Saturday, June 25, 2011

DUN (day Four): Simoi says women need not to publicly show their commitment to their hubbies

Posted on June 25, 2011, Saturday

WOMEN do not need to come up with any club or organisation to show their commitment to their husbands, said Simoi Peri (BN-Lingga).

Debating on the Head of State’s address yesterday, she reminded women in the state not to be influenced by the recent assertions of the Obedient Wives Club.

“Setting up a body to tell people that you’re committed to your husband is not appropriate. If a husband wants to marry more women but incapable of doing so financially, is the wife going to give the green light anyhow?
“We do not want some irresponsible quarters especially the Obedient Wives Club to take advantage of any situation or issue,” she said.

Simoi opined that a wife’s primary obligation was to attend to the needs of her husband for as long as the latter fulfilled the same.

“For as long as the husband takes care of the wife and the family and is not involved in domestic violence, the concept of give and take should be observed and practised,” she said.

All couples are in any way expected to respect, understand and reach out to each other, she pointed out, adding that there should not be any new laws or regulations to tackle issues pertaining to couples and marriages.

On her constituency, Simoi said delay in the upgrading of Jalan Lingga, Sembau and Sri Aman had caused much inconvenience to road users who had to tolerate the poor road condition.

She called on the government to either build a mini sports stadium or upgrade the existing football field in Kampung Maludam to promote a healthy lifestyle among the communities in Lingga.

She also said residents in Kampung Triso and Kampung Maludam were in need of a dental clinic as they had to travel to either Saratok, Betong or even Sarikei for dental care.

“Many of them have to fork out more to see private dentists, not to mention the transportation fee that will definitely burden our people,” she added.

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