Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mayor, wake up and smell the coffee!!!

Mayor, how open minded you have to be in order for you to know what are happening around you???

Be resourceful, honest to gain trust, says Mayor

KUCHING: Local authorities must be resourceful in reaching out to society in order to be able to deliver high quality service.

In making the call, Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) mayor Mohamad Atei Abang Medaan said sensitivity to issues on the ground as well as being friendly to the local communities have strong influence on their perception of the quality of service rendered.

“We must be open minded and enhance our awareness to improve the delivery system of local authorities to bring services to the local communities,” he said when delivering his speech during the closing ceremony of a one-day seminar on integrity at the DBKU auditorium on Monday.

The mayor also stressed that it was equally important to be seen as having high integrity in order to receive the desired support from the local communities.

“Respect from the society towards us is based on our high integrity, our honesty and our trustworthiness in carrying out the entrusted duties. Therefore, efforts must be based on customer satisfaction … and not task oriented,” he said, adding the current trend stressed on integrity and values as the core culture of an organisation.

This, he said, must be done to improve the image of the local authorities and their staff whose actions were watched closely by the society and media.

The seminar was jointly organised by Malaysian Integrity Institute (IIM), Chief Minister’s Department, Ministry of Local Government and Environment in collaboration with DBKU.

Some 200 officers from 23 local authorities attended the course which was aimed to promote and increase commitment to and awareness of the importance of practising integrity in their daily tasks.

Also present were Ministry of Environment and Public Health permanent secretary Dr Penguang Manggil and State Public Complaint Department director Philip Stephen Shin and IIM officer Mohamad Diah Wahari.


  1. cakap tidak serupa bikin!!!

  2. Betul seratus peratus.......gerai2 di semarak di agih pada bini dan sanak saudara pegawai di bahagian pelesenan DBKU (4d,3,8dan 10) harap dapat beri penjelasan sebab ini dah bercanggah dengan kod etika kerja.....4d dan 3 buka tutup sesuka hati....tiada ada tindakan oleh pihak DBKU.Salam satu Malaysia.

  3. adakah disebabkan atei orang abang jo maka semua yb merik muka dengan atei kerna sik maok menjatuhkan aik muka abang jo? perkara macam tok sik sepatutnya di polah macam ya. sebenarnya sik jadi masalah untuk atei ya adalah orang abang jo tapi sik membawa makna dbku ataupun atei boleh polah sekati jak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!