Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The BN Government are suspicious of the legendary Sibu conman’s sincerity in 'helping' the Sibu Malays

“ A con-man convicted of fraud was sentenced to twenty-five years.
He said, 'Judge, I can't serve twenty-five years.' 'Why can't you?' 'Because I'm seventy years old now.'
Then the judge gave him a very significant reply, 'Well, do the best you can.'
'Now, are you doing the best you can? With all the tools at hand, and all the opportunities and privileges which are yours, are you doing your best? Many of us fall down, but we have an opportunity to get up again. Don't be a quitter.' ” 
- John Longden (1898-1969) 

by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: Remember the legendary Sibu conman (Part One and Two)?

After helping the Barisan Nasional party to lose the Malay supports in the last Sibu by-election (please read An Open Letter To The Barisan Nasional Chairman), he went back into his cash vault counting his monies.

He loves his monies more than he loves anybody else in this world.

He is even willing to short change his own twin (if he ever has one) without any hesitation if it means that he can get more monies.

The legendary Sibu conman, however, now in fear of his days are numbered because he does not seem to get the same level of favor from the federal and state governments as it was in the past.

If in the past, he virtually could get virtually any project he was interested in; this time around, however, the day is not that bright any more.

The day seems to be a bit of cloudy.

Nevertheless he still believes that he could still get things to be done in his way if he is persistent enough.

After the Sebanaku Sarawak published two series of articles and also highlighting his ‘grave mis-judgment’ that contributed to the lost of the Sibu parliamentary seat to Democratic Action Party (DAP) / Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Sarawak, he could start to feel that both the federal and state governments do not seem to be that friendly to him.

Although he still get jobs from the governments, he finds it difficult for him to bulldoze his ways as it was in the past.

No doubts he still has many friends in the governments but the friendship is not as warmth as before.

The governments are looking at him suspiciously.

His first casualty after the Sibu by-election is the electrification project in the rural area in the state.

The project was given to him under the 9th Malaysia Plan but due to the financial constraints, it didn’t take off.

Now the federal government has decided to fund the project under the 10th Malaysia Plan.

However, instead of giving the whole project to the legendary Sibu Malay conman, the governments have decided to give the project to two companies by which one of the companies belonged to the Sibu Malay conman.

This has caused him to jumping mad because he didn’t expect that the governments would have a second thought on how to go about the implementation of the project which is cost more than RM1 billion now.

The previous estimated cost under the 9th MP was between RM800 millions to RM900 millions.

The Sibu Malay conman, however, didn’t give up easily.

He is now coaxing the federal government to agree to give the whole project under him – and if the government agree, he hopes that the federal leaders could convince the state leaders to revert to the ‘original’ understanding of giving the whole project to him.

So far there is no indication that the federal government is entertaining his request.

Apparently the legendary Sibu Malay conman’s modus operandi of making use of the Sibu Malays as his bait to get projects worth hundred of millions has failed to produce the same effect as it was before.

In fact, he has been using the same modus operandi since 1987 and the outcome was always positive.

It is only recently that the magic ‘bait’ has lost some of its power.

It is not because the governments do not pity the Sibu Malays but because they don’t trust the legendary Sibu Malay conman anymore.


  1. ["...It is not because the governments do not pity the Sibu Malays but because they don’t trust the legendary Sibu Malay conman anymore..."]

    If the BN gomen had ever experienced "pity" at all or sympathy for the Sibu Malays there would be little opposition to their rule. Makes sense? But "government" per se has no "pity". It's "people" who possess that human capacity to sympathize and empathize.

    BN or PBB people are all rotten. Why didn't that smart ass Taib intervene? Why? Does it take rocket science to figure out why?

    Malays are fools and dumb... because they don't fight for their rights. They think Taib, the leader of the pack, has God given rights to humiliate them! The Chinese actually understand God better!

    Let's change the government, restore human dignity to everyone and as necessary especially all the bumitputera citizens, extend reasonable affirmative action.

    The PBB boys don't need help, they've stolen just about everything from Sarawakians.

  2. fuck you whoever you are.. and your mum too while you doing dat..you think your kind are too genius..then why your people still keeping on sucking all the cocks above you..following the tags of Malays and Melanaus..fuck you..

  3. Hmmm ... upset are?

    Go back your mama and ask for her forgiveness! PBB/UMNO MFs need to screw themselves up big high time! They did that in Sibu, everywhere and everywhere!

    Hehe! :D

  4. Yng menjadi persoalan besar ialah, apa sebenarnya dibuat oleh Dewaniaga Bumiputera Sarawak? Bukankah tujuan asalnya untuk mengembang rankaian dan membangun tenaga dan talent bumiputera dalam kumpulan untuk melaksanakan cabaran saperi kontrak sebesar begini?

    Dewaniaga 2X5. Apa polah Karim ngan Johari Openg sia? Malat? :(

  5. We received a number of emails asking for the identity of the legendary Sibu Malay conman.

    Many couldn't figure out who is he.

    We do understand the difficulty to identify the person mainly due to two reasons:- firstly, not familiar with the Sibu politics; and secondly, not familiar or involve in 'high-level' business.

    There is going to be another article on the legendary Sibu Malay conman - and we will reveal his identity.

  6. yahoo!!!! tok mesti bemee!!!

  7. Bustari? Bustari Yusuf Yahudi Zionis Sarawak ke?

  8. hidup bustari! hidup fadilah! bodo kerja sidak pbb tok. pa kah patut milih fadilah jadi ketua pemuda mun tauk abangnya ya conman. nya mesti da mintak tolong fadilah nipu orang.