Monday, March 28, 2011

N67 Telang Usan: Robert Laing vs Dennis Ngau

Will it be Robert Laing or Dennis Ngau for Telang Usan?

Posted on March 24, 2011, Thursday

MIRI: Two aspiring Kayan candidates are leaving it to BN party leaders to decide whether they would be picked to contest in Telang Usan in the forthcoming state election.

Incumbent Lihan Jok had announced on Monday that he would not be seeking re-election this time around as he felt that the predominantly Orang Ulu constituency needed a younger and more energetic person to serve it.

Following the announcement, speculations spread like wildfire that either political secretary to the Chief Minister Robert Laing Anyie or councillor Dennis Ngau would be the replacement.

When contacted by the Borneo Post yesterday, both of them said they would leave it to their party leaders to make a decision.

“My name was mentioned by the people in Telang Usan constituency. They want me to stand as the candidate,” admitted Robert, who added that he was not sure whether his name had been short listed by the party.

“The people down there felt that I would be the best candidate as I know the area well.”

Robert, who is also the PBB Telang Usan deputy chairman, said he felt honoured that there were people who wanted him to stand.

“I think I would stand a better chance as I’ve been active in politics and moving around Telang Usan for more than 20 years,” he added.

Robert said he is ready if picked by party leaders.

“I prefer to leave it to the party leaders. They are the ones who know the best to be fielded. I leave it to them to decide,” he said.

In 1996, Robert lost the seat to Kebing Wan who contested as an independent candidate.

Speculations about Dennis arose due to his positions as PBB Telang Usan Youth leader and a councillor of Miri City Council (MCC).

Asked whether it was true that he is Lihan’s nephew, Dennis replied: “I’m not his nephew. It happened to be that we come from same area (Long Bedian). Some people are thinking that we have a nephew-uncle relationship because of this.”

Dennis said his name was brought up by people on the ground.

“Whoever is picked to contest in Telang Usan, I hope he or she will be able to continue the development programmes that have been laid out by the Barisan Nasional through Lihan. It would be a big challenge as Telang Usan is as big as Pahang,” he added.

Words from the grapevine is that several individuals from the Opposition are keen to contest in Telang Usan. Among them are veteran politician Kebing Wan from SNAP, activist Harrison Ngau and a local leader Jok Ding. - Borneo Post


  1. Good luck to any aspiring candidates willing to take on Kebing Wan.

  2. Baru, what you have to say about this? do you share his view? if no, what is your comment?

    History has shown that Politicians who convert to Muslim will lose their original ethnic background and will be more Malay. In Sarawak we have Datin Fatimah Abdullah.

    Sylvester Effendi bin Abdullah or whichever you choose to address him, he is still a Dayak. But a Muslim Dayak. But will he still consider himself a Dayak?

    In West Malaysia, we have the infamous Riduan Tee Abdullah, a Chinese Muslim Convert who whack non Muslims especially the Chinese. (Riduan Tee Abdullah may not be a Politician, but the route and propaganda he preaches via Utusan Melayu is what we are refering.)

    Datin Fatimah Abdullah was appointed to PBB Supreme Council by Abdul Taib Mahmud and shortly gain promotion in Abdul Taib Mahmud’s Government. This we were told has not gone down well with PBB Members.

    Put it this way, a Chinese Muslim convert is still a Chinese and has no business to be holding positions in Party Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu. This party is only for bumiputras (Malay Muslims and Dayaks who may be Christians under the “Pesaka” Wing). For that reason, she lost when she contested in last years PBB Party Elections.

    Now we have Effendi bin Abdullah in SPDP (Maybe it is for that reason, he was not reappointed as the Secretary General of SPDP. His subsequent action to hijack the party’s Merger negotiating team and HQ speaks volume of the character of this man. His response to Radio Free Sarawak reveals, we do not need this sort of leaders to represent us).

    This is a typical case of ethnic cleansing as all his Children looks likely to end up as Muslims. When they grow up and settle down, their spouse will marry another muslim. Even his son have to marry a Muslim woman. This has effectively broken Sylvester Entri’s ethinic and genelogy roots.

    In Politics of Debolotment, the interest of the people is best served by one of their own kind and not one who is no longer one of their kind. Maybe in Abdul Taib Mahmu’s new slogan … “Politics of Reality”, … a Politician has to be a Muslim to advance further! The it is the reality of looking after a persons self interest over the desire to serve!

    It is only one of your own kind who will understand what you want and not the other way round. By converting to another religious faith, there is only two reasons for it. One is lost of faith and the other ….. (you go figure out yourself). We do not know what is YB Effendi bin Abdullah’s reason, maybe a Muslim Lover, maybe for material wealth, maybe for his Political Career. That we leave it to his Voters to ask when he hits the campaign trial.

    To us Sylvester Entri anak Muran is history as he is now a Dayak Muslim, similar to Chinese Muslim, Melanau Muslim and European Muslim. He therefore can not claim to champion the rights of the Dayak Community.

    Instead, he is better off stepping down or stand in a Muslim / Malay Constituency, maybe migrate to Trengganu, Kedah or Kelantan and help UMNO win back the State for Barisan Nasional.

    To us Berubahlah amd Chang We Must is not about changing one’s religious faith to serve more effectively. It is about changing for a more just, equal and transparent Sarawak and Malaysia!

  3. Ngelama tu hal agama nadai nyadi isu ba menoa sarawak laban kitai sigi berbasa enggau hormat ka kaum bukai. mayuh mega bala madi, bala ayak, bala ibu kitai bergama muslim tang nama kebuah cobbold john deka mansut ka penemu jaik mai kitai belaya tegal agama ba sarawak? baka ni asai ati bala menyadi, bala ayak, bala ibu enggau bala kaban kitai iya ka bisi menyadi ia udah islam. anang ketegal politik, hal agama nyadi mangsa, kitai udah manah diau ba menoa tu, anang deka ngasut rakyat mayuh laban kitai semua pupu bansa sigi udah lama manah idup begulai.

  4. kenak baru diam jak? hal tok penting untuk muslim dalam pkr. baru setuju ataupun sik ngan posting ya. sidak muslim dalam pkr patut juak merik statement hal tok. jangan diam embak bodo jak. mun masih maok undi, settle dolok hal tok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I was once walking alone from the bazaar called 7up township in miri behind the public toilet near to a taxi station to where i park my car, to my shock seeing a tiny and very skinny old gentlement crying loudly leaning to the wall of the toilet then i get closer to see him to my suprised of my life seeing the person crying was lihan jok from long bedian baram whom i really reconised from ofthen seing his picture appeared always with cr. Danis Ngau Jok in Borneo post, then i try to asked him what is happening he said ''ALL THIS WHILE ITS ME WHO GROOM HIM AND EVEN BRING HIM DOWN TO MIRI HERE FROM OUR KAMPONG LONG BEDIAN THERE TILL HE BECOME WHO HE IS TODAY AS HE IS MY REAL REAL BLOOD COUSIN, BUT TODAY HE GO AND DECLAREd IN BORNEO POST WHOM I ALSO INTRODUCEd TO HIM ALL THIS WHILE THAT I AM NOT HIS COUSIN AND NOT EVEN HIS RELATIVE AT ALL, AS HE IS NOW GOING TO BECOME A BERISAN NATIONAL CANDIDATE FOR TELANG USAN THAT IS TO BECOME YB!!!!!...then I also said to that Lihan Jok Paja' ka!!!! Ka jam na'

  6. PEMUDA PBB NEGERIApril 3, 2011 at 2:10 AM


  7. Congrates to Jabu to choose Dennis Ngau. Now PKR have a greater chance to WIN!!
    Dennis Ngau is "mini Lihan". If people in Telang Usan doesn't like Lihan, of course they doesn't like Dennis more!!
    Dennis does not have support in his own kampung now what more to say other kpg. Lihan left his mess here, he suppose to pay the price of loosing not Dennis.
    I will lough to polling station to vote for PKR. I want to vote out BARAM DAM & stupid NCR land policy by white hair.