Monday, April 22, 2013

"Even if Tiki Lafe wins, he is not Barisan. Its as simple as that" - YB Dato Sri Micheal Manyin

BAU: Bidayuh Barisan Nasional leaders are up in arms against Mas Gading incumbent Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe over the move to fight against the BN in the constituency despite previously claiming to obey the top leaders’ decision on the candidate chosen by the coalition.
They also questioned whether Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Peter Nansian, who was the obvious absentee in the BN camp during the nomination process in Bau Civic Centre on Saturday, was clandestinely supporting Dr Tiki to contest as independent.
Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) deputy information chief Dato Peter Minos said BN local leaders in Mas Gading are truly disappointed with Dr Tiki for going against his own words.
“Many BN men including deputy ministers Jelaing Mersat and Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan were also dropped yet they did not stand against BN. People in Mas Gading now see Dr Tiki’s true colours,” commented Minos, who is also BN Mas Gading operations chief and PBB Opar chairman, yesterday.
He pointed out that Dr Tiki, and the group behind him, are only doing favours for the opposition DAP to win the seat despite claiming to be BN-friendly, because this would split votes among the Bidayuhs who make up the majority in Mas Gading.
Dr Tiki, MP for Mas Gading since 1999, defied BN’s decision to replace him with newcomer Anthony Nogeh Gumbek from Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) by contesting as independent using the ‘key’ symbol as his logo.
As such, the seat will see a four-cornered fight involving Dr Tiki, 60; Nogeh, 56; a former MP Patrick Anek Uren, 66, representing State Reform Party; and 28-year-old Mordi Bimol from Democratic Action Party.
Opar assemblyman Ranum Mina, a Bidayuh-Selako, on Saturday did not hide his disappointment over Nansian’s absence during nomination and he called on his BN colleague to be a gentleman by clearing the air to diffuse confusion among the voters.
“This is a big question mark. Since he is an assistant minister in the government, Peter Nansian should declare whether he support BN or Dr Tiki who is against the BN. To me, if you do not support the BN candidate, that is unfriendly to BN,” said Ranum, also Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Opar chief.
Ranum was the proposer for Nogeh while PBB Tasik Biru chairman John Nyigor was the seconder. Asked whether BN should take action against Dr Tiki, Ranum said: “Yes, he was appointed as chairman of National Service Training Council by BN government and should quit (before contesting as independent).”
PBB vice-president Dato Sri Michael Manyin, regarded as the most respected Bidayuh leader, was also upset with Dr Tiki’s move to stand as independent when posed the question by reporters on Saturday.
Manyin described the Dr Tiki’s candidacy as ‘unfortunate’ because it would only split the Bidayuhs, and he said as far as Mas Gading is concerned, Dr Tiki is to be treated as an opposition for fighting against BN.
“If he is Barisan-friendly, then support Barisan. How can he stand as independent and make such a claim saying he is Barisan friendly. (Even) if he wins, he is not Barisan. It’s simple as that,” he said.
Meanwhile, Nansian, who is an assistant minister with two portfolios, could not be reached for comment yesterday.
Nansian and Dr Tiki have been ‘partyless’ since their sacking from SPDP in 2010 along with three other elected representatives.
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