Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kenapa Siew Ka Wei dan Mohamed Al Amin Majid 'publish' berita Naib Presiden PKR?

Take Taib Mahmud to task

Thursday, December 15th, 2011 The Malay Mail
Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud
STOP THE PLUNDER: Taib Mahmud and his family's dealings must be looked into
I REFER to the widely-publicised letter dated Dec 13 from NGOs based in six different countries demanding the arrest and prosecution of Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and 13 of his family members for massive fraud, theft, corruption, illegal appropriation of land and abuses of public office.
For years, concerned individuals, organisations and the political opposition have called upon the Barisan Nasional (BN) government to stop Taib’s alleged plunder of Sarawak’s wealth and natural resources.
But successive BN government’s have taken no action against Taib and his empire. The facts revealed in this letter are staggering. Taib’s family stake in just 14 companies amounts to over RM4.6 billion.
Taib’s family had been identified as having interests in 332 Malaysian and 85 foreign companies. The Taib empire’s alleged illegal activities are being looked into by Australia, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Canada.
Taib family’s companies have been reportedly given huge timber concessions and large state construction projects without public tender and are said to hold monopolies on cement and timber exports.
Sarawak’s wealth and assets worth hundreds of millions are allegedly being smuggled out of the country in lavish property holdings held by Taib’s children in Canada, England and the US. The BN has betrayed the people of Sarawak and the rest of Malaysia. In exchange for their “fixed-deposit” of votes, which the BN desperately needs to hold on to power, they allowed Taib to run Sarawak like his personal fiefdom.
Despite the colossal scale of the Taib family’s wealth and corruption, they remain untouchable. The magnitude of the amounts involved dwarf the ongoing National Feedlot Corporation corruption scandal.
Immense damage has also been done to our nation’s international reputation by the government’s refusal to stop the plunder and prosecute Taib and his family. We demand:
i) immediate formation of a Royal Commission of Enquiry into the entire Taib business empire;
ii) immediate arrest and prosecution of Taib Mahmud and 13 other family members;
iii) immediate resignation of Taib Mahmud as Chief Minister and of all his family members sitting on the boards of State-owned enterprises or bodies;
iv) formation of a multi-agency taskforce to recover illegally obtained assets and property in Malaysia and throughout the world; and
v) the government’s cooperatation with international law enforcement agencies and foreign States to bring Taib and his family to justice.
Keadilan vice-president

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  1. why arrest Taib. Taib is nice man not like your boss. why are you jelous with him if you have no money just ask from me, sure taib consider it. If your boss can have RM1B with 1Billion notes RM1K why cannot Taib. You N.SURENDRAN you mirrior yourself you black or white.