Thursday, June 16, 2011

Affendi, hands-off Dayak affair

Former Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) secretary-general Wilfred Gomez Malong said it was important that Dayaks be united under a one-party banner because policy makers (government of the day) need to be familiar with the sensitivity and peculiarity of the community.
PBDS Baru pro-tem chairman Louis Jaraw said: “Many had enquired if PBDS would ever be reinstated or would there be a new PBDS-like party. Surprisingly, there are still many old members who remain loyal and younger generations who are eager to continue the struggle of PBDS for the Dayaks.”

ARBS pro-tem chairman Affendi Jeman said : “PBDS is a splinter group of Sarawak National Party (SNAP). The group should have doubled its effort to gather their PBDS members into the original party (SNAP). SNAP was much bigger.”

We said : “Affendi Jeman should not poke his nose into the Dayaks affair because he has no 'locus standi' to do so. Let the Dayaks decide how to go about with the matter (i.e. PBDS Baru).”

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  1. Apa gik mauk kitak Pandi? Kamek difahamkan sik ada gik projek runding terus. sik iboh campur hal dak dayak ia. kita pun masalah sik dapat di selsai kitakpun.