Saturday, June 25, 2011

DUN (Day Four): Have a masterplan to help the poor, Ho Leng urges government

Have a masterplan to help the poor, Ho Leng urges government
Posted on June 25, 2011, Saturday

THE state government has been urged to immediately embark on a poverty eradication masterplan to alleviate the suffering of some 55,975 households in the state who are still living under the poverty line.

Wong Ho Leng (DAP-Bukit Assek) yesterday told the august house that the authorities must first ensure that all rural areas be provided with road, electricity and water – the basic necessities.

“I have repeatedly spoken to this august house that the natives are the poorest in Sarawak. When I said this on Wednesday (June 22), I was jeered at by some BN backbenchers. But the Deputy Chief Minister’s (Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang) answer yesterday (June 23) confirmed my concern.
“He said that there are 55,975 households living under the poverty line. Of these, 27,902 are hardcore poor. Of these, 95.2 per cent are natives,” Wong said when debating the motion of thanks on the Head of State’s address.

He said it was ironic that after about half a century of BN ruling the state, many people especially the natives still faced various difficulties such as unemployment and lack of basic amenities.

“Have a heart for the natives. Do not keep them poor,” he stressed.

On subsidy, Wong said the assistance to the people would not cause a country to go bankrupt as long as there was no leakage and corruption.

He claimed that corruption had led to the lack of enforcement which had enabled some owners of C2 trawlers to sell subsidised fuels to foreigners in the international waters.

He also called on the state government to have a systematic allocation for Chinese independent secondary schools in the state as the schools played an equally important role in churning out talents for nation building.

Rosey Yunus (BN-Bekenu), while urging the state government to set up a bank in Bekenu town, said the population in the area was increasing. She pointed out that the people in Bekenu had to travel to Miri to deal with banking matters.

She also suggested that the state government establish a Bomba station in Bekenu town and speed up the provision of clean water to some rural areas.

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