Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chong mendakwa gaji CEO SESCO adalah lebih RM 300 ribu

                                                    Chairman SESCO Hamed Sepawi

Chong not happy with sub-standard answer

Borneo Post May 22, 2012, Tuesday
THAT’S MY POINT: Chong Chieng Jen (DAP-Kota Sentosa) speaking at a press conference accompanied by comrades Padungan assemblyman Wong King Wei and Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong.
KOTA SENTOSA assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen yesterday labelled a minister’s reply as “standard bureaucratic answer”, the kind which “many Sarawakians will not accept”.
He claimed that Minister of Public Utilities Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan had missed two vital aspects as far as justification for a semi-public servant’s annual salary of over RM4 million was concerned.
“He said the expatriate is more experienced than Kota Sentosa (YB). Yes, he is, in terms of electricity. But how can he say the CV and qualifications of the expatriate is confidential?
“He was employed by a government-owned company.
We know all government employees come under the same salary scale. For example, engineering has E1 to E8.
“All government servants’ salaries are open and transparent, subject to public scrutiny. So what is so special with this CEO? This has nothing to do with national security,” he told the press after the sitting adjourned.
Chong asserted that there were many talented Sarawakians out there to serve the company, and he did not see the rationale of having recruited expatriate.
He added that Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) chief executive officer earned only RM1.2 million a year while taking care of a corporation running a capacity of 20,000 megawatt.
“Whereas Sesco only has about 1,200 megawatt capacity but its CEO is taking home RM4.4 million as annual salary. How can this be?”
Chong added that Datuk Seri Idris Jala, who is heading Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) “is someone like a CEO of the whole nation”.
“Idris Jala is the head of Pemandu, looking after all the transformation programmes launched by Najib. Why can’t he not head one small Sesco?”
Citing another example, Chong said ‘a Betong boy’ was appointed to replace the CEO of Singaporean MRT management system following a blackout last year.
“The Sarawakian is surnamed Tan and comes from Betong. There are a lot of talented Sarawakians, and trust me they do not command some RM4 million as annual salary.
“Therefore, I cannot accept Awang Tengah’s argument, and I do not think any Sarawakian will accept it.”


  1. I totally don agree if such claim is true..Please dont deprive other qualified Sarawakians..Rumors has it that SEB Head Of Project Execution is CEO's brother in law..Anybody can confirm this rumor?

  2. I totally don agree if such salary is true..He must be one of the highest paid CEO in Malaysia..Rumors has it that SEB Head of Project Execution is his brother in law..Hope this is only rumors

  3. How many foreign engineers employed by SEB is their salary if we compare apple to apple with local engineers

  4. Sesco is own by pehin, becos he owned the state government..Awg Tgh also ada share,like Esawin Resources s/b delayed RES project with extension of time for nine month still can get another mega project worth 120mln + 100mln. Kesian org luar bandar tunggu letrik tak sampai2...Adun/MP sikit pun tak berani nak komplen..
    we hat to complaint and luckily we still can vote them out next election.

  5. Terima kasih YB Chong!

    Buat lagi bising! Cetak lagi dalam Roket.

    Kasih semua org kampung sana buat orang semua tahu !

  6. Let seb ceo runs a sick glc company and see if he can turn it around..SEB is always a money making organisation and it a waste of talent if such a good ceo, as potrayed by DA Awg Tengah, is not asked to turn around unprofitable organisation.