Saturday, June 25, 2011

DUN (Day Four): Chong says OK for DAP to interrupt to seek clarification but not OK for BN to do so

Chong wants govt to fulfil four tasks
Posted on June 25, 2011, Saturday

AN opposition member yesterday told the august House that the Chinese community expects the Barisan Nasional government to fulfil four tasks, namely, clean and transparent governance, automatic renewal of land lease, systematic and annual allocation for Chinese schools, and fair economic opportunities.

Chong Chieng Jen (DAP-Kota Sentosa), in urging the state government to grant annual funds to Chinese primary schools, Chinese independent schools and Mission schools, the Bandar Kuching MP said Penang government had started allocating grants for Chinese schools there.

“The annual revenue collected by Sarawak government is six times that of the Penang government. I hereby urge the Sarawak government to allocate RM3 million for Chinese independent schools, and RM10 million each for Chinese primary school and Mission school every year,” he said in debating the speech of the Head of State’s opening address yesterday.

Chong said the Chinese wanted to see open tender system be implemented and practised before a development project was awarded by the government.

“Do not give projects to cronies but through open tender. This is what the Chinese community wants, simple and achievable,” he said.

During his speech, Chong was interrupted at least thrice by other members of the august House who wanted to seek clarification.

The DAP leader turned down all requests by saying: “No, I’m not taking any, sorry.”

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  1. You know what ? This is one of the worst hypocritic speeches of DAP that I ever heard. Now I hear them saying the Sarawak govt collect 6 times revenue than Penang govt. Previously what do we hear from Malaysiakeliru ( my term for Malaysiakini ) ? They said Sarawak is the poorest state in Malaysia.
    Chong Jien has to tell the truth now as he is going around begging money for Chinese schools. I think time is ripe for BN govt to give what is due ONLY TO WHOM IS DUE. Meaning those who supports BN. Don't feed the hand that bites you. What's the point of helping Chinese schools, or whatever Chinese it is ? What did they give in return for the help ? Nothing but voting in useless loud mouth like Cheing Jen.

    Well DAP, since you are now begging government money, it's only right that you behave and stop behaving childishly in the DUN. You and your 5 cents kiddy friends have nothing better than to shout " lies. lies, lies in the DUN.

    If you want to beg money from US, behave. And we'll see whether we have small pocket change for you. Otherwise use your own money for your people. hahaha !!