Saturday, June 25, 2011

DUN (Day Four): PKR says ok to be racist outside DUN but not inside

Posted on June 25, 2011, Saturday

SEE Chee How (PKR-Batu Lintang) strongly believes that racist sentiments should not be brought up in the august House.

He was referring to the incident on Thursday morning where Wong King Wei (DAP-Padungan) was delivering his maiden speech when he was interrupted with racist remarks, telling him to “go back to China”.

“The BN Backbenchers members loudly shouted at King Wei telling him to go back to China just because he praised the Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway project.
“That is very unethical and unreasonable,” he told reporters yesterday.

See said anyone could praise or raise example of any country to back their speech.

“Why specifically in this case, they have to tell people to go back to China? The Chinese people have been here for so many years and generations. It is clearly racist and it is unacceptable to bring up racist sentiments here,” he said.

According to See, there are ways to find out who uttered the racist remarks but he doubted that it will be done.

“It was for sure not recorded in the hansards,” he said.


  1. By uttering the fast train in China, Mr Opposition must had put more empasis and in uttering such manner in the Auugust House may have rose the sentimen that the utterer is more pressing of values and thaus arose the nagtive sentioment of the uteret should coment of what should be done to our State of Malaysia if he had shown more appeciation on Malaysia then China, then he had been shouted and to go back to /china and it is natual, if you are more pressing HK , Singapore or China, then it shows you are more favouring those countries then Malaysia, and thus it is better for you to go there? Now many chinese prased China and befor they were pressing on Singapore and Hong Kong.

  2. In todays paper our YB Dr Rundi, said that ther PBB wanted to know what is the real issues affecting chinese voters not to vote BN (SUPP) ?
    YB Dr Rundi should know the Sarawak History, of the formation of Malaysia was, rejected by chinese party of SUPP in 1960s and by joining the Gov later SUPP enjoys many good things and graped by those Leaders and the mass of chinese in SUPP left out in cold, and that vacume left being took advantage by the Opposition DAP to fail SUPP. Now DAP putting up what had been put and demanded by SUPP before including the chinse school matter.The Difference is only in the name SUPP and DAP, but they are all the same Bird of a fathers will always flock togather.Dear Dr YB Rundi, please look after your own PBB rather you to say on others.Do not try to catch those ayam that had been left out or else, your hands will smell tahi ayam.

  3. Two days ago, a terrible accident happened in China, the fast train was derailed. what does it show here ? It means the train is inferior in standards.

    I ask that the YB check his facts first before praising China, please argue on merits. Praising China and asking Sarawak to follow it while knowing what low standards that China has on technology is out of context and unmeritous. China needs fast train because it's high volume consumers can bring back the recovery of cost and profits to the train business. What have we in Sarawak in terms of the volume of users ? Very little. We don't have enough people who can bring profitability to the train.

    So YB, whoever you are, be sensible and rational in giving your views.

  4. And before I forget, a total number of 43 people died on that Chinese train, that so called fast and high technology train. Think about it. And be embarrassed that one YB from DAP was so full of praise for China's train and China's technology.