Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Suratkhabar milik Tiong Hiew King menyalahkan Polis sahaja untuk kecederaan dan kerosakan Bersih 3

Kenapa kerajaan negri dan pusat masih memberi kawasan-kawasan balak dan sawit besar serta kontrak besar kepada RH Group?  Adakah kerajaan mahu bunuh diri sendiri atau apakah rahsia sebenarnya?  Sebanaku dan rakyat Sarawak mahu tahu...

Public relations disaster

Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE
Sin Chew Daily
The police will show the video footage captured during the Bersih 3.0 rally. However, could the footage reflect the whole truth?
There are many video clips spread across the Internet showing police' aggression against rally participants. The brutality was shocking. In addition, non-governmental organisations, political party members and rally participants also captured similar footage.
Who had instructed the rally participants to remove the roadblocks and make their way to the Dataran Merdeka? Who had instructed the police to fire tear gas and water cannons? How did the conflict take place? How were the police officers attacked? Why did police officers use violence against civilians? Why did those who were arrested being roughed up? Why didn't those who had injured being sent to the hospital immediately? To answer these questions, we must collect all the evidence and piece the eyewitnesses' testimonies and fragmented video clips together to get the truth.
The authority said that police officers were also the victims while civilians being roughed up claimed that they were the victims instead. Many people believe the latter as they have many witnesses. Also, the narration of the members of the media who were roughed treated is also unfavourable to the police.
The police's excessive use of force is a stain for the Bersih 3.0 rally. It also brings a political impact. Not only the police's image has once gain being damaged since the Bersih 2.0 rally last year, the government's prestige has also been affected this time.
To avoid a repetition of the public relations disaster of the Bersih 2.0 rally after tear gas and water cannons were fired into a hospital, the police should not completely deny the acts of violence. Instead, it should admit the mistake and make an open apology.
It lacks transparency as senior police officers had avoided the media before the Bersih 3.0 rally and did not immediately explain to the public after the rally.
The government must also set up an independent committee to investigate the incident, instead of letting the police investigate it. Rally participants and police officers who are found to have violated laws must be charged in court.
Those who attacked police officers must be sanctioned by law while police officers who attacked civilians must also be severely punished, particularly the police has the responsibility to protect the public. Defying human rights and using violence against civilians will shake the public's confidence in the police force.
How are the law enforcement agencies going to enforce the law if they do not respect human rights? A society that does not respect human rights will never become even a civilised society, not to mention an advanced country.
How sad it is as the law enforcement agencies have not yet learned to respect human rights, even 55 years after the country was declared independent.
In other countries practising the rule of law, who dares to casually use violence, let alone police officers? In Malaysia, however, there are limited channels to complain of the police's abuse of power. There is no way to restrict the power of the police force after the proposal of setting up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) was rejected.
It was reported that a few police officers started to hit people after they heard that a colleague had been killed by rally participants. If it is true, it shows that something is wrong with the police's professionalism and discipline. Police officers must learn how to control their emotions. Use lynching to revenge is childish.
The police force has been spending a lot of resources to improve its image and get close to the people, including launching the High Profile Policing programme. However, the efforts have been wasted after the Bersih 3.0 rally.
It is a wake up call for the police force. It will continue to make mistakes if it does not accept supervision and checks and balances. Also, the gap between the police and the people will be widened.


  1. the law had already held the Rally to be illegal. Any force used agst them cannot be said to be illegal. E.g. A robs a bank with a parang and refused to surrender. If u are the police, is it logic to tell the robber, pls come with me to the police station?
    What do u mean wake up call for the police force - who is your legal adviser?

  2. sUMNO and PBabi cheats!May 2, 2012 at 11:36 AM

    What law? Are you an idiot?

    This is about some kind of "stealing" but it is not about a bank which now steals from the rakyat controlled for fascist politicians.

    The government has rejected responsibility, its sworn duty to the rakyat by blaming others and openly brutalizing them. In addition clobbering reporters local and foreign to stop the outside world from knowing.

    But this is too much for you. So go back to your little kampung and continue lying to innocent Malaysians!

  3. [“...both the organisers and the state have equal responsibility to ensure peace and security. Yet in this case, the state imposed the entire burden on Bersih 2.0.

    We discharged that burden fully and Bersih 2.0 had full control until tear gas was fired. Once that happened the burden shifted to the police to handle the situation that they had created. The responsibility became theirs. It must be noted that all the reported acts of violence that ensued came only after the tear gas was fired....” ]

    Datuk Ambiga
    Co- Chairperson Bersih 2.0 steering committee
    1 May 2012

  4. the law already stipulated that Dataran Merdeka cannot be used for the Bersih Rally. It must therefore be a KOTOR rally. What is wrong with Stadium Merdeka?

  5. this blog is not for cursing. Anyone is free to air its opinion or to criticise short of cursing. If u are not prepared to argue using decent language, then abstain from giving comment.

    Letrs agree to disagree.

  6. "What law? Are you an idiot?"


    Bersih 3.0 a challenge on govt’s will to enforce law — Dr Ongkili

    .....Dr Ongkili also held the organisers of the demonstration fully responsible for the eventuality that had taken place during Saturday’s illegal gathering.

    He said that the authority had declared Dataran Merdeka out of bounds in order to avoid inconveniences to businesses and city travellers, offering instead alternative sites for the peaceful demonstration. Even the High Court ratified the decision of City Hall.

    “But when you have the president of Pakatan Rakyat openly urging demonstrators to storm Dataran Merdeka, we then have a bunch of leaders who are disrespectful of the law of the land and instigating supporters to openly commit offences....

  7. "...Bersih 3.0 a challenge on govt’s will to enforce law — Dr Ongkili ..."

    Dr Ongkili is a ball kisser!

    What do you expect people, the electorate to do? Let UMNO/BN steal the gomen again in next GE? In the first place why stop people from using a 'PUBLIC PLACE" in public political space? So what Law? Afraid the world will see the voters are AWARE, CHEATED AND ANGRY TO OPENLY EXPRESS THE WRONGS? So you do the "chop-job" on BBC and Aljazeera? Then you beat the shit out of the rakyat? Brutalize them? But you don't want the world to know, right! Why? Because it's the "LAW" the world doesn't respect? Nor the voters?

    Ongkili should have shut the fuck up!

    Malaysia's laws are for outlaws. Those corrupt BN politicians and outlaws have been robbing the country and killing people in the lokaps and shooting down 13-year olds.

    Not to follow a "just law" is bad. To follow an "unjust law" is badder. To pretend it's lawful is worst.

    The former Chief Justice retired and got a few billions of road contracts. He did not do write up the judgement on the famous case because the contract was not ready!

    You tell me what law!

    I tell you why Ongkili said that. He wants, like all BN people, to make rakyat all lembus - do this do that, obey! When fat you slaughter! Like the NFC! :))

    - loyarburuk-

  8. No man (or woman) should obey any unjust or bad law.

    Good Jesus berated those lousy politicians and threw them out of the synagogue because they were doing money exchange bizness in a house of worship. He critized politicians of his days and they killed him.

    Mohammad the prophet disobeyed the rich and corrupt who even stole orphans properties.

    Many have disobeyed. Ghandi disobeyed the Brits and Malaysians will not be the last who will disobey corrupt politicians or bad laws. Be rest assured of that.

    -must be just-

  9. Are you stupid? Open this stupid blog and blog all the LIES?
    Janganlah tipu rakyat Malaysia oi!!!
    The press is just giving out the information, whats wrong?
    Freedom of the press, are you stupid or what?
    What is wrong with you? Keep on attacking the press!
    Expose what truth? By just attacking BN, you exposing truths?
    Get a life la! Stop lying and stop being a keyboard warrior!!!

  10. Your comment will be visible after approval.

    What's wrong with you? Don't dare to accept the truth?

  11. So what happened to the commission or inquiry of that other ball kisser, fcuktundun face Hanif Omar? The kutu kurap?