Thursday, May 12, 2011

Consider relinquishing top post in SMC — PBB Bukit Assek youth chief

Consider relinquishing top post in SMC — PBB Bukit Assek youth chief

Posted on May 11, 2011, Wednesday

SIBU: SUPP’s dismal outing at the recent state election may cost the party more than what is already apparent.

It even makes PBB think that SUPP should let go of the chairmanship of Sibu Municipal Council (SMC).

PBB Bukit Assek youth chief Abdul Hajis Abdullah said it was not irrational to say now that SUPP should relinquish either the chairmanship or deputy chairmanship of the council since the party no longer has the support of the people in this municipality.

“On this question, it is not that I want to raise the question of race. But actually the Chinese themselves had signified they did not want their community to lead SMC,” Hajis told reporters here recently.

Presently, SUPP’s Datuk Tiong Thai King and Daniel Ngieng Kiong Ann are the municipal chairman and deputy chairman.

Tiong, who is also Lanang MP, contested in Dudong in the state election and lost to DAP’s Yap Hoi Liong.
Hajis, who is also the youth secretary of PBB Zone 10 Sibu, said based on the present political scenario it was timely that one of the two top posts be handed over to a Bumiputera.

“I believe all strata of society here including the Chinese community themselves agree with changing of the posts in the local authority,” he opined.

According to him, if the posts of chairman and deputy chairman are shared by different races, they would be able to formulate policies more acceptable by all races.

Citing the Sibu Rural District Council as an example, he said the chairman was James Laju Ambok from Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party(SPDP) and the deputy chairman was Clarence Ting from SUPP.

“The two work together fine,” he noted.

Hajis said the local PBB had long discussed the concept of different races sharing the top posts in the councils.

“It is high time we made it a reality,” he said, adding that they also thought more non-Chinese should be made councillors.

Corroborating his argument, Hajis said Bumiputera had always been steadfastly backing Barisan Nasional.

“In Nangka, the PBB candidate won with a bigger majority this time around. In Bawang Assan, the BN candidate (Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh) would have been defeated had it not been for the solid support of the Bumiputera community,” he recalled.

Last month, Sibu Bumiputera Contractors’ Class F (Perkof) chairman Mahathir Mohd Ali proposed that the deputy chairmanship of SMC be given to a Bumiputera.


  1. Just take a simple a thing that chinese committe doesnt need SUPP and also reject Barisan government as a whole. And I belief that SUPP bcome soup of chinese themselve. Since they re lost everything, than why SMC chairman and the deputy still hold by SUPP. They should hand over the post to PBB. They should give way by now. Belief me, chinese will support DAP, even in this Parliment general election. They will lose Miri, Sibu, and Kuching. If they can score 1 seat in chinese majority they can consider themselve as lucky. I can bet.!!!!!

  2. We should also swap the post of District Officer from them. These people never appreciate what the malays has given them. The current SAO of District office in Sibu should also be kick out from the office. This guy by the name Awang is a very very very rude and impolite govt offcer. To this Awg, didnt you ever learn what has your brother did to Awg. Bemee?. Arrogant that tarnish the good image of the ex-YB from the kampung folks. Awang...Awang...kepala besar!


  4. They have sent the message loud and clear during the last state election, so be it. Before the election they said that they do not wish to be part or involved with BN government. They are able to survive even without representative in the government. On the contrary, lately the Chinese Associations, Chinese NGOs and other Chinese Bodies were actively pleaded with government not to change the councils or city councils with Chinese majorities with Bumiputera chairmans/mayors. They even asking for the Deputy Chief Minister position to be retained by Chinese. I think this is outragous and too much.

    I hope our beloved CM to take note on this and not to accede to their requests. After all, they openly and rudely wanted you to step down from your post. I see no reason to be lenient with them.

    So be it and let them reap what they sow.

  5. Awang?Awang ney ya?

  6. awang bigik,,,,,

  7. SUPP sudah kalah, apa mahu bagi muka lagi, bagi lah semua top post dengan MELAYU N DAYAK, mereka ini penyelamat BN dalam pilihanraya lepas,semua mayor n chairman council bagi sama bumipetra, itu deputy kasih sama cina lah, kasi tukar lah,