Sunday, February 20, 2011

Get ready to vacant your seat, Wahab Dollah told Abu Seman

Datuk Abdul Wahab Dolah
‘I’ll stand in Jemoreng only if…’ 
Igan MP ready for Jemoreng challenge if that is what the people and BN leadership want

by Gaing Kunding. Posted on February 19, 2011, Saturday

MATU: Igan member of parliament Datuk Abdul Wahab Dolah has confirmed he is willing to contest in the Jemoreng state constituency during the upcoming election if that is the wish of the people and Barisan Nasional (BN) top leadership.

Wahab said this in response to popular calls for him to stand in Jemoreng in the coming state election during a Chap Goh Mei gathering organised by the Matu Chinese Community in collaboration with Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Jemoreng division on Thursday.

“Well, it’s up to the Chief Minister (Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud) and top BN leadership to decide. I have always been ready to serve as the people’s elected representative or wakil rakyat since more than 27 years ago. In fact in 1987, they asked me to face Tun Rahman Yakub — (former chief minister), which I did and won.

“Therefore, I am always prepared to contest in Jemoreng if that is the wish of the people and top BN leadership. Whatever they want, I take it. Let the chief minister decide,” said the 60-year-old, who is PBB Jemoreng chairman.

Community leaders want Wahab to stand

He stressed that in a free and democratic country such as Malaysia, all were entitled to their own opinions.

Wahab was guest of honour at the gathering attended by Mukah Resident Saudi Narani, Matu District Officer Habari Bakar, Mukah Divisional Health Officer Dr Osman Rapaee, Melanau community paramount chief Temenggong Tioh Ali Mokhtar, Penghulu Teo Huat Hui, organising chairman and Matu Daro District Council (MDMD) councillor Teo Eng Hin, as well as government officers, village chiefs and over 1,000 residents.

Jemoreng assemblyman Abu Seman Jahwie, who is also a political secretary to the Chief Minister, was conspicuously absent. Earlier in his welcoming speech, Eng Hin appealed to Wahab to stand in Jemoreng to bring greater development and prosperity to the people, particularly in Matu.

He thanked Wahab for giving RM200,000 to the Chinese community in Matu to solve the problem of erosion along the riverbank near the Chinese graveyard and for promising to construct a pavilion and larger social and recreational area around the Matu Tua Pek Kong temple.

Eng Hin’s sentiments were echoed by all community leaders present, including Tioh and Huat Hui.

They agreed that Wahab was a winnable candidate for BN-PBB in Jemoreng as he was well-known among the people.

“Wahab is so popular among the people here that he need not personally campaign for votes to win as he is already well-known and well-liked by the people,” said Tioh, who added that Wahab had been affectionately known as Apek (now Datuk Apek) among the locals since his younger days.

Huat Hui pointed out that Matu town’s 22 shop houses are old and dilapidated.

“We need capable and enterprising leaders like Wahab to transform the old wooden shop houses in Matu town to concrete buildings just like in Daro town to enhance our business and trading activities,” he said. - Borneo Post


  1. Wahab akan jadi KM Sarawak bah.

  2. Kenapa DWD?
    Tidak ada muka baru ke?
    Kenapa YB Abu Seman harus diketepikan?
    Adakah betul DWD still di hati pengundi Jemoreng?

  3. DWD can be appreciated as a lousy Melanau leader but he is TM's crony. Of course, TM will cater for him notwithstanding his performance all this while.

  4. Part 1……

    "....Huat Hui pointed out that Matu town’s 22 shop houses are old and dilapidated.
    “We need capable and enterprising leaders like Wahab to transform the old wooden shop houses in Matu town to concrete buildings just like in Daro town to enhance our business and trading activities,” he said. - Borneo Post

    Wahab was and is still Matu/Daro rep for the last 27 years. Yes for the last 27 years these 22 units of "old dilapidated pasar kayu of Matu" are still there until to this date!

    The chinese of Matu want Wahab to transform these 22 units of "old dilapidated wooden buildings" to concrete buildings, because they believe that only Wahab, who is "capable & enterprising leader" can do magic with his wonderful wand .... chap..chap alakajam, there goes new transformed concrete buildings of Pasar Matu! Then forget about 27 years of past records!

    The question is, the same Wahab bin Haji Dolah is their adun & now MP for last 27 years? What has he done? If Wahab failed to transform these shop houses into concrete building, what more to say about your present YB Abu Seman? Abu Seman just came into picture yesterday, so to say!

    We can appreciate and be thankful to Wahab for giving away RM200,000 to help over come the chinese cemetery's problem, but we must NOT "over praised" him to much, and at the same time condemned your present YB Abu Seman for not doing "miracles" to these shop houses!

    I doubt so much IF Wahab can transform Matu bazaar now, when he has ample of golden opportunity in the past 27 good years as adun & Menteri Muda & presently as MP, representing this area to do so!

    Even as an MP, Wahab also failed his duty to speak representing his constituency in Parliament. As far as Hansards record is concerned, he only spoke twice in Parliament, i.e when he took oaths of allegiance to SPD Agong, as a parliamentarian.

    Years back, when he was still a Menteri Muda, people in Matu/Daro want Wahab to stay put in Matu/Daro as their adun. But he insisted to go beyond Sarawak shore to Parliament in KL. The oppurtunity came to him, when he successfully engineered PBB of Belawai and Matu/Daro to oust Abg Abu Bakar Mustapha, MP for Kuala Rajang & a federal minister, from these 2 areas.

    Thereby create a vacant seat as an MP and probably a full-federal minister to represent the Kuala Rejang parliamentary constituency! In no time Wahab seized the opportunity, and went around these areas to pressed Pehin Taib to nominate him as a candidate in the forth coming parliamentary election. But Pehin Taib had his own idea on suitable candidate. Taib picked Effendi Norwawi (adun Dalat) to contest in Kuala Rejang parliamentary seat and there after appointed a full-minister! From there on wards Wahab turned 'asam payak", and listed Effendi Norwawi as his "adversary".
    But Effendy didn’t cling too long in his seat and for reason of health, he didin’t want to defend his parliamentary seat in the coming election. This gave Wahab another opportunity to become MP for Kuala Rejang, of which he won and at same time retain his dun seat of Matu/Daro. This time around, Wahab also had high expectation that he be appointed a full minister to replace Effendi in the federal cabinet. But things didn’t work that way in politics, Effendi’s post as a federal minister was taken over Datuk Adenan Haji Satem, his former senior boss in the state cabinet. Wahab felt frustrated and suspected that some one in PBB’ circle was scheming “something” to rob him of his opportunity to become a federal minister!
    bersambung..... part 2

  5. Part 2….. sambung
    When state election was held in 2006, and the state constituency of Matu/Daro was split into 2 to create another new seat of N38 Jemoreng and N37 Daro. Being an MP, Wahab was advised not to defend his former seat of Matu/Daro, and thereby wanted to push his own nephew a former senior custom officer to become candidate, either in N37 Daro or N38 Jemoreng!

    But for N38 Jemoreng seat, another local boy was interested to become full-pledged YB for the area and did his lobbying through his former university mate, Awang Tengah and with helping hand from Asfia to cable him with top brass in PBB. It seemed that Wahab was fighting alone to lobby this 2 seats for his nephew, and consequently, succumbed to pressure from the top that his candidate failed to fill up the vacant slots in his former state seat of Matu/Daro.

    Dr Murni Suhaili was the candidate for N37 Daro, while Abu Seman Jahwi was nominated to present N38 Jemoreng. Both of them won the seats for BN.

    It was an open secret that Wahab blamed Asfia and Awang Tengah for scheming to dislodge his “chosen-candidate” from the list of the candidates to represent N37 Daro & N38 Jemoreng! Things are not so sweet between Wahab and Asfia thereafter. At one time, Wahab complained that Asfia didn’t do his job as YB for N36 Semop and even brought along TV3 to highlight his point that Pulau Bruit is under-developed under Asfia. Asfia being adun for N36 Semop, oh the other hand said that he alone should not be blamed, as an MP for the area, Wahab should also shoulder this responsibility to develop the area both of them represented!

    When the next parliamentary election was held in 2008, a new parliament seat of Igan was created, which accommodates N37 Daro & N38 Jemoreng. Wahab was retain as BN candidate for Igan parliamentary seat, giving way to Norah to contest in parliament seat of Kuala Rejang (now Tanjung Manis).

    Winning of N38 Jemoreng’s seat by Abu Seman, doesn’t go down well with Wahab. Another problem cropped in N38 Jemoreng, that’s: who should lead the new Bahagian PBB N38 Jemoreng? Before the split of Matu/Daro dun seat, Bahagian PBB Matu/Daro, was headed by Wahab. After the split, the post of Ketua Bahagian PBB Daro was taken over by YB Dr. Murni, adun N38 Daro and whereas the post of Ketua Bahagian PBB N39 Jemoreng was given to Wahab, being MP for Igan as directed by Ibu Pejabat PBB and Abu Seman as his Timbalan Ketua Bahagian.

    But things didn’t work that way! Wahab creates his “very own” version of PBB Bahagian N38 Jemoreng in a meeting PBB Bahagian N38 Jemoreng at Kingwood Hotel in Mukah, by appointing Haji Nawawi Rabani as his Timbalan Ketua Bahagian PBB, leaving Abu Seman (Ibu Pejabat PBB appointed-Timbalan) in the cold!

    This is a direct defiance to the directive issued by Ibu Pejabat PBB Kuching or Asfia in his capacity as “Pengerusi Tetap” PBB, whose responsibility is to oversee all PBB meetings! Abu Seman, being obedient to the directive by Asfia, considered himself as deputy Ketua Bahagian PBB N38 Jemoreng, but was not recognized and acknowledged by Wahab’s faction.

    Thus, PBB N38 Jemoreng nowadays, has 2 Timbalan Ketua Bahagian (Abu & Nawawi) and 2 sets of Jawatankuasa of PBB Kaum Bapa, Wanita PBB and Pemuda PBB. But it seems that Ibu Pejabat PBB or the PBB President is silent on this, for whatever reasons that no one knows!

    Logically, PBB doesn’t exist in N38 Jemoreng anymore. It seems now that N38 Jemoreng seats is open for all, if Pehin Taib does not intervene now or before this coming election. The voters of N38 Jemoreng wants Taib to spell out clearly once and for all who will be the rightful candidate for the area and most importantly, which set of Jawatankuasa Bahagian PBB is legitimate in N38 Jemoreng at this moment?

  6. Mengapa perlu wahab lagi tiada orang lain kah yang sesuai.Mungkin nak mengambil tanah banyak lagi,cukuplah. Menjadi ahli parlimen pun banyak projek tak dibuat,lebih lagi dikawasan Iban langsung tak diperdulikan dan kawasan Daerah Daro pun sama,projek hanya banyak diKampung Tian Matu dan untuk orang-orangnya sahaja. Sama Bn pun nak berpecah. Mengapa Temenggong Hj.Tioh pun menyokong wahab,wahai Temenggong sebelah manakah yang anda sebenarnya,kadangkala menyokong abu seman. Wahai Datuk Wahab cukuplah menjadi YB,wang sudah banyak,harta bertimbun-timbun.

  7. abu seman ia menang sorak kpg tergadai,mana tidak tiap hari muka abu aje dlm akhbar,kpg d jemoreng d gadai sidak hj tioh dgn wahab,sik ingat abu dgn kpg leka nya dlm news aje.

  8. "....Huat Hui pointed out that Matu town’s 22 shop houses are old and dilapidated.
    “We need capable and enterprising leaders like Wahab to transform the old wooden shop houses in Matu town to concrete buildings just like in Daro town to enhance our business and trading activities,” he said. - Borneo Post

    Mengambil saudara wanredone punya quote dari Borneo post membuat saya nak ketawa kecil dalam hati.Nak bodek sekali pun jangan la buat lawak.Dari saya kecik sampai la saya beranak pinak.Pernah saya mengharungi jalan air sebelum terbinanya jalanraya menghubungkan Sibu ke Matu via Mukah...Pasar Sekaan sampai sekarang sama je.Masa tu juge DWD dah jadi WR kawasan Matu/Daro.Pemimpin mcm nie penduduk yang kaki bodek nak di kawasan Matu/Daro.Apa cerita masjid yang depan pekan Sekaan tu???Atas kuasa yang ada pada DWD masjid tersebut dipindah ke kawasan Kpg Tian.Cuma yang saya nampak,bangunan Majlis Daerah Matu je yang konkrit di kawasan tersebut.
    Sekolah menengah pula dari dulu sampai sekarang masih juge kayu,mana sekolah baru.27 tahun DWD tidak pernah ke minta KPM untuk menaiktaraf sekolah tersebut.Jangan dicerita Sekolah Bawang???Saya pun geram juge,apa WR buat....Kumpul kekayaan untuk diri sendiri ada la.Teringat saya masa kecil dulu,bawa penyanyi dari semenanjung...Ini YB yg diharapkan untuk memajukan Matu/Daro.Apa rasionalnya buat benda macam tu.Saya pun x faham,nape nak sogok penduduk Matu dengan benda-benda yang tidak berfaedah semua itu...Ini kah YB yg penduduk Matu nak????

  9. saya baca statement dwd,mana ada dwd minta nak jadi calon jemoreng,sidak temengong mau dwd balik ke jadi ADUN jemoreng,dwd mau jadi ADUN kalau rakyt dan pucuk pimpinan mau.makna nya jua mungkin sidak temengong sia sik mau abu lagi,ni lah kita tau tkt abu kalah klk,kita hanya baca news aje,org matu lebih tau lagi,

  10. Orang matu macam ko jak madah macam ya u.Cuba tanya & buat postmotem,saya percaya cuma golongan tertentu je nak DWD stand di Matu.Yb Abu baru je,terus nak dipancong...tedah...if x mok Yb aku sekali pun,jgn la DWD agik...cukup dah nya ngan kekayaannya.Berik chance orang lain gik,mcm la sikda orang lain....Yang paling penting,jangan mencalonkan puak-puak DWD....Sebagai anak watan Matu/Daro,mmg sik setuju dalam dunia maya tok untuk DWD dicalonkan semula....

  11. My respected friends,
    Listen to what I gonna say. With your voice and your votes, you can make it clear that in this moment, in this upcoming election, there are something happening in our beloved State of Sarawak. There are something happen when Sarawakians who are YOUNG in AGE AND SPIRIT, who never participated in the politic before turn out in number we had never seen because they know in their heart, that this time must be different, regardless whether they are rich or poor, black or white, Malays, Iban, Bidayuh, Chinese and Indians, we are ready to take this STATE FUNDAMENTALLY NEW DIRECTION. That is what happening in Sarawak right now, change is what happening in Sarawak, my friends.
    We mobilise OUR VOICE to CHALLENGE the money and influence that stood in our way and challenge ourselves to reach for something better. There is NO PROBLEM WE CANNOT SOLVE. There is NO DESTINY THAT WE CANNOT FULFIL. We gonna tell those giant that while we sit on the table it does not mean we need to buy every chair. NOT NOW NOT THIS TIME. WE CAN DO THIS WITH OUR NEW MAJORITY...
    It is not just about what I WILL DO AS A VOTER but YOU AND THOSE WHO LOVE THIS STATE. The people of Sarawak can change it, that this UPCOMING ELECTION is all about. We know the battle ahead will be longer THAN WHAT WE HAD EVER EXPECTED.
    But always remember that no matter what OBSTACLE STAND IN OUR WAYS, nothing could withstand the POWER OF MILLIONS OF VOICES CALLING FOR CHANGE. We have been told for we are not to do this by a course of SINGLE VOICE. It would only grow louder more decently. A week, a month to come. We have BEEN warned from offering the people of this state FALSE HOPES. But in the history of Sarawak, there is NOTHING FALSE ABOUT HOPE.
    For when we have faced down impossible odds, we have been told we are not ready or we should not try or that we can. Generation of the young have responded with a simple creek sums UP THE SPIRITS OF THE PEOPLE.
    As we learnt THE HOPE OF A LITTLE GIRL who goes to public school is THE SAME AS THE DREAM OF A LITTLE BOY who learn from the sketches on the mud and broken wall. We will remember that there is something happening in Sarawak. THAT WE ARE NOT AS DIVIDED AS OUR POLITIC SUGGEST. That WE are ONE PEOPLE we are ONE NATION ONE SARAWAK.. and we WILL BEGIN the next great chapter in the history of Sarawak from coast to coast, from sea to sea,..... CHANGE IS WHAT HAPPENING TO SARAWAK..

  12. Kami memang tak setuju WHD dicalon semula sebagai YB dikawasan Jemoreng. Beliau banyak membohong semasa beliau menjadi Yb adun dulu dan sekarang p sekolah seun masih berbohong dengan orang kawasan,macam-macam beliau janji seperti sekolah,masjid,pasar baru di Matu.Wahai pengundi Jemoreng jangan setuju kalau WHB dicalon semula dikawasan Jemoreng,pulaukan beliau

  13. Dear Obama.... with due respect to you!
    You say "YOUNG in AGE AND SPIRIT,..."
    Wanredone: Are they registered VOTERS, yet?

    You say "..we are ready to take this STATE FUNDAMENTALLY NEW DIRECTION..."
    wanredone : Which direction, ori or JUBUR?

    You say, "..We mobilise OUR VOICE to CHALLENGE the money and influence that stood in our way and challenge ourselves to reach for something better..."
    wanredone: No MONEY no talk! No MONEY no go! How to reach something better?

    You say, "..There is NO PROBLEM WE CANNOT SOLVE..."
    wanredone : You have problem to solve UNSOLVED problem, left behind by BN!
    You say,"..There is NO DESTINY THAT WE CANNOT FULFIL..."
    wanredone : The landfill is already FULL, how to accomodate your destiny?

    You say,"..We gonna tell those giant that while we sit on the table it does not mean we need to buy every chair..."
    wanredone : You have to buy them from COURT MAHMUD!

    kakehkakek..... I'just a cocochroach....

  14. Apa kata korang bongkar cerita WHD ni masa memerintah Pulau Bruit dulu. Kalau nak bantuan, contact suara Pemikir di blog beliau yang telah berjaya menghancurkan Asfia di N36.

    Dia ada peluru simpanan khas buat WHD kalau WHD berhajat 'mengganggu' Pulau Bruit pada next election.

  15. SALAM

    SAYA tertarik dengan cubaan YB Wahab Dollah untuk menguji nasib bertanding di Jemoreng pada pilihanraya DUN nanti.Saya rasa Wahab perlu berfikir panjang untuk berbuat demikian...kerana khuatir beliau akan mengakhiri kerjaya politiknya dengan kekalahan setelah lebih 25 tahun.

    Walaupun dimana Wahab turun,saya pasti beliau akan kalah terutama di kawasan pesisir pantai Melanau.Kronologi beliau tidak cemerlang dalam politik apatahlagi nak jadi Ketua Menteri....tentu akan merugikan rakyat Sarawak terutama orang Melanau,tak tahulah akalau Pehin Taib mahukan beliau...

    Barangkali Beliau (Wahab) sudah tahu peluangnya sebagai ahli parlimen sudah sampai kepenghujung...sebab itu beliau cuba mencuri peluang kerusi di DUN.

    Bagi hemat saya,tak perlu mengurai kegagalan Wahab sebagai wakil rakyat dan keburukannya.orang Matu/Daro/Kuala Rajang dan juga Igan sudah tahu untuk menjawab.Jangan beliau begitu yakin dengan kuasa wang ringgit untuk menawan hati rakyat.Kita percaya rakyat sudah tahu dan sudah membuat keputusan sebelum pilihanraya tibA LAGI...


  16. banyak yang memberi coment bukan orang matu,,,in matu we do our way bukan kuasa awang tengah dan asfia mahu menentu,,kepada yang cakap negatif pasal wahab dipersila jadi calon bertanding pilihanraya ini nanti kalau nah tahu bagaimana tinggi nya langit jangan cuma pandai cakap saja

  17. senang je, kalau DWD mahu tanding kat Jemoreng tandinglah sia..YB Abu Seman berik ngan sidak Belawei nun..ha3...

  18. laku kah YB Abu Seman,orang sibu pun cakap tidak bila dia suarakan mahu bertanding dekat Sibu,orang Sibu cakap kamek orang sik mahu YB poco poco

  19. org Belawei maok ajak..YB Abu pernah g Belawai, siap poco2 gik di Belawei..ada harapan untuk jd adun Belawei la ya..ha3

  20. Aslkm......Jangan kita bercita2 tinggi gilak, kelak sik dapat di capai....frust kelak... tanya pada diri kita pun...apa yang dah kita sumbang kepada rakyat....mbak org pergi melancong/rindok ati menari poco2/ buang masa...leka... sedangkan banyak lagi kerja yg perlu di selesaikan.....buka mata ya sikit.....

  21. Wanredone have lots of very factual and brilliant points right here. Congratulations u r being rational and reasonable and to make way for others to comment .. then i have nothing but thanks u for the open minded attitude ...

  22. Agreed wit Wanredone at certain points, he was right..I have similar sound with kelulut.. I want to share with you two the statement made by YAB Samy Vellu that led to his defeat;

    During the election a group of people raised issue of no water supply provided to them for so long.

    YAB Samy made a statement in details:

    " I have instructed Ministry of Works to connect water supply to all 50 houses immediately after 43 YEARS waiting."

    Guess who sit as Minister of Public Works for the past 43 years?...

  23. NEW STORY pasal wahab tok...nya memang sik ada adat koh...ada mata-mata nangga sewaktu perasmian persidangan parlimen hari marek (7/3/2011) di parlimen msia, wahab datang akhir dan masuk dalam dewan mesyuarat kira-kira selepas 40 minit DYMM Agong bertitah. Udahlah sik hormat ngan ketua negara sedang bertitah, nya sik pakei uniform MP gik ya. MP lain (BN) kecuali pembangkang jak sik makei...mauk2 wahab tok jadi tualang pembangkang ..beri malu imej WR asal dari Sarawak jak nya ya. Sik tauk adat dan sik dapat masuk majlis... Mcm ne ndak kah mun jadi KM sarawak...memang sik layak!!!!!!!! Beri malu jak...Bagus lagi YB Abu Seman...sekurang-kurangnya tauk adat koh...ya lah hairan dgr kuncu-kuncu wahab madah nya tok sopan santun...cis!!!!!!!jauh langit dari bumi!


  25. DHW....sudah lah...bertaubat lah semantara kubur belum kata mari...taubat lah...cukup lah segala khianat yang telau buat kepada YB YB lain sebelum ini....cukup lah balasan sangsara yg kau terima semasa menunaikan ibadah haji baru2 ini....(memang patut pun kau kena bala) pergi mekah nak tunaikan Rukun Haji tp kau pergi mekah nak kejar KM...nak lobi dgn KM agar kau jadi bertanding d N.38 jemoreng....puihhhhhhhhhhhhh

  26. AKu sokong kau Anonymous 1.49 am. Yang lantang bersuara untuk kekalkan DWD kekal ialah orang yang ada kepentingan sendiri. Kami di Matu tidak menafikan, jalan raya yang ada di Matu sekarang atas usaha DWD tetapi, kami tidak suka sikap pemimpin ini yang sering kali bertindak sebagai 'pengacau,' memancing rakyat dengan duit, memperkayakan artis smenanjung dan tamak mahu kaya dan kaya lagi. Bagi la laluan kepada orang lain....... puihhhhhhhhh!!!

  27. Lompat si katak lompat...Parlimen belum habis, nak masuk bertanding DUN pula dah...bila bubar Parlimen, DIA juga nak bertanding (nak jadi Pak Menteri konon, tapi kempunan...hahaha)...bila bubar DUN dia pun nak bertanding...(agak nya mahu jadi Ketua Menteri lah...hehehe)...apa le punya YB...sah lah DHW ni tak suka orang lain setarap atau lebih tinggi pangkat dari dia.

  28. Salam, saya bukannya penyokong Wahab atau Abu Seman, tetapi saya orang prokerajaan. Saya sokong pendapat salah seorang di atas, orang luar matu tidak akan tahu apa yang sebenarnya berlaku di matu. Kita lihat dari sudut positif, mengekalkan Abu Seman atau menolaknya, memilih Wahab atau memilihnya, Matu tetap akan membangun mengikut arus pembangunan kerajaan, cuma cepat atau lambat, semuanya di tangan YB yang bakal kita garis. Saya tertarik dengan satu kenyataan mengenai suarapemikir yang ada peluru simpanan khas untuk Wahab jika beliau masuk kubu BN Pulau Bruit. Sebenarnya, saya ingin tahu kepada anda, anda dan anda semua, apa yang telah YB kawasan Bruit buat untuk penduduk Bruit? Air, api? Kasihan bukan, penduduknya masih berada pada takuk lama, mengapa tidak beria-ia menyingkir Asfia daripada terus membenamnya di kampung yang cuma dipijaknya ketika pilihanraya. Matu tidak seteruk, tidak sedaif Bruit, dan penduduk Matu juga harus ingat, siapa yang membuka pembangunan di sana? Idea siapa yang menjadikan jalan raya berturap di kawasan Matu Daro? Semuanya dilulus waktu Wahab menjadi TImbalan Menteri Infrastruktur dulu. Abu Seman, satu nama popular tetapi apa yang mampu beliau bawa selain menyalur bantuan penuh kerajaan. Abu Seman memang menjalan kerjanya dengan amanah, tegas dan jujur tetapi untuk membawa dan merancakkan pembangunan di Matu, agak lambat. Sebab, Abu Seman terpaksa menunggu geran bantuan kerajaan sebab beliau bukanlah ahli perniagaan sekaya Wahab. Memang jika Abu Seman jutawan, sudah tentu YB pemurah ini banyak mengeluarkan wang kocek sendiri seperti yang dilakukan Wahab. Kembalinya Wahab ke DUN, saya rasa bukan sebab kerjaya politiknya habis tetapi belau mahu ke akar umbi. Peruntukan Parlimen terhad, kadangkala ada YB sendiri di sesetengah tempat mengeluar peruntukan peribadi. Ramai yang mendakwa Wahab mengambil banyak tanah rakyat, tetapi buktinya apa? Semak ke Jabatan Tanah dan Ukur, saya rasa pembelianya sah selain ada di kalangan penduduk terdesak menjual kerana mahu menyekolah anak ke menara gading. Merampas dan membeli dua perkara berbeza. Sama seperti Belanda tidak cukup tanah, ia tidak berlaku di Matu. Jadi, baik Abu Seman atau Wahab calon Jemoreng, ia tidak mengubah pendirian penduduk kerana kedua-dua ada kelebihan serta kekurangan masing-maisng.
    ---Mawar Jingga--

  29. Not Abu seman, neither DWD, I will replace them

  30. Kami rakyat Matu berterima kasih sumbangan DWD semasa beliau menjadi wakil DUN (4 penggal) dan P207 (sepenggal). Rakyat perlu tahu, seperti juga kakitangan kerajaan di Malaysia, beliau hanyalah dipertanggungjawab untuk memastikan projek yang dirancang oleh kerajaan sebelum ini dilaksana dengan jaya. Kebanyakan rakyat Matu berfikiran bahawa pembiayaan projek tersebut dibiayai oleh DWD sendiri. Pemikiran seperti ini harus diperbetulkan. Kami rakyat N38 igan bukan tidak sokong DWD tetapi rakyat masa kini inginkan perubahan kepimpinan dan DWD perlu menerima hakikat ini. Jika DWD mengatakan pengundi N38 & pemimpin tertinggi PBB memang suka pada DWD mengapa perlu heboh di dalam surat kabar.Sebagai seorang setia kepad DWD saya nasihatkan supaya berundur sebelum saudara diamlukan. Berilah laluan kepada pelapes muda untuk berkerja dengan lebih tenang dan tanpa gangguan; kejayaan beliau adalah kejayaan untuk pengundi N38 dan DWD juga. Hasrat murni daripada penulis untuk kesejahteraan rakyat tempatan N38 Igan.

  31. komen pada Mawar Jingga
    Rakyat sokong Datuk Wahab Dan Abu Seman kerana mereka berdua adalah agen kepada pembangunan kerajaan di kawasan mereka. Perlu dijelaskan di sini mereka adalah pelaksana dan pembiayaan kewangan adalah daripada peruntukan Kerajaan Negeri dan Pusat dan bukan drp kocek sendiri.Perlu diperjelas supaya jangan disalah taksirkan - jalanraya dibina oleh Datuk, klinik, masjid, bangunan kerajaan dibina oleh Datuk fengan lain kata disponsor oleh beliau. Bagaimanapun rakyat berterimakasih sebagai agen pelaksana bukan pembiaya. Abu Seman pula baru mula nak bertapak, berilah masa untuk beliau menjalan tugasnya. Jika pada penggal 10 ini dia gagal, beliau boleh diganti kan kita ni negara demokrasi - boleh dipilih atau disingkir oleh rakyat. Hasrat kami agar Datuk dapat berkerjasama dgn YB Abu agar pembangunan di kawasan ini tidak terbantut. Dimana jati diri anda Datuk? we knows you are very rich man now dan jangan takbur degnan kekayaaan sementara yang diberi oleh allah swt. Semua itu tidak akan berkekalan. Bila kita dah jatuh sakit nanti barulah kita nak insaf dan beramal ibadah kepada yang memerlukan.

  32. saya masih tertanya-tanya tentang sumbangan.adakah sumbangan peribadi atau pembiaayan kerajaan..macam buat konsert beribu-ribu ringgit tu..Tolong jelaskan!

  33. Saya sependapat dengan Anonymous 1.04 PM

    Artis AF datang ke Matu bertali arus. Kalau la seorang artis ni bayarannya RM5k termasuk tambang dan hotel, berapa agaknya perbelanjaan untuk 3 atau lima artis?

    2. Tiga atau Lima artis ni bukan datang setahun sekali tetapi yang paling peliknya hampir tetiap bulan.

    3. Bayangkan kalo duit ni digunakan untuk membantu orang miskin di Matu.

    4. Saya juga nak tanya, mengapa DWD gemar memperkayakan artis berbanding rakyat sendiri?

    5. Paling penting saya nak DWD tahu dan sedar, orang Matu sudah MUAK dengan taktik lama ni !

  34. Semua penduduk N38 tertanya-tanya dari mana wang yang melimpah digunakan untuk membayar artis-artis dengan kos mencecah puluhan ribu ringgit sekali; jika dah banyak kali kos tersebut boleh sampai hingga ratusan ribu ringgit - kemungkinan sama dengan peruntukan 1-2 orang YB di Sarawak. Suara rakyat berharap agar wang seperti ini digunakan sebaik-baiknya untuk membantu pembangunan modal insan, pendidikan, pembangunan sosial, sukan dan riadah, membantu warga emas dan golongan miskin tegar, membiayai projek-projek kecil yang boleh menguntungkan penduduk di N38. Suara rakyat rasa gelisah sikap Datuk yang suka bersaing dengan YB N38; sedangkan tugas beliau adalah untuk mendidik dan mengilas kecekapan YB muda supaya dapat melaksanakan tugasnya dengan lebih berkesan dan disenangi oleh rakyat. Ini tak, beliau melaga-lagakan rakyat supaya tidak menyenangi diantara satu dengan lain dengan janji manis. Rakyat sekarang bukanlah seperti pemikiran rakyat semasa Datuk mula menjadi YB. Suara rakyat tutut bangga dengan kekayaan dimiliki oleh Datuk tetapi jangan sangka duit itu dapat memberi jaminan kemenangan dan kesetiaan rakyat pada Datuk. Banyak contoh pemimpin yang kaya raya di Malaysia, jatuh kerana sikapnya yang tidak disenangi oleh rakyat. Generasi IT ini, golongan belia dan rakyat tidak lagi boleh dibeli dengan duit 100% kecuali penyangak wang yang menangguk di air keruh. Suara rakyat akan gembira jika Datuk bermuhasibah diri, sembahyang tahjud, dan balik ke pangkal jalan. Suara percaya, Datuk akan dihormati oleh penduduk di N38. Suara rakyat selalu berdoa kesihatan dan kejahteraan Datuk dan selalulah muhasabah diri. Datuk akan dihormati dan disanjung sebagai pejuang sejati penduduk N38 jika Datuk beri laluan kepada generai muda yang inginkan perubahan. Suara rakyat bukan membenci Datuk - Pls Datuk berfikirlah dengan secara yang kritis bukan emosi.

  35. sabtu& ahad ada lagi ARTIS....hancur

  36. Perasan... ha ha.... muka c malu... c dicalon. Stay ajak parlimen... udah kaya ... udah la...

  37. He is a very generous man actually. Hanya konco2 nya sahaja yang selalu buat hal. Not DWD. Sekian di maklumkan.

  38. Oh bukan DWD... tetapi yang halau saudara sendiri tu siapa....??? Cakap pakai otak la wei... awak tak kenal lagi sappa DWD ni...

  39. Kepada DWD - kamik bukan si suka ngan kitak jadi WR. Kamik nak mintak kitak pencen jua cam kitak keja printah. kamik bangga kitak jutawan melanau, nak tambah kaya lagi, kitak kat bisnes dan pencen jadi WR. Renung surah at-taubah tuk

    Hendaklah kamu meminta ampun kpd Tuhanmu & bertaubatlah kpdNya. Jika kamu mengerjakan yang demikian, nescaya Dia akan memberi kenikmatan yang baik (terus menerus) kpdmu sampai kpd waktu yg telah ditentukan & Dia akan memberi kpd tiap2 orang yg mempunyai keutamaan (balasan). Jika kamu berpaling tadah maka sesungguhnya aku takut kamu akan ditimpa seksa hari kiamat (mungkin ada orang yang mendapat seksa dunia sebelum kimat naujubillah).
    Renunglah untuk panduan semua umat islam

  40. Alangkah baik jika wang yang ditabur untuk membawa artis untuk kegunaan murid-murid sekolah di Kampung DWD..... Dewan di tepi sekolah tu bila lagi nak baiki ..... tunggu nak...runtuh...

  41. apa lagi PRU dah dekat ni, jom komen lagi Pasal WHD ni....