Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Manyin vs Ting Tze Fui

Don’t smear state’s image — Manyin

Borneo Post May 22, 2012, Tuesday

Minister for Infrastructure Development and Communications Dato Sri Michael Manyin said it was inappropriate for Ting Tze Fui (DAP-Meradong) to make negative remarks against the government as far as Sungei Sian ferry ramp was concerned.MEMBERS of the opposition camp were yesterday cautioned in the august house not to smear the state’s image by going to the press to accuse the government of wasting money.
“You went to the press to say that the government was wasting money on the ferry ramp. I have told you it was not built by JKR (Public Works Department).
“If the people there do not want the ramp, we can stop it. We do not need to supply the ferry,” he said, replying to a supplementary question raised by Ting during his winding-up speech.
Manyin disclosed that he subscribed to two Chinese papers at home even though he did not understand the language.
“I subscribe two Chinese newspapers. I do not read, but my other half does. I have Sin Chew clippings here with me which highlighted you as accusing the government of wasting money on the ferry ramp.”
Earlier, he said JKR had investigated and concluded that the existing ramp could only cater for small motor launches, carrying only passengers and motorcycles.
“It was not designed to cater for vehicular ferry and heavy vehicles. In response to the people’s need and request, and in the spirit of People First, Performance Now, the government decided to construct a new ramp that caters for vehicular ferry and heavy vehicles.”
Ting did not appear to be satisfied with the answer as she further questioned: “You said it was not designed for vehicles, then why…”
Her microphone was switched off and the opposition bench started protesting. Although Manyin attempted to explain more, the protest went on.
Deputy Speaker Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn was heard saying: “They do not understand English. You (Manyin) just proceed.”
Before Manyin continued his speech, he repeated what Sagah said and added: “They do not understand English. Let me finish my speech.”

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