Friday, February 4, 2011

Daud, thanks for the land title

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KUCHING: The problems faced by villagers in Tupon area regarding their native customary rights (NCR) land titles were solved yesterday with the issuance of land titles by their elected representative Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman.

Some 600 villagers smiled on receiving the green slips. They were from Kampung Gita Tengah, Kampung Gita Laut, Kampung Gita Lama, Kampung Gita Baru, Kampung Tupong Ulu, Kampung Tupong Tengah, Kampung Tupong Batu, Kampung Sinjan, Kampung Tanjong, Kampung Sungai Bedil and Kampung Lintang.

Daud said all procedures - even if lengthy - must be followed to ensure no hitch in getting their land titles.

"The last batch of land titles received their titles in 2001, but we must remember that the process then was different from today's. Proper measurement must be taken so that no party was given the short end of the deal," Daud said at a handover ceremony here yesterday.

He added that the government respected the people's property.

"There was a suggestion for the government to take the land needed for road expansion project, but a better idea was motted to give the villagers their land titles first, then take part of their land for the project," Daud said.

"We wanted to assure the people have full rights to their land, and the government does not simply take it. If any part of the land is needed, the owner will be fully compensated."

He said with the issuance of the land titles, the land problem in his area could be said to be 100 pecent solved.

He did not deny that some quarters were saying the land titles were being issued due to the upcoming election.

But he said it was not true as the government was carrying out its duty to the people, and it was a continuous effort.

In Sarawak, over 34,000 land titles were issued to traditional villages of which over 12,000 were in Kuching and over 3,000 in Tupong area.

Daud said some people were skeptical over their land titles but they could appraoch any bank to confirm that it is legal tender.

He urged the people not to sell land underperpetuity land titles which should be family heirlooms to be passed down the generations.

"Land prices in town now is over RM10,000 one point. What you are holding on to now is priceless because the land is getting scarce in town. Instead, they can mortgage the land to build houses or improve their homes and improve their quality of life," he said.

Similarly, Land and Survery Department enforcer Abdullah Julaihi advised the people with land problems to go directly to the department for clearer explanation.

"Do not listen to rumours, if you want to know regarding the land issue, go to the Land and Survey Department. Ask me, ask you assemblyman then you will get the correct answer."

Daud who is also Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister's Department (Islamic Affaris) said the BN was not worried about Sarawak National Party (SNAP) joining the Borneo Alliance under the United Norneo Front civil rights movement of Sabah, headed by Datuk Jefferey Kitingan.

"They are the same opposition. We will not feat them. It is the same group of peopole; last time they were under Pakatan (Rakyat), now they jump from one party to the other. They are trying to find opportunities but I am sure the rakuat is now confident with a consistent party like BN," Daud said, adding that BM had always been the people's champion.

He said a new party did not be better - take a look at their manifesto and what they are fighting for.

Asked about voters who want something different, Daud asked what "difference" do they want.

"They claim to want a new government? In UK there is no difference - be it under labour or liberal leadership because they still face problems," he said.

Also present were Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Fadillah Yusuf and Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu Tupong deputy branch head Councillor Dr Zaidi Suhaili. - Borneo Post -

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  1. Melayu Jati

    YB Daud is no more relevant to the malay in Tupong anymore as he is not of malay blood. He never talk about malay interest.
    YB Daud oppose the flyover project which pass through his big house. This prohibit the road users or the rakyat their right.

  2. Melayu Jati ..... what's the color of your BLOOD?
    Don't be too proud of who you are. In fact you are no more relevant to our society!!


    YB Daud Abdul Rahman, may not have true Malay blood, but he is a true muslim, first & foremost!

    p/s: 28 tahun lalu, RTM (Radio Taib Mahmud) meramal Datuk Taib, pada suatu hari nanti ada sorang isteri baru disampingnya!

    28 tahun kemudian pada hari ini, ramalan ini menjadi kenyataan, Taib Ada Isteri Baru (TAIB)
    seperti yang diramalkan - RAGAD TAIB MAMHUD (RTM).....
    Percaya atau tidak... terserah kepada anda!

  3. A recent survey by BN Youth Lab projected that there would be 7,360,570 young voters nationwide aged between 21 and 40 for the next general election compared with 7,449,430 voters above 40. Youth therefore play a pivotal role in determining the political future of our country. Youth are emotional voters, who are often swayed by ideologies. They are excited by politicians who are idealistic and those generate constructive ideas. How many of Sarawak BN meets the specifications. All are just a yes-man like the blogger above who think he is a smart Alex...

  4. We know that the reason for PBB leaders’ yes-man attitude that we see today has its roots before they join politics. They came into as politicians as a financially deprived individual. They go from rag to riches by aligning to powerful senior for survival and will forever dependent on their powerful mentors. And when their senior renders help, they have to toe the line determined by their seniors for maintenance. Therefore I see no way of for the present governments to be able to understand what the people want and how best to achieve it unless they change or changed.

  5. YB Daun mala jak merik land title. Ney pergi wakil rakyat Kota Samarahan. Kmk org kampung mcm nunpang di tanah org. Nunggu kenak halau jak. kampung Samarahan bangun lagik. Jangan terus bermimpi dengan janji manis macam ikut musim.

  6. Yb Daud emm org baik.Tapi biasalah tak semua org suka.Benda nie berlaku dimana2 kws PBB.Walaupun begitu, dlm arena politik skrg memerlukan muka baru iaitu perubahan. Bukan Yb Daud tak perform,keadaan tak membenarkan seseorg Yb tersebut sampai bebrapa term.Lama sangat.Tak sihat utk kws.Idea baru terbantut. Org baru mungkin ada idea baru utk memajukan kws atau membina ekonomi bumiputera.Kalau boleh cari org yg tiada kaitan dgn politik di Tupong.Kerana byk sangat nak jadi Yb di kws tersebut.Berebut.Ada pengaruh tak di masyarakat iaitu pengundi.Nanti dapat calon tersebut mendengar cadangan atau pandangan seadil adilnya drp masyarakat sekelilingnya dan bukan dari satu pihak sahaja atau kroni.Tapi pucuk pimpinan lebih mengetahui calon yg sesuai, yg relevantnya bukan di Tupong sahaja.Tapi pengaruhnya menjangkau seluruh Sarawak.Tlg fikir2kan