Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DAP menang iundi Cina dengan fitnah dan menyebarkan racun kebencian

Wong: SUPP lost to politics of ‘anger and hatred’

Borneo Post May 7, 2013, Tuesday
KUCHING: DAP’s strategy in playing the ‘anger and hatred’ cards in the just-concluded 13th general election is the main cause of SUPP’s disastrous outing.
SUPP Sibu chairman Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh said that DAP had gone all out to confuse and deceive Chinese voters by pledging to change the government which they claimed were not transparent and corrupt.
“I think DAP is fully responsible for all this because they have tried their best to confuse and mislead the Chinese voters by stating the need for a change in the government.
“DAP is stirring the emotions of the voters to instigate sentiments of hatred and anger towards BN, and their efforts successfully influenced the Chinese voters,” he said when asked to comment on SUPP’s loss, specifically in Sibu, Sarikei and Lanang.
Wong, who is also Second Finance Minister and Minister of Local Government and Community Development, admitted that what had transpired was an “urban voters’ tsunami”. He said the situation reflected an unhealthy political trend as this would create racial polarisation.
“This is not healthy politics as it creates racial polarisation in which the Chinese do not side with BN whereas the Bumiputeras remain loyal with BN. Our (SUPP) win in Serian constituency is the prime example of this.
“But, whatever it is, we have to accept the outcome and the voter’s choice.”
Asked on the future of SUPP, Wong said the party would be carrying out a post-mortem and look for the best solutions to move forward.

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