Sunday, May 30, 2010


by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: As time went by, he became greedier.

The reason was he knew that he could con the state government as well as the federal government with ease without being caught.

He had the full trust from both of the governments. And he wanted to take advantage of this to make more monies.

Later, he got to know about a plan to provide electricity to the rural area in Sarawak.

The Sibu Malay conman rushed to see the state government and told them his plan.

But before that he had to ensure that all ‘things’ were in order, especially on the sub-contracting matter.

He knew that there was always a possibility that the state and federal governments would want to have a look at the list of sub-contractors who had benefited from their projects through him.

So, he made sure that all the sub-contractors who had been given the projects by him looked genuine by covering any track that could raise any suspicion.

All in the companies were actually his puppets but he could rest assure that no ministers in the state and federal governments would know about this because no government officers dared to cross his path.

When all were okay, he happily went to see the state government to lobby for the project.

And again his modus operandi was – he would get the project under the name of the Sibu Malays and after that he would distribute the project mainly to the Sibu Malay contractors - as well as to other Malays in the State.

After the Sibu Malay conman met the state government, he went to see the federal government.

He told them the same story but this time around he added another story line – i.e. the state government had given the blessing to him.

Of course those in the federal government were under the impression that the state government did give him the blessing due to the fact that he had been given blessings for the same reason in the past  – i.e. to lift the economy of the Sibu Malays as well as their general welfare.

Initially the federal government thought of dividing the state into a number of zones and in each zone there would be a handful of contractors.

He, however, managed to make both the state and federal governments to agree with his proposal to give him the project.

The Sibu Malay conman said his company would act as an umbrella company and he would distribute the business pie that worth between RM800 million to RM900 million to all deserving Malay contractors - mainly the Sibu Malay ('genuine') contractors.

The federal government was initially a bit reluctant with the proposal but they had to agree because they were told by the Sibu Malay conman that the state government had given the endorsement on the proposal to give the project to an umbrella company.

And the state government had no objection because they thought the federal government had agreed based on their own reasoning to accept the proposal.

However, when the Sibu Malay conman got the RM800 million to RM900 million project, he failed to honour his promise to the state and federal governments to distribute the business pie to the deserving Malay contractors - mainly the Sibu Malay ('genuine') contractors.

As a matter of fact, not even one genuine Malay contractor managed to get the project.

All the companies which were given the project were belonged to him.

This disgusting Sibu Malay conman deserved to be hanged in Sibu for cheating the Sibu Malays.

He took advantage of the sympathy which the state and federal government had towards the Sibu Malays.

The governments didn’t want the Sibu Malays to end up like the Penang Malays because the Chinese, regardless of where they are, simply could be trusted to look after the welfare of other races.

But the Sibu Malays are being used by their own brother who never hesitates to go for a kill.

Just show a one ringgit note to the Sibu Malay conman, he would be as crazy as a betsy bug.

This sickening act of stealing monies from the Sibu Malays by the Sibu Malay conman in the broad day of light must be stopped!!!

Since the day he has been entrusted to look after the Sibu Malays, the stingy Sibu Malay conman has pocketed not less than RM1 billion of ringgits.

And if nothing is being done to stop him from betraying the trust, he is sure to pocket another RM1 billion projects in the next few years.

Voting for DAP in the Sibu parliamentary by-election is the first step towards forcing the BN government to ‘kill’ the nauseating leech.

If the BN government still don’t want to take any action to ‘kill’ the Sibu Malay conman, then the next thing to do is to vote out the BN government.


p/s The Sibu Malay conman not only cheats his own brothers in Sibu, he also cheats the non-Sibu Malays. He gave an audio installation project worth RM600,000 to a lad. After the project was completed, he decided not to pay even a single cent to the poor lad. And now, the poor lad is a strong supporter of PKR. Hidup PKR!!!


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  2. any uptodate info on the sibu legendary conman?