Saturday, March 17, 2012

Economic Pact or political pact?

DCCI signs economic pact with Pekema Sarawak

Posted on March 10, 2012, Saturday
KUCHING: The historic signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Malay Automobile Importers and Distributors Association (Pekema) Sarawak and Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) could pave the way for the state’s Bumiputera communities to become main economic players.
Housing Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg, who witnessed the signing yesterday, said such cooperation could lead to many business opportunities locally and beyond.
“I feel it is timely and appropriate for DCCI and Pekema to work together. With this, I am sure we (the Bumiputera) can position ourselves as a business community that is modern. Due to our abundant natural resources and strategic location in the Asian economic map, I am sure the Bumiputera business community can grow and become main players in the region, and eventually on the global stage.”
He pointed out that the ‘Bejalai’ spirit of the Iban community, which has seen many of them move to Johor, and the fact that many Sarawakians are involved in the oil and gas industries abroad, showed that Sarawakians are an adventurous lot.
But for them to be more successful in business, the state’s Bumiputera communities need to have a stronger platform to act. One such platform is via greater cooperation among themselves and with others.
On Pekema and DCCI, he envisioned the two entities working together in the field of land development and eco-tourism.
“In DCCI, they have a precious asset, which is land. To develop the land, they need capital and this where the ‘automobile towkays’ from Pekema can come in. Identify the right commodities, such as oil palm and rubber, to venture into.
“Another area of cooperation is in the field of eco-tourism. I was in Bakun recently, and I was excited by its many (untapped) potential, including the 20 man-made islands on the lake,” said Abang Johari, who is also tourism minister.
Meanwhile, both DCCI president Tan Sri Datuk Amar Leo Moggie and Pekema Sarawak president Datuk Abang Khalid Marzuki expressed hope that their cooperation could bring the state’s Bumiputera communities forward in the business arena.
Moggie said DCCI did not hesitate to agree to the MoU when it was proposed by DCCI deputy president Dato Sri Celestine Ujang at a recent supreme council meeting.
“We perceive it as a way to move ahead in the modern world of commerce and industry,” he said, stressing that not many from the Dayak community have ventured into business and succeeded because it was still unchartered territory for many of them.
Abang Khalid said both entities would work together in holding workshops and forums to increase Bumiputera participation in business and improve the performance of Bumiputera-owned companies.
Also present at the event were DCCI advisor Tan Sri Leonard Linggi Jugah and Pekema Sarawak deputy president Ismail Saufi.


  1. Alhamdullilah, semoga abg jo akan menjadi cm sarawak. Sokongan orang melayu, cina dan dayak terhadap abg jo memang tidak dapat dinafikan lagi. Hidup abg jo!!! dan sidak pemimpin yang lain sik boh mimpi lah nak jadi ketua menteri.

    1. Baguslah ya,Asalkan melayu masih megang tampuk pemerintahan di Sarawak .Syabas

    2. Baguslah ya,Asalkan melayu masih megang tampuk pemerintahan di Sarawak .Syabas

    3. Baguslah ya,Asalkan melayu masih megang tampuk pemerintahan di Sarawak .Syabas

    4. Baguslah ya,Asalkan melayu masih megang tampuk pemerintahan di Sarawak .Syabas

    5. X ada chan Pok!Golongan pengabangan dah sampe tarikh luput.Abang Abu dah awal surrender dolok gik.Abis Abg Joe abislah golongan pengabangan dalam politik Sarawak.

  2. Ya. If you repeat what Johari says over and over again, you will believe it. It's just like "1Malaysia". You think so far the AP holders are really helping many other bumiputeras?

    There are bigger stuffs to fix.

    Why is the BN government so lame? Former IGPs cannot be investigated?

    Why do people jump out of MACC buildings?A Chinese and a bumiputera?

    Why are cronies getting subsidies from so-called bumi companies and IPPs?

    Why is the AG not doing his job? Shouldn't he be sacked and dragged before RCI?

    Why can't members ask questions in DUN?

    Why are BN so scared of competition at the polls during elections? And why do they cheat?

    No need to answer. Rakyat know the answers! Life is good during politics and life is good after politics if BN stays in power by denying fair elections to the rakyat.

    "Kalau UMNO kalah siapa nak jaga Melayu?" [klik]

    Bukan Abg Jo saja bumiputra, bukan Leo saja bumiputra. Bukan BN saja boleh memerintah. Bukan BN saja boleh bantu bumiputera!

    Apa hal negara diperintah oleh BN saja dah 6 dekad dan negara hampir bankrap?

    Ini negara "Polis Raja di Malaysia" atau negara demokrasi?

    Siapa nak bantu Melayu/bumiputera?

    Mana Bank Bumiputera? Dah nyau !!! Oleh BN !!!

  3. True. What is said above is very true. Since Independence until today, the BN Government have achieved nothing, they have done nothing for the people and the people are still in the dire situation as they were before the formation of our beloved Malaysia.

    So I guess it would better if all Malaysians start to believe in all the empty promises of the opposition camp that they have pledged ever since the opposition came into the picture.

    At least we'll know that they are merely empty promises therefore we won't feel betrayed when they fail to deliver just like the rest of their empty promises.

    1. Then you should migrate to foreign country and you will live happily with all the supports, incentives and many more from that government

    2. Anon Mar 30,Use you IQ to reply!If you cant just keep quiet.

  4. AnonymousMar 17, 2012 04:06 AM,

    Paloi !

  5. It was the combined weight of the machinery and supporters of Abang Jo, Linggi and Ujang that enabled Abg Jo to previously win PBB's deputy president's post against Adenan and Abg Abu. Are we seeing the revival of the old alliance, this time, to topple Taib?

  6. What's the difference, friend?

    You're missing the woods for the trees! Abg Jo and team, if he succeeded, would perpetuate the old wrongs.


    Johari's elder brother resigned from Bank Negara so he could act proxy for kid brother. Resigning act was decent - next act wasn't!

    Hey! Abg Jo is a joker who just tags along because of the perabangan. Wakey!

  7. What have the 'Abg Jo Linggi & Ujang' alliance & Co. contributed to Sarawak?

  8. Nearly ALL AP Holders in Sarawak have been enjoying the fruits of ball polishing for more than 1/4 of a century. They are the few millionaires created under affirmative action programme. It is too late to ask them to hand over their APs to the next line of bumiputera since the government is planning to do away with AP by 2015. Let them enjoy the remaining term.

    Should there be any similar opportunities in the future the government should make it a mandatory policy that no individual/company is allowed to monopolize the benefits more than 5 years. More millionaires will be created!

  9. Don't go into politics. Retire. There's LIFE AFTER POLITICS!

    Ask Moggie Bear !

    TNB produce penty of power and light. There is much light at the end of the tunnel at flooded Tun Razak Tunnel. And it's so good it makes you wet you pants!!!

  10. pakatan abg jo (bumiputra) dan Linggi (pesaka) dalam PBB masih kuat, group lagi satu (awang tengah) masih guna 'Politik Wang' untuk mendapat sokongan

    1. Pok ,jangan nuduh sebarang dan dolok Abg Jo menang pun kerana Ibrahim Baki ngambur DUIT pakei mabuk dak Dayak bah.Sik ada benda Free pok ,mesti makei DUIT JUAK . heh heh

    2. Pok ,jangan nuduh sebarang dan dolok Abg Jo menang pun kerana Ibrahim Baki ngambur DUIT pakei mabuk dak Dayak bah.Sik ada benda Free pok ,mesti makei DUIT JUAK . heh heh