Saturday, February 26, 2011

The history of Wahab Dollah, Abu Seman and Jemoreng

Wanredone said...

    Part 1……

    "....Huat Hui pointed out that Matu town’s 22 shop houses are old and dilapidated.
    “We need capable and enterprising leaders like Wahab to transform the old wooden shop houses in Matu town to concrete buildings just like in Daro town to enhance our business and trading activities,” he said. - Borneo Post

    Wahab was and is still Matu/Daro rep for the last 27 years. Yes for the last 27 years these 22 units of "old dilapidated pasar kayu of Matu" are still there until to this date!

    The chinese of Matu want Wahab to transform these 22 units of "old dilapidated wooden buildings" to concrete buildings, because they believe that only Wahab, who is "capable & enterprising leader" can do magic with his wonderful wand .... chap..chap alakajam, there goes new transformed concrete buildings of Pasar Matu! Then forget about 27 years of past records!

    The question is, the same Wahab bin Haji Dolah is their adun & now MP for last 27 years? What has he done? If Wahab failed to transform these shop houses into concrete building, what more to say about your present YB Abu Seman? Abu Seman just came into picture yesterday, so to say!

    We can appreciate and be thankful to Wahab for giving away RM200,000 to help over come the chinese cemetery's problem, but we must NOT "over praised" him to much, and at the same time condemned your present YB Abu Seman for not doing "miracles" to these shop houses!

    I doubt so much IF Wahab can transform Matu bazaar now, when he has ample of golden opportunity in the past 27 good years as adun & Menteri Muda & presently as MP, representing this area to do so!

    Even as an MP, Wahab also failed his duty to speak representing his constituency in Parliament. As far as Hansards record is concerned, he only spoke twice in Parliament, i.e when he took oaths of allegiance to SPD Agong, as a parliamentarian.

    Years back, when he was still a Menteri Muda, people in Matu/Daro want Wahab to stay put in Matu/Daro as their adun. But he insisted to go beyond Sarawak shore to Parliament in KL. The oppurtunity came to him, when he successfully engineered PBB of Belawai and Matu/Daro to oust Abg Abu Bakar Mustapha, MP for Kuala Rajang & a federal minister, from these 2 areas.

    Thereby create a vacant seat as an MP and probably a full-federal minister to represent the Kuala Rejang parliamentary constituency! In no time Wahab seized the opportunity, and went around these areas to pressed Pehin Taib to nominate him as a candidate in the forth coming parliamentary election. But Pehin Taib had his own idea on suitable candidate. Taib picked Effendi Norwawi (adun Dalat) to contest in Kuala Rejang parliamentary seat and there after appointed a full-minister! From there on wards Wahab turned 'asam payak", and listed Effendi Norwawi as his "adversary".

    But Effendy didn’t cling too long in his seat and for reason of health, he didin’t want to defend his parliamentary seat in the coming election. This gave Wahab another opportunity to become MP for Kuala Rejang, of which he won and at same time retain his dun seat of Matu/Daro. This time around, Wahab also had high expectation that he be appointed a full minister to replace Effendi in the federal cabinet. But things didn’t work that way in politics, Effendi’s post as a federal minister was taken over Datuk Adenan Haji Satem, his former senior boss in the state cabinet. Wahab felt frustrated and suspected that some one in PBB’ circle was scheming “something” to rob him of his opportunity to become a federal minister!

    bersambung..... part 2
    February 20, 2011 2:52 PM 

Wanredone said...

    Part 2….. sambung
    When state election was held in 2006, and the state constituency of Matu/Daro was split into 2 to create another new seat of N38 Jemoreng and N37 Daro. Being an MP, Wahab was advised not to defend his former seat of Matu/Daro, and thereby wanted to push his own nephew a former senior custom officer to become candidate, either in N37 Daro or N38 Jemoreng!

    But for N38 Jemoreng seat, another local boy was interested to become full-pledged YB for the area and did his lobbying through his former university mate, Awang Tengah and with helping hand from Asfia to cable him with top brass in PBB. It seemed that Wahab was fighting alone to lobby this 2 seats for his nephew, and consequently, succumbed to pressure from the top that his candidate failed to fill up the vacant slots in his former state seat of Matu/Daro.

    Dr Murni Suhaili was the candidate for N37 Daro, while Abu Seman Jahwi was nominated to present N38 Jemoreng. Both of them won the seats for BN.

    It was an open secret that Wahab blamed Asfia and Awang Tengah for scheming to dislodge his “chosen-candidate” from the list of the candidates to represent N37 Daro & N38 Jemoreng! Things are not so sweet between Wahab and Asfia thereafter. At one time, Wahab complained that Asfia didn’t do his job as YB for N36 Semop and even brought along TV3 to highlight his point that Pulau Bruit is under-developed under Asfia. Asfia being adun for N36 Semop, oh the other hand said that he alone should not be blamed, as an MP for the area, Wahab should also shoulder this responsibility to develop the area both of them represented!

    When the next parliamentary election was held in 2008, a new parliament seat of Igan was created, which accommodates N37 Daro & N38 Jemoreng. Wahab was retain as BN candidate for Igan parliamentary seat, giving way to Norah to contest in parliament seat of Kuala Rejang (now Tanjung Manis).

    Winning of N38 Jemoreng’s seat by Abu Seman, doesn’t go down well with Wahab. Another problem cropped in N38 Jemoreng, that’s: who should lead the new Bahagian PBB N38 Jemoreng? Before the split of Matu/Daro dun seat, Bahagian PBB Matu/Daro, was headed by Wahab. After the split, the post of Ketua Bahagian PBB Daro was taken over by YB Dr. Murni, adun N38 Daro and whereas the post of Ketua Bahagian PBB N39 Jemoreng was given to Wahab, being MP for Igan as directed by Ibu Pejabat PBB and Abu Seman as his Timbalan Ketua Bahagian.

    But things didn’t work that way! Wahab creates his “very own” version of PBB Bahagian N38 Jemoreng in a meeting PBB Bahagian N38 Jemoreng at Kingwood Hotel in Mukah, by appointing Haji Nawawi Rabani as his Timbalan Ketua Bahagian PBB, leaving Abu Seman (Ibu Pejabat PBB appointed-Timbalan) in the cold!

    This is a direct defiance to the directive issued by Ibu Pejabat PBB Kuching or Asfia in his capacity as “Pengerusi Tetap” PBB, whose responsibility is to oversee all PBB meetings! Abu Seman, being obedient to the directive by Asfia, considered himself as deputy Ketua Bahagian PBB N38 Jemoreng, but was not recognized and acknowledged by Wahab’s faction.

    Thus, PBB N38 Jemoreng nowadays, has 2 Timbalan Ketua Bahagian (Abu & Nawawi) and 2 sets of Jawatankuasa of PBB Kaum Bapa, Wanita PBB and Pemuda PBB. But it seems that Ibu Pejabat PBB or the PBB President is silent on this, for whatever reasons that no one knows!

    Logically, PBB doesn’t exist in N38 Jemoreng anymore. It seems now that N38 Jemoreng seats is open for all, if Pehin Taib does not intervene now or before this coming election. The voters of N38 Jemoreng wants Taib to spell out clearly once and for all who will be the rightful candidate for the area and most importantly, which set of Jawatankuasa Bahagian PBB is legitimate in N38 Jemoreng at this moment?
    February 20, 2011 2:54 PM


  1. My vote goes to Wahab. He is a survivor. He outsmarted Effendi & Abang Abu. Dr Murni lacks color. Abu Seman owes his life to Asfia and Awg Middle. Asfia will fall flat on his face if all the Pulau Bruit people gang up against him.

    In a post Taib situation, you need people like Wahab. Hurray for Wahab!

  2. minta yang menulis cerita ini jangan tulis cerita bodoh sebegini,kalau kamu orang matu daro baru kamu tahu apa yang betul betul belaku dekat matu daro,apa terjadi pada effendi kami orang kuala rajang tidak mahu terima yb yang dibuang oleh orang dalat(sampah diberi dekat kuala rajang),,yb murni dan abu seman bagi orang matu daro itu yb pakai penyukup kursi untuk cita cita awng tengah dan asfia kami orang matu daro tidak bukan sebodoh dua keldai itu

  3. "....apa terjadi pada effendi kami orang kuala rajang tidak mahu terima yb yang dibuang oleh orang dalat(sampah diberi dekat kuala rajang)...."

    Dr Udie adalah orang Kuala Rajang jati dan lahir disiana, mengapa hilang deposit semasa lawan Effendi?

    Berapa undi sahaja Dr Udie dapat dari kawasan Kuala Rejang dibanding dengan undi yang perolehi Effendi, "orang yang sibuang oleh orang Dalat"?

    Kalau mahu "anak jati", atau "anak tempatan" ke, itulah masanya kita tunjuk kepada Taib, siapa calon sebenar yang kita mahu?

  4. Tak faham la aku ngan pencacai DWD.Kata keldai lak kat orang lain,mcm la DWD bagus sgt sehinggakan air pun kuar dari paip sebesar batang lidi.Apa idaknya,bekalan air semua disalurkan ke ladang-ladang berhampiran.Ini crita ayg aku dengar dari penduduk matu/daro sendiri.If die orang tipu,tipu la yg aku sampaikan.WR mcm tu yg ko orang matu/daro banggakan.Nak kata jasa,dah mmg tugas die sebagai WR.If nak mencanangkan satu matu/daro yang die orang hero bolehla geng-geng DWD nie.Aku bukan against DWD,cuma aku nakkan orang lain selain DWD.Kekalkan adun yg sedia ada,nape nak ambik kawasan orang lain yg kononnya dibwh parlimen die.Orang matu/daro pun dah meluat ngan DWD & kuncu-kuncu.

  5. kita kat kuala rajang beri BN dan effendi peluang tapi peluang itu dia guna untuk cari bini baru dan ingin menguasai kuala rajang(ingin menukar semua orang dia dalam PBB kuala rajang tanpa mempeduli orang lama berjuang dalam PBB) maka dia samapah buangan dari dalat,Dr Udie bukan lawan betul kalau tidak adik dia tidak akan berada di tempat adik dia sekarang poh,,,,pasal air paip sebesar lidi itu lah menyebab yb yang gago pasal poco poco itu harus dibuang dia lah pengerusi persatuan ladang yang saudara/saudari kemuka kan,orang matu daro marah betul bila tanah diambil oleh ladang itu

  6. sapa punya ladang tu saudara?adakah yb poco-poco?

  7. tanya yb poco poco dia lebih tahu sebab banyak kali dia di jemput untuk berdialog pasal tanah yang di ambik olah ladang tersebut

  8. Dengar cerita,seorang usahawan muda yang sedang meningkat sedia untuk bertanding di N38.Berkelulusan dalam bidang kejuruteraan awam dan sedang kerkhidmat di Kuching buat masa ini.Nampaknya makin ramai anak muda ingin mencuba nasib pada PRN akan datang.

  9. Penamaan calon dah dekat. Siapa yang akan bertanding di N37 dan N38 nanti. Siapa yang akan dicalonkan oleh PBB untuk kedua dua tempat ini???

  10. Cuba tanya pada yang ambil borang pencalonan, siapakah orang yang mereka nak cadangkan, mungkin calon bebas mempunyai idea yang jauh lebih baik dari dua orang kuda tua itu. Pasal ladang tak payah cerita itu memang milik dwd, kalau abu seman tak ada rasanya, lainlah kalau ladang rahsia. Berkenaan tanah yg diambil dwd itu saya rasa itu bukan di ambil tapi debeli oleh dwd melalui orang tengah dengan harga yang sangat murah, Maklumlah orang kampung sangat mudah ditipu, Alasannya tanah mereka akan diambil oleh kerajaan kelak utk pembangunan maka silap-silap haribulan tak ada pampasan, jadi terpaksalah orang kampung jual kat orang tengah tapi dgh harga yg murah la. Last skalai menyesal dan salahkan dwd, pas tu report kat abu seman. Abu nak buat apa kalau perkara dah jadi arang. Salahkan diri sendiri saja la. Utk pilihanraya kalai Kalau Abu kekal calon, pasti ada calon bebas yang  ` E o @ J}G f PovPP # n menang tanpa tanding. Nak tahu kenapa, Ada satu kekuatan yang calon lain tak ada dia saja yg mampu. Pasti u all tau kan apa kekuatan beliau, bukan sebab orang semua suka. Fikirlah sendiri apa itu. Saya gelar itu 'Jalinan kerjasama' atau anda boleh kata begini 'politik wang'. pasti beli calon. SPRM sila pantau kat sarawak ni

  11. OK.kita tak sokong DWD dan ABU lagi..

  12. Salam, maaf kerana mencelah..
    Apahal dengan N38, saya dengar MP tak ngam ngan Adun. Sampai kuncu2 MP dan Adun pun tak ngam. Hello orang N38,macammana ni,bila lagi kita nak maju kalau asyik nak bermasam muka. sampai sama kampung pun dah bermasam muka. Jangan jadikan politik pemusnah silatulrahim kita. Jangan sampai bala menimpa kampung kita disebabkan politik, nauzubillah.Ingatlah orang N38 berubahlah. Mudahan-mudahan N38 akan sejahtera dan makmur..AMIN

    1. bukan xngam ngan adun saja...majoriti rakyat muak dgn WHD.....hanya konco2 dan kaum kerabatnya saja yang setia dgn dia,,,...saya yakin PRU13 bg kambing lawan sama dia pun boleh menang....kecuali dia dsingkirkan ganti dgn tenaga muda yg lebih berfikiran futuristik...

    2. Dulu pernah...ada geng2 dan konco2 bangang yang menghasut dan menyebarkan baju yang menggambarkan seseorang ala Asfia yang dipangkah dengan tagline "Balik Bintulu sajalah"...kemudian ada pula tagline "Bye2 Blukok"....hey org2 yang xbertamadun...perkara ini dianggap satu jenis perkauman....bagaimana perasaan rakyat di Bintulu dengan perkara bodoh seperti ini? Blukok itu pula dianggap menghina fizikal seseorang....kami akan bawa perkara ini ke pihak atasan dan mungkin direct kepada PM...kami tahu ini angkara siapa....Hey,Datuk Asfia adalah kebanggaan penduduk Bintulu...dia juga akan bakal TYT...dia membanggakan bangsa Melayu sarawak khususnya.... Giliran Melayu Sarawak pula memegang tampuk kepimpinan..."Pelo ngah Tian mak la...Menyibak mak...!"

  13. orang N38 sedia berubah..Orang N38 dah muak dengan WR yang bergaduh sesama sendiri..kalau bergaduh memajukan kawasan tak apa lah..ini tak berlumba lumba nak rosakkan pemikiran anak2 matu..suka sangat kayakan artis..saya dengar seorang artis datang mereka bayar RM15000 seorang..belum lagi artis top.bagus dia buat perkara berfaedah sikit..ingat orang matu kemaruk sangat dengan hiburan ka?

  14. Sekarang saya minta Datuk Wahab (asal kpg Tian) dan YB Abu Seman (asal Kpg Bawang) =( Bawang Tian ) bergabung pandai pandai lah memujuk orang bawahan bergabung...... Masalah sekarang adalah rosak generasi baru di tempat sendiri pasal tak ngam......

  15. Saya memohon kepada Datuk Wahab supaya dapat meroboh Dewan kepunyaan Dato' yang sudah uzur dan tunggu masa mahu roboh..... Masalahnya sekarang ramai budak budak sekolah yang bermain dibawah dewan tu...... Bantuan ke2 ialah sekiranya dapat Datuk wahab memberi bantuan "buku kerja" kepada murid-murid SK bawang tian..... Buku buku bacaan tambahan kepada murid-murid di sana..... kebanyakan murid-murid di sana tu sanak saudara Datuk wahab.... Utamakan Generasi Baru...... Manalah tau....

  16. The world now pushes for the arrest of Taib.
    Best to corner PM Najib to the wall now! M’sia decays to African human rights levels.

    Soros on Taib: “Look at the Sarawak Chief Minister selling billions worth of timber concessions under the table; selling every piece of state land to businessmen without tender; using his own companies to obtain lucrative government contracts; … 'you pay I approve'. He has 8 billion US stashed overseas.” “In China people have been shot for embezzling one thousand dollars. With 8 billion you have stolen, therefore you would be shot 80 thousand times.”

    Putrajaya only had 6,008 voters but Opposition-held Kapar had a staggering 112,224 voters, 17 times more than Putrajaya. Gerrymandering & deceit, not democracy!

    Hamed Sepawie, bet your bank transfers & shredding machines are working round the clock now.

    DUN Speaker Asfia Nassar, let’s see you continue your criminal antics & sabotage Opposition on the the PA system. Awang Tengah, Len Talip, Masing, you are doomed, for the worst to come. Stephen Rundi & Idris Buang! Where are you hiding? Come & repeat those idotic remarks you made.

    All these clowns, cowboys & cronies, even the heads of Police… mark them now. We want them arrested too.

    Let’s pray for the innocent & ill-treated peoples of Sarawak.

    Alan Newman, NZ.

  17. Wahab hj Dollah.....No voice ever in Parliament!! Wasting time...Makan Gaji Buta!!!!!!suara rakyat langsung tidak dibawanya ke Dewan Rakyat....Just bring concert M.Daud Kilau...itupun bila dekat PRU....Dia layak digelar YB Konsert..Pelo Tang Tian Mak Lah...Menyibak!!

  18. Wahab tak perlu gaji. Jasa beliau banyak kepada daerah Matu/Daro. Setidak2 nya Matu/Daro terkenal semasa Wahab jd YB. Ingat sebelum Wahab jd YB apa daerah Matu/Daro ada? Nak mai ngenang jasa jipo!!

  19. buyak badik julik telo eh nyokong BN.....sasik ateng nasib..INI KALILAH TUKAR!