Saturday, December 24, 2011

Siapakah dalang akhbar semenanjung untuk memperlekeh taib?

Taib hits the roof at ‘daring’ reporter

Joseph Tawie | December 21, 2011
It appears the chief minister is not entirely unaffected by the allegations of corruption against him.
KUCHING: Is Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, whose US$1.46 billion wealth made global media headlines, beginning to feel the heat at home?
Already stacked against him are a series of local and international reports of alleged corruption and abuse of power.
Topping the list is the most recent and globally published report submitted by a group of international and Malaysian non-governmental organisations on the alleged corruption committed by him.
The allegations, it appears, are affecting him after all if his violent reaction to a reporter’s question last weekend was any indication.
Taib was officiating at a function at the Kuching Waterfront last Saturday when a reporter asked for his comment regarding the report submitted by the group of international NGOs.
Turning on the reporter, an angry Taib demanded to know the identity of the reporter who had “dared” to ask him that question.
“Who is the reporter (who dared to ask)?” Taib was overheard asking while his bodyguards identified the reporter and allegedly pushed the newsman.
Luckily for him the other journalists quickly rushed to help him.
Reporters barred
When they saw Taib was so angry, the reporters left and boycotted the function.
“It is obvious that the chief minister is haunted by allegations of alleged corruption against him,” said a senior reporter.
Last Thursday, Taib refused to see pressmen after his weekly Cabinet meeting.
For the past 30 years, it had been a traditional practice for Taib or other Cabinet ministers to meet and brief the press of government projects or programmes.
But this time, Taib not only refused to see the reporters but also barred them from entering the Wisma Baba Malaysia building that houses the ministerial complex.


  1. No comment..nanti pasti pihak media terlibat akan 'tindak balas'

  2. berani kerana benar takut kerana salah, jawab je lah!!!!

  3. Those concerned should also find out why so many Chinese are rich.

  4. tok sik ada keja lain,mesti keja 'org' rapat ngan sidak UMNO untok menjatuhkan Pehin Sri atau pun orang PBB pun?