred to, let alone to inform Awg Bemee. Even if Awg Bemee had been instructed, he chose to remain silence. He did not dare to voice any complainant on the behalf of the rakyat. After the Muslims have left/moved away, leaving a remanant small pocket Iban groups, where are the chances for BN to win Nangka seat theeafter?. That is the reason Awg bemee was so useless following the invaribly the tunes of the Foochows. The higher echelon of PBB also know, Sibu has been under the sphere of SUPP. Now see what are the economic improvements/advancement of the Bumiputra in Nagka area? Nil. God bless Sibu Bumiputras. Thus, the Bumis must wake up and fight for our survivals.

  12. "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." Abraham Lincoln.

  13. YOU CAN MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!!! Change we can and we must.

  14. Someone who's to replace Bemee should be in Sibu to serve the people"s. Don'T be a wakil rakyat who's using a remote control to serve the people. As to the malay's in Sibu fikir-fikirkan lah dan renungi perkara ini,,,,for the sack of org melayu kampung,,,,

  15. bemee dah sikda dlm pbb... benda dah lepas, biar lepas, apa yg patut di pikir masa tok adalah kuncu2 bemee masih ada, sidak tok la salah satu faktor org melayu sibu sik maju, mun xkaya dari bemee, kaya dari duit bini.. sapa yg tauk, tauk la... muka nya ngegeh2 masa penamaan calon pilihanraya dolok... sapa tauk? aku nang x suka org tok ehh...salu nya nya tok kepus isap rokok depan kedei buku bininya pasya kedei kopi, pasya jalan2, best kan keja mcm ya.. org kampung sik di tanga, kesian ehh

  16. ada sapa2 org pbb dlm tok ka? aku maok cabar nya berdebat dgn aku!!!!! apa motif ktkorg masuk pbb? adakah utk glamor? atau duit? udah gik ya jang... tobat gik bah... jgn penting dirik pun jak... banding sarawak tok dgn melaya... maju kan?? maju taik palat... selangor apa ada? pasir jak ada... penang apa ada? singapore paling senang, nok negeri xda apa2, setanding dgn brunei nok byk minyak... serupa la mcm sarawak, apa ada kita? jalan berdebu... projek besar di ambik dak taib.. projek kecik2 ambik oleh YB taik palat... KITA? padan muka... sapa nyuruh sokong BN... YB pun x guna mcm bemee ya... dak kuncunya awang ya nang x guna..... sama juak iskandar duak amir ya.. muka ngegeh... radin buntuk pun x kurang juak lakonannya... sokong lagi BN ya... paloi....

  17. Asan, what did Bemee ever did to a fucking JERK like you? The way you fucking wrote the letter was as if you knew fucking everything about Bemee. Well okay, you called him damn-stupid, thats such a strong word, doesnt it make you DAMN-STUPID as well? Oh don't you know that all these years he has been working his sweats off for the people in his area? DONT YOU KNOW THAT? Now WHO'S FUCKING IGNORANT AND DAMN-STUPID here? The kampung people said that he didn't do anything to develop their area, this is very untrue. Try to keep up you fucking loser. Are you that uncivilised and outdated? Do u still live in the stone age? Oh okay, obviously you don't as you know how to use the internet. Bemee is not a fucking robot, you major loser. He can't please everybody, well obviously, in this case, he doesn't please you as well. Isnt that good? Coz a DOUCHEBAG like you doesn't deserve the help from a good guy like Bemee. Now he is not the YB anymore, you can fuck off and try to improve your english cause I don't seem to find "cock-sucking" in the dictionary. A person like you doesn't deserve to live. You should rot in hell.

  18. for me, bemee is out oledi.. nothing much he can do... let gone be by gone, the important thing is his ex-kuncu-kuncu still alive.. we must spray the flies... agree or not? at least give other chance for another plp.. like iban or melanau.. or etc... if not, developement will go to melayu... you see, amir... iskandar... julai... dolah... raden... these bullshit are crony... fuck them out from party...