Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Poll results: PR will win and form the State Government if the election is held today

If the state election is held today, who will win and form the State Government?

Our readers voted:

Barisan Nasional (41%)
Pakatan Rakyat (58%)

On last December 08, most of our readers predicted Barisan Nasional (BN) would win.


  1. its okay...atleast they have a good reason if they lose tomorrow.

  2. pru 13 will see more independent candidates give agood fight 2 BN @ PR.cos both party are belong 2 each leader.only bebas realy chose by rayaat.we know whom to vote.

  3. BN hanya akan menang seadainya Calon yang dan expired di buang...

  4. Yes exactly correct what Anonymous said.I still remember afew years ago it happening dun chose their own calon but BN party(PBB)KIV it.However bakal calon still loyal 2 PBB walaupun mereka tak di pilih.kali ini rakyat akan bangun dari tidur yg begitu lama.we do groundwork with them,goods imam will be a clean YB N Good general be a leader 4 rakyat.tq

  5. harap-harap election tok sidak pbb akan mendengar suara rakyat.