Sunday, October 21, 2012

Keluarga Alice Lau DAP mengambil keuntungan dari penyeludupan dan pengedaran dadah?

Alice Lau demands apology from Ngieng

Posted on October 20, 2012, Saturday
SIBU: DAP Sibu Women’s chief Alice Lau is demanding an apology from Daniel Ngieng Kiong Ann for making a statement in the press which she said had marred her integrity as a pharmacist.
She told a press conference yesterday that she was giving Ngieng, who is Sibu Municipal Council deputy chairman, a week’s time.
“If he doesn’t apologise within a week, I may take legal action,” she said, adding she would seek advice from state DAP chairman Wong Ho Leng and state DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen who are both lawyers.
Dudong assemblyman Yap Hoi Liong who was with Lau at the press conference concurred that Ngieng’s comment on Lau was damaging to her reputation and professional integrity as a pharmacist.
He said it was wrong for Ngieng to insinuate that Lau did not hold a proper licence to run her pharmacy.

Ngieng: Use their lies, squabbles to nail them

Posted on September 3, 2012, Monday
SIBU: One of the best `political barriers’ which the BN could erect to thwart the opposition’s march towards Putrajaya in the pending 13th general election is to expose their lies and internal squabbles.
SUPP Sibu branch vice chairman Daniel Ngieng, who made this suggestion, opined that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s recent call for BN component parties to erect political barriers was timely because the populist promises made the opposition could bankrupt the country.
“The opposition thrives on empty and populist promises which can bankrupt the country. We can’t allow this irresponsible pact to sieze Putrajaya and cause undesirable consequences to the nation.
“BN components can expose the lies of the opposition and their lack of consensus policies,” Ngieng told The Borneo Post yesterday.
He said for instance the DAP and PAS were at loggerheads on the proposed establishment of an Islamic state.
“Who is their PM? PAS also wants their candidate to go up. The thing is they can’t even disclose their shadow cabinet which shows the lack of confidence to get elected.”
Bernama has quoted Najib as saying that BN should emerge as the coalition which would not only be victorious but also win big and in style in the pending polls.
Meanwhile, PRS deputy president Datuk Joseph Entulu too supported Najib’s call for political barriers to be erected.
“BN has a proven excellent track record. Let us not gamble on our future,” Entulu, who is Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development and Selangau MP, said.
He said the country had developed by leaps and bounds under the BN.
“The opposition is only making sky high promises which they could not keep.”
Entulu said only BN, with its proven track record, could continue to bring about more development and prosperity for the people.


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