Monday, September 20, 2010

Are The PKR Malayans At It Again?

by Al Tugauw at 9:45 AM
Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is going on in PKR Sabah? From what Sarawak Headhunter has been able to gather, it certainly appears to be a Malayan power-play at work and the main culprit is none other than the ambitious Azmin Ali, backed by none other than Anwar himself, with an ever-obliging Secretary-General, Saifuddin Nasution, doctoring the proceedings of PKR's Supreme Council.

Well, if they dare to do it, then they have to dare to take responsibility for the repercussions as well. As the Malayans themselves say, "berani buat, berani tanggung".

It was reported in Free Malaysia Today "Confusion in Sabah over suspension of 12", that Jeffrey Kitingan was confused:

“Something is not right. That is not the impression I got after the supreme council meeting on Sunday,” he said yesterday following the party's announcement that all 12 of his men were suspended for a year for involvement in forming the new party.

“I'm utterly confused … what is going on?” Jeffrey asked.

He said that he had clarified the status of the 12 with party headquarters on Sunday and was informed that the suspension was for all.

“But the impression I got from the supreme council meeting was that only three were suspended and the others were let off with a stern warning," said Jeffrey.

Be not thou confused, Jeffrey! This is all a Malayan sandiwara lah! It has been the normal modus operandi of PKR from the early days of KeADILan, when it was Chandra Muzaffar, then Deputy President, and Annuar Tahir, then Secretary-General, who were involved in doctoring the proceedings of their Supreme Council meetings as well, as a former Supreme Council member has disclosed to Sarawak Headhunter. Now it is wannabe Deputy President, Azmin Ali.

Such underhand tactics have also been used effectively in Sarawak to keep outspoken and Dayak members in check.

The President,Wan Azizah, as she was then as well, has kept her silence and appears to be blissfully ignorant of the proceedings, perhaps one of the privileges of having her husband as the "Advisor" of the party.

The excuse for suspending the 12 is just that - an excuse. They would have found another excuse if they thought they couldn't get away with this one.

The only real reason it is happening is that the over-ambitious Azmin Ali wants to become Deputy President of PKR, and Jeffrey Kitingan and his gang of 12 just happen to be in the way. He wants to get his way, even at the expense of the party in Sabah and perhaps even in Sarawak, and even more so now that Zaid Ibrahim has put himself up for election to the post as well.

If Jeffrey Kitingan thinks that the proposed solution of suspending 3 and letting the rest get off with a warning upon appeal is a real solution, then he is naive. This is another way of divide and rule - those let off with a warning will be told that they have Azmin to thank for "saving" them and to show their gratitude they will have to support him.

Why can't they just leave Sarawak and Sabah to handle their own affairs?

These Malayans will never learn!

Vote for Zaid Ibrahim!

See also Malaysian Mirror "Sabah PKR's stumbling block - Anwar Ibrahim".

Sarawak Headhunter will support Anwar only as PM for Malaya. 

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  1. Regarding the control from peoples from simananjung, is very obious, because after nearly 50 Malaysia, now we come to think of this matter . Our Pehim Sri KM had been over 20 yrs as a member of Federal Cabinet should well knows that buruk baik of this matter, and why now we bering this matter is to the peoples to think of and after every one in for front had benifit from their collaborations. Now we talk of 1 Malaysia, tell us how many persons really knows the real meaning of 1 Malaysia in heart rather then to call louder over every where? Comparing Sabah with sarawak is another matter which should not be quoted, because, Sabah had already accecpted UMNO, not Sarawak, this only big differesnt while the Sup Leaders of Sabah had already in the UMNO Central Committees, and nil to Sarawak. That is why we had been briffed 20 yrs ago about the coming of UMNO to Sarawak, but time was not in our favour and many other matters related with in the top leardrship. Now it is no point to talk about good and bed of the simananjung peoples, after we had been living togater sleep togather and makan togather and share the wealth togather anad many others. Now is better for us in sarawak to think of the future of our Satate and its peoples rather then creating unti simananjung, and it is too late Hidup sarawak & Bumi Kenyalang.

  2. i totally agree with the save campaign because we can always look at sabah for what could happen if umno comes in. and not just umno. it includes all parties which are based in kl. what good they will bring to us besides making us divided?