Thursday, May 20, 2010


by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: Is Dayakism on the rise? Again?

Most of us have seen the days when Dayakism was at its peak with leaders like (to name a few) Dato Sri James Jemut Masing, Tan Sri Dr Leo Moggie, Dato Sri Daniel Tajem, Gabriel Adit and Stanley Ajang Batok were hopping from one long house to another promoting Dayakism.

And some of us might have heard stories of James Masing who declared that he was drinking the blood of the Chinese when he was actually taking a syrup.

The situation was tense at that time with many Dayaks openly showed their support to PBDS which was at the driving seat championing the rights of the Dayaks.

And fast forward to the present days, James Masing has become the president of a young party which is known as Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).

When he thought that he was in total command of the party, few Dayak leaders had decided to turn their back on him and tried to help a Chinese to stage a revolt to snatch the top leadership post in the party from him.

James Masing, who is a veteren fighter, didn't give up and after many rounds of fights, he was finally legally being recognised as the president of the party.

The war is over but not the hatred for being stabbed from behind by the young Chinese who was supported by James Masing's own race.

And now he has made known to every body of this plan to get rid of the very Chinese who has betrayed him.

To do that, he is fanning the fire of Dayakism inside his party so that no Dayaks would revolt against him when he finally decided to name the replacement for the young Chinese YB.

He knows that it is not easy to unroot the young Chinese due to the fact that the latter's family is deeply entrenched in the place where they have been staying for many generations.

There is a strong possibility that the young Chinese man's big family would not give an easy way to James Masing to get rid of him.

It is going to be another nasty fight between two groups of Dayaks who are led by a Dayak and a Chinese.

The Dayakism could be a lethal weapon for James Masing to kill his Chinese opponent but if he is not careful, he might burns his own two hands.

It is easy to stoke anger against another race to achieve one's political interest but whether the strong racial sentiment later can be easily managed, it is another issue.

Hence, it is a very dangerous game being played by James Masing who could tear the fabrics of the multi-racial society in the state.

Hopefully, James Masing knows that he is doing ...

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