Monday, May 28, 2012

Breaking News - Larry Sng is Sarawak Workers Party President

Larry Sng is elected Sarawak Workers Party’s president *new!

SIBU: Former assistant minister Larry Sng Wei Shien was today elected Sarawak Wokers’ Party (SWP) president at its inaugral annual general meeting here.
Larry Sng
SWP is the latest local based opposition party in the state.
Its prime mover is Larry’s father, Datuk Sng Chee Hua, who is former deputy president of the Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and former Pelagus state assemblyman and Julau member of parliament.
Pelagus state assemblyman George Lagong, who won as an independent in the last state election, and who recently joined the party, was also elected the party’s deputy president.
Its two senior vice-presidents are Josephine Randan Mawat, and William Gani Bina who is also Sarawak Teacher’s Union president.
The party has two other vice-presidents and 14 supreme council members who include part-time lecturer Ellison Ludan and former senior police officer Jonathan Jalin who are tipped to be its candidates for Kanowit and Lubok Antu, respectively, against PRS’ Datuk Aaron Dagang and William Nyalau.
Speaking to reporters, Larry, 33, maintained SWP would be a Barisan Nasional (BN)-friendly party but would contest against the state BN component party, PRS, in its six seats of Lubok Antu, Sri Aman, Hulu Rajang, Kanowit, Julau and Selangau.
“We will be friendly to the rest of the state BN component parties and look forward to working with them.
“We are a multi-racial party with our headquarters in Kuching…currently, we have about 10,000 registered members state-wide,” he said, adding the party was also a blend of new and experienced politicians from both urban and rural areas.
Meanwhile, Larry said he would soon announce his resignation as special advisor (youth matters) to the state government.
He won the Pelagus state seat in the 2001 and 2006 elections on a PRS ticket.
He was appointed assistant minister in the Chief Minister’s Office, and later, assistant minister for industrial development.
In 2002, Larry was sacked from PRS, reportedly for insubordination. – Bernama


  1. So apa cerita ini, ah?

    James Masing pimps for Taib? Still or not? Moggie is still pimping for Mahathir from LLN.

    Larry is pimping for Ting Pek Kong who is pimping for Taib!

    This is pimp politics or waht?

    What happened to poor Dayaks?

    All pimped and pumped out? ;))

  2. Kasihan Dayak kena sabung macam ayam!

  3. Orang Cina, Melayu, Tambi, Penan apa dah jadi juak?

    Tanggar klak! Banyak tanah pesaka kampung urang Melayu nyau diambik Taib!

    Mun salah undi nyau lah!

  4. amacam yang Berbahagia YB Lamber, sku ningar kesah nyaada skandal dengan seorand gadis yang sduah bekawen dan telah mesebabkan rumahtangga gadis ya becerei. betol ka

  5. Syabas..Larry..hidup Larry...Sebenarnya Masing bermulut busuk...Jangan lawan "Taukey"..macamlah masing Taokey besar orang iban..Atau orang iban anggap Masing itu taukey besar mereka...kita tenggoklah SIAPA jadi ""TAUKEY"" waktu pru13 nanti..!! MASING /(PRS) vs RAKYAT..simple..!!

  6. No bixness so good macam dagang Dayak, Malays, Chinese all Sarawakians on 2 legs! Even orangutans !

  7. Mata Buta..Telinga Tuli..Hidung Sumbat..Lidah Kebas..!!
    Kelalu mayuh aik pengayu ti udah diirup..!!

  8. William Gani Bina Vice President SWP? Hihihi. No confident. Do u want to miss use STU for yr political interest? STU member common, wake up. Or, William, plz resign as STU President. We dont need u anymore. Go to hell William. Ngelama tuk nuan nyadi ka STU political stepping stone for yr self interest. Shit u.

  9. Najib tak minat SWP. Hihihi. BN friendly? Dah tu, nak tanding 6 kerusi, lwn komponen BN. Gile ke? Enti brani, stand ba Chinese dominan areas. Lwn DAP, tolong SUPP yg nazak. Mana tau, SWP dpt menang kwsn majoriti Cina. Larry Sng pun Cina. Tentu dia teror kot. Jgn tanding kwsn majoriti Iban. Larry tunjuk jantan, lwn DAP kwsn majoriti Cina. Baru nampak hebat Cinanya.