Friday, December 16, 2011

Should SUPP Democracy or Rimbunan Hijau political machinations be adhered to?

Chin: Respect majority’s decision

Joseph Tawie | December 14, 2011
The mood within Sarawak United Peoples' Party is far from reconciliatory as a defiant former deputy secreatry general Wong Soon Koh choses to wait for ROS decision.
KUCHING: Newly elected Sarawak United People’s Party president Peter Chin has advised Wong Soon Koh, the party’s former deputy secretary general and his team, to respect the decision of the majority.
“We think we are in the majority because of the attendances. So if you are in the minority, you have to accept the majority decision, and that is basic,” said Chin, who is the Energy, Green Technology and Water minister.

He was asked to comment on Wong’s statement that he and his team would not accept any posts offered by Chin. Wong claimed that the party’s recently held triennial delegates conference (TDC) was illegal.
Wong’s seven-member team comprising MP for Lanang Tiong Thai King, assemblymen Lee Kim Shin (Senadin), Ranum Mina (Opar), Jerip Susil (Bengoh), Francis Harden (Simanggang) and Johnichal Rayong (Engkilili) had all boycotted the TDC and forfeited their right to contest in the party polls.
Referring to Wong’s claims that Chin’s election as president was unconstitutional, the new president said: “Fair enough, if they think that my election was unconstitutional and they don’t want to join me than that is their stand.
“I cannot go further than saying (they must) respect the decision of the majority.
“(As) for us we have complied with the conditions of legal meetings. The quorum was there, and the most important thing is that the Registrar of Societies (ROS) told me that the minority must accept the majority decisions.
“That must be the principle.”
Chin said he had met with the ROS after Wong and his team had lodged several reports alleging irregularities with branch level party polls.
“I saw the ROS after they (Wong and his team) have made the complaints, and he told me that the minority should accept the majority decision,” he said.
No decision until ROS completes probe
Asked whether there was a likelihood that ROS would deregister the party, Chin said: “ROS (the registrar) has to do his duty which is to investigate complaints.
“We have to leave it to him,” he added.
On the seven vacant posts reserved for Wong and his team, Chin said that Central Committee would make a collective decision on the matter.
“We will make a collective decision under my stewardship.
“Party comes first,” he said.
Last Monday, Wong and his seven-member team who boycotted the TDC pending the ROS investigation, said in a joint statement that the next outcome of the probe would determine their next move.

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