Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tunku Abdul Aziz : I am not have never been a politician


  1. I respect this man. At least he has principles and unlike most monkeys in PR. He joined DAP under an illusion that the party is his idea of a democratic movement and a respecter of varied opinions and dissenting views.

    But no. Tunku Aziz was deceived and worst of all he was used as a tool for DAP to promote their fallacy of a multiracial party. Tunku Aziz dissenting view on Bersih's demonstrations had earned him an open rebuke and ire from LGE. How then can DAP call themselves democratic when dissenting views are crushed unscrupulously and gutted down immediately.

    Tunku Aziz once wrote in the Star 3 years ago on Anwar's misconduct. Tunku Aziz has the decency and clear audacity to call a brick a brick and a spade a spade. Does any other opposition politicians have the same courage as he has ? None. All are just aping themselves to sing along party lines no matter how wrong and how horrendous it may may.

    I salute Tunku Aziz. You are exemplary in all the fine virtues that you believe in. And you uphold them. Keep it up Sir.

  2. Politik..apa2 boleh berlaku..dilaku..melaku..???

  3. "...He joined DAP under an illusion that the party..."

    If he was deceived he was bodoh! So why talk shit and become more bodoh !!!

    How can any fcuking man claim an incredible integrity and be deceived by mother fcuking politicians?

    What fcuking respect can anyone have for anyone who was and IS STILL DISILLUSIONED? He would have more respect and be UMNO's advisor for transparency, accountability and governance.

    Bloody SOB!

  4. "I salute Tunku Aziz."-Knights of SaladinMay 30, 2012 6:09 PM

    Why SALUTE a piece of shit! :-))

    Never mind. scUMNO and dUMNO people always worship shit! :-))

  5. Look here !! Those who disagree with me can disagree for all I care. It is my right to give my views. If you have your own, just say it. But you have no right to quote me and then voice your down right childishness here.

    Why are some of you so uptight about my views ? Why ? Is it because you don't have the intellect to give yours. If you have your own stand then say it out, you idiot.

    My views are mine to keep. This is a free country. I admire Tunku Aziz because of his track records. You idiots do not know the history of this man. This man was in Bank Negara and the vice Chairman of Transparency International Malaysia before. He has been critical of the government, before he joined politics, when he briefly joined DAP and after he left DAP.

    Did you all idiots read most of Tunku Aziz writings ? Or statements in the newspaper ? Did you, you fool ? Leaving the DAP doesn't mean that he supported UMNO or BN. You people are nothing but lousy fickle minded monkeys to think he is that kind of man. Tunku Aziz believes in a clean elections and a fair one and he still hold to that belief. The only matter that sets him apart is his disagreement of the bersih's demonstration. That is all you bloody fool.

    So why are some of you suddenly so work up with all these ? In some of your writings, some of you use foul languages. I am surprise that Sebanaku Sarawak would tolerate such uncouth behaviour. If you disagree with me, then that's your choice. But by using foul languages, it shows the kind of low life scum bag mentality in you.

    That's what the opposition are these days isn't it ? :) Go ahead, show your low life attitude and your bohemian culture or sub culture. You are not going to win the elections anyway. The whole world knows that, ASWJ knows that, the " Economist " knows that and the Americans knows that. You opposition are nothing but cry babies ! hahaha !! Once you don't get what you want, you would yell and cry, screaming for your mama to wipe your nose ! hahaha !!

  6. And to add more salt to the views of those idiots, I ask you this - Do you know that when Tunku Aziz left DAP, Lim Kit Siang thanked him for all his services to DAP before. Lim Guan Eng tried to bring him back. And offered him some post. Don't you Apai Saloi and the one anonymous on 31/5/2012 at 12.30 p.m., don't both of you idiots knew that DAP was desperate to bring Tunku Aziz back ? Don't you ? !!

    Because DAP knew Tunku Aziz is a man of integrity. I bet both of you idiots do not read Tunku Aziz writings and speeches. For both of you are fickle minded monkeys and baboons roaming round the bush.

    Look at his speeches even now. His statements are consistent with what he had always believe in.

    No DAP leaders have ever condemn Tunku Aziz for leaving DAP. So why are both of you going frolics, showing your infant and childish behaviour ? It shows you are nothing but a street vagrant isn't it ? Your choice of foul languages shows low life mentality and poor upbringing.

    Hahaha !! Go ahead you two idiots. People who read your post knows you have no substance. Just crying babies, crying for mama to change your diapers !! hahaha !! Please cry some more !!

  7. Hey! So disagree! No problem!

    Of course people thanked him for being a piece of shit! ;-)

    You can go worship that piece of ampu shit! :-))

    It's OK what! :-)) To you ! :-))

  8. Politik tidak pernah dianggap bersih.. "sedangkan BERSIH lagi kotor..!! Soogoood..!!

  9. Bodoh lah! Apa blame politik?

    Buat kotor cakap bersih ?!!! Biasa lah minda PBB/UMNO...jual rahsia negara OK!!!

    Itu tidak kotor! Politik kotor!??? Macam si orang tua Aziz tu, tak mau mampus beri malu orang Malaysia! kekekek !

    Hai...hai...Tak dapatlah buang "minda kampung" dari orang Melayu!


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