Saturday, June 12, 2010

PAS Sarawak has removed its secretary Saidin Massudin Sahini?

by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: Since last month rumours are circulating that Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) Sarawak has got itself a new secretary to replace Saidin Massudin Sahini.

If it is true, it is not a surprise at all for those who know Saidin Massudin Sahini in person.

Many members of PAS Sarawak do not like him as he is seen as a loose cannon.

He does not like his idea or movement to be restricted by the party bosses in Semenanjung.

To him, let Sarawakians manage Sarawak.

And he also does not hide his strong dislike of his former party Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

However, this does not mean that he is a hard core supporter of the party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang because he does not like being told what to do by the party Semenanjung bosses.

While he is having a frosty relationship with the PKR leaders, he has a warmth relationship with DAP Sarawak leaders, especially Chong Chieng Jen who is the party secretary.

Both of them dislike PKR. And both of them would shudder to think about the possibility of PKR to win more seats that it has now.

To both of them, PKR is the party which both PAS and DAP could not trust at all.

To Saidin, he has no problem to have PAS and DAP to share the same bed and pillow but definitely not with PKR.

And Chieng Jen is obviously agree with this.

While many the PKR leaders are irked by his antics, it is quite peculiar to see that the DAP leaders are seen as being indifferent.

May be the DAP leaders did lambast him in the Chinese newspaper but apparently not in the Malay or English newspaper because they don’t want to spoil the good relationship which they had with PAS.

When Saidin was insisting to get all the Malay/Melanau majority seats in the state for the coming election, PKR was obviously annoyed.

Few days later, PKR Satok branch had its press conference to affirm its determination to contest in the Satok constituency.

And many PKR leaders or members were cursing Saidin for his statement.

Also joining the chorus of critics was the PAS members who felt that Saidin had crossed the line for demanding all the seats to be given to the party.

These party members shared the argument set forth by PKR that seats are to be given to the party which has better election machinery.

But what they didn’t know is Saidin and Chieng Jen was trying to prevent the ‘anticipated’ exodus of people’s representatives from PKR to be independent YBs should the party win many seats in the coming election.

Both Saidin and Chieng Jen agreed that in respect of loyalty, PAS is better than PKR.

Therefore, both of them agreed that it is better for PAS to lose the seats than to let PKR win them and subsequently quit the party to be pro-BN YBs.

However, if it is true that Saidin has been removed from his secretary post, then Chieng Jen has no trusted friend in PAS that shares his fear of the possible betrayal by some of the PKR leaders.

It would be interesting to know the identity of the mastermind behind the scheme to push Saidin out from the PAS state leadership – the PKR or PAS leaders.


  1. saidin-&-chong vs keadilan .... interesting.

  2. good bye saidin ... :(

  3. In the recent Sibu By Election, a PKR Kuching member proudly wearing DAP Selangor shirt was heard to bad mouth Malay Sibu voters but praised the Sibu Ibans who he strongly believed would deliver the votes for DAP. When the results came out, the results from Dayak polling centers showed the reverse. It isn't clear what this means but something is not right in PKR Kuching/Sarawak if this trend of thought is to go on.

    It suggests underlying problems which need to be addressed as far as prejudiced views against PKR are concerned for up coming Sarawak State Elections. It's the very same problem that PAS was trying to solve in the Saidin Massudin Sahini affair relating to PKR vs DAP OR PAS relations.

    The sore thing in the calculations seem to be potential kataks in PKR. It also emphasizes the potential reach of BN amongst the present PKR people and the lack of faith and possibly PKR failures amongst Sarawak Malay voters believed rightly or wrongly to be still strongly supporting PBB/BN. It also sends out that old bad patch of suggestive bad race relations between Malays and Chinese (specially DAP) who historically in Sarawak have been bearing the opposition torch.

    The similarity in the problem seems so familiar of PKR's headaches in Selangor. Is this the result of Malay voters or the weakness in PKR when reaching out to Malay voters?

  4. Pas has to get back Saidin as the secretary or the party will be accused of being controlled by the West Malaysians.