Thursday, June 23, 2011

DUN (Day Two): Mawan says NRD will expedite the registration process

Posted on June 23, 2011, Thursday

KUCHING: The National Registration Department will continue to take steps to expedite the process of birth certificate registration for the rural folk.

Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation Tan Sri William Mawan said this in reply to a question from Snowdan Lawan (BN-Balai Ringin) about late registration of identification documents among his constituents.

He said that the department, with assistance of the district office, would get the name list of those who had no such documents to ensure that they (rural folk) would get their documents.
Mawan said that based on information provided, the department did visit the area from June 7 to 9.

“The department has hastened and improved the work process for late applicants below 12 years old from six months to a day for those born at government hospitals and clinics,” he said

The department had also reduced the number of documents from 14 to three. They included verification letter from village heads, passport-size photographs together with postcard size family photo and a letter of declaration (oath), he added.

Mawan also said that the department had regularly carried out awareness and promotional programmes about their roles through Radio and Television Malaysia (RTM) and other government agencies.

He said the department also worked together with the elected representatives and community leaders in helping the people to get their documents processed with ease.

Replying to an oral supplementary question regarding difficult registration of identity card due to lack of documentations and evidence of locality, Mawan said the department could apply the ‘exception rules’ so as to lessen the number of backlogged cases.

“The department can always discuss the ‘exception rules’ with their ministry and treat the case as very special in order to solve the problem,” he said.

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