Monday, July 26, 2010

Fadillah the ungrateful politician who tries to be a hero

by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Youth Chief YB Fadillah Yusuf thought that he would certainly hit the political jackpot when he decided to tackle the Penan rape issue head on.

He thought that he could use the rape issue to elevate his image among the party members as well as leaders.

He also thought that he could silent the oppositions by declaring to all that the party youth wing would send its own fact-finding team to Ulu Baram to look out for the rape victims and subsequently lodge a police report after the team had found one.

And he also thought that he could impress his good and close friends in United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) by showing his political skills in handling the oppositions here in Sarawak.

Sarawak is basically his turf and thus he thought that he would have the upper hand in dealing with these West Malaysians.

It is also possible that he wanted to impress the State Barisan National (BN) top leadership, mainly the party president Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, by trying to be a hero in defending the state from the oppositions’ onslaught.

YB Fadillah Yusuf, who is also the Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, had missed the opportunity to show his loyalty to the party president Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud when Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud was severely attacked by the oppositions due to the Canada issue.

Although the oppositions would surely try to make another disclosure as to whip up the rakyat’s dissatisfaction with the leadership Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, he knew that he could not bank on the similar issue to ingratiate himself with the party president.

If he started to talk loudly to defend the party president after the oppositions made another disclosure (if any), he would be the laughing stock of all BN senior leaders as someone else had done it earlier than him.

By now, all senior leaders of the Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties should know that the Pelagus assemblyman YB Larry Sng Wei Shien had successfully capitalized on the Canada issue to ingratiate himself with the Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. 

In a way YB Larry Sng Wei Shien was smarter than the PBB Youth Chief because he didn’t have to shout through the media as to show his ‘loyalty’ to the top leadership – he just 'whispered' to the ears of a senior minister asking why the BN leaders, including the PBB Youth Chief YB Fadillah Yusuf, failed to defend Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

So, to shout his loyalty to Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud after YB Larry Sng Wei Shien ‘whispered’ his ‘loyalty’ through a senior minister would only make himself looked stupid.

Thus, in order not to be outdone by the party-less young politician, YB Fadillah Yusuf had came up with a grand idea to show to Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud that he was also a loyal soldier.

With the general election which is also around the corner, he needed to show to Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud that although he was busy performing his duty as the deputy minister in Semenanjung, his heart and soul are still with Sarawak. 

So, in the interest of Sarawak, he came forward to defend the State.

However, he miscalculated his steps.

Firstly, he underestimated the intensity of the emotional factor in the case.

He wanted to challenge the oppositions based on the factual approach but the oppositions were smarter by focusing on the emotional factor of the case.

It is true that the Penan community ‘might’ has different value than other communities but a rape is still a rape.

It is possible that some of these women were actually claiming being raped after they were abandoned by their ‘lovers’ or ‘husbands’ or ‘spouses’. 

They felt cheated and therefore they wanted to take revenge.

However, since the emotional factor is very strong in this case, it is suicidal act to sing different tune than the popular one.

Secondly, he thought that ALL of his comrades in the wing would stand firmly behind him over the official stance of the wing on the matter. 

As it is now, most of the PBB Youth Exco members are distancing themselves from their youth chief who is severely criticized by the oppositions as well as non-governmental organizations for being ‘insensitive’. 

The reason is they are afraid that they would become their youth chief’s tool to bolster his own political image in the party.

They know that YB Fadillah Yusuf is a type of a leader who doesn’t appreciate any past assistance given to him.

And YB Fadillah Yusuf’s decisions - to re-appoint Mohd Kamaluddin Mohd Effendi  as the deputy secretary general and to ‘unconstitutionally’ appoint his former media officer Sharein Maloh as the wing’s Media Secretary - have further convinced them that their youth chief has not changed even a bit. 

It was Mohd Kamaluddin Mohd Effendi who had ‘coaxed’ YB Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah to stick to the original plan to contest against YB Fadillah Yusuf for the Youth Chief post in the party convention early this year.

Although later YB Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah spread the rumors that he was being challenged by Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar to contest, the truth is the decision to contest was pre-meditated.

YB Fadillah Yusuf also knew that on the night before the election day, Mohd Kamaluddin Mohd Effendi and YB Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah had teamed up the Youth PBB Secretary General Gerald Rentap Jabu and the PBB Deputy President Dato Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Haji Openg’s most trusted man Ibrahim Baki to coax the party youth members to vote for those who were in their list. 

YB Fadillah Yusuf was fortunate that Dato Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Haji Openg, Mohd Kamaluddin Mohd Effendi, YB Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, Gerald Rentap Jabu and Ibrahim Baki didn’t get their way in getting all their men into the Exco under the Bumiputera quota.

If this happened, then YB Fadillah Yusuf would be a lame duck youth chief because both the Pesaka and Bmiputera wings were under the controlled of the Group of Five.

Although some elected Exco members are actually not in a good term with YB Fadillah Yusuf, at least they respect the chair of the Youth Chief. Thus, YB Fadilah Yusuf could still function as the Youth Chief although they are not his men.

By getting Mohd Kamaluddin Mohd Effendi re-appointed - by which YB Fadillah Yusuf had insulted the Bumiputera wing by asking a Pesaka wing member to propose Mohd Kamaluddin Mohd Effendi for the post which is meant for the Bumiputera wing – without consulting all elected Exco members, YB Fadillah Yusuf has  shown to all that he doesn't ‘appreciate’ the past ‘assistance’ given to him by some of the elected Exco members.

And his decision to ‘unconstitutionally’ appoint his former media officer Sharein Maloh as the wing’s media secretary doesn't augur well with some of the Exco members.

Although YB Fadillah Yusuf, who has a legal background, told the press that the ‘unconstitutional’ appointment of Sharein Maloh as the Media Secretary didn’t dilute the authority of Abdul Aziz Tan Sri Adenan as the Youth Information Chief, words are spreading around that Abdul Aziz Tan Sri Adenan’s scope of duty has been limited to the party members only while YB Fadillah Yusuf's former media offer Sharein Maloh is to handle all maters related to the media and public, including being a media consultant to the wing.

All elected and appointed Exco members know very well that it was Abdul Aziz Tan Sri Adenan who has given him the life-line to continue to be the Youth Chief.

But due to his obsession to bolster his image as a charismatic leader, YB Fadillah Yusuf has decided to push Abdul Aziz Tan Sri Adenan out from the limelight so that he alone would get all the attention from the media – of course with the assistance of his former media officer Sharein Maloh who is also a former journalist.

However, it seems that YB Fadillah Yusuf and his media consultant Sharein Maloh have to go back to the drawing board to think of ways to make an early exit from the Penan rape issue or he is going to be further embarrassed by the oppositions for his ‘insensitive’ statement.

He has to act fast because his friends in United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) would start to have a good laugh at him if the embarrassment continues.

All youth members are now wondering: "Who is the next guy to be used and killed by Fadilah to bolster his political career?"

p/s Additional Information: Pantai Damai assemblyman Dr. Abdul Rahman Junaidi, who is one of the Dato Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Haji Openg's lieutenant, was also busy calling PBB Pemuda members asking them to vote for those in the list which was earlier endorsed by his boss on the night before the election day.


  1. how to give face to a yb who keeps on making use of other people? he even tries to kill his saviour! oh my god!!! he scares me man...

  2. my son rentap is better than fadilah...

  3. this story was picked up by free malaysia today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. pelek juak crita tok ... macam da yang tersirat bila nyebut umno lam article tok... hmmmmmmmmmmm ... interesting tok

  5. jom kita bet:-
    (a) sahrin dikekalkan / fadilah dikekalkan
    (b) sahrin digugurkan / fadilah dikekalkan
    (c) sahrin digugurkan / fadilah digugurkan (undi tidak percaya)

    saya ngundi (c)

    (a) - 0
    (b) - 0
    (c) 1

  6. p/s Additional Information: Pantai Damai assemblyman Dr. Abdul Rahman Junaidi, who is one of the Dato Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Haji Openg's lieutenant, was also busy calling PBB Pemuda members asking them to vote for those in the list which was earlier endorsed by his boss on the night before the election day.

  7. aih. ney sahrin? kenak sik molah statement protect fadilah? he diam kerna bosnya ialah kamal dan bukannya fadilah?

  8. From special information that I gathered, there are effort by some group within state PBB youth wing exco to lodge vote of no confidence on YB Fadillah latest by February 2011. Please be inform YB :-)

  9. interesting juak tok. benar ndak kah crita tok.

  10. YB, ask yourself! how close are you NOW to your constituents. Have you been a regular at their community functions, have you chip in small money when your supporters ask you for a bit of fund to organize community event. You have lost touch and sensitivities of your voters. I think you are not bothered with these concern because to you, you only serve the elders not the people. Please have second thoughts! With your attitude now, you will bring others down together. My best wishes

  11. hahaha... semua crita lawak... aduh aduh... ku rasa kampung2 di petra jaya yang di tulongnya tauk camne padillah ya lah...

  12. sik kira sapalah pemimpin kamek orang tetap menjulang dacing dan keris, ada wawasan, ada pelan jangka panjang dan pelan jangka pendek mun nak ekot kedak bulan dan komunis ya aku rasa jadi kedak Nigeria kita tok.

  13. ko sik payah takut mun ngan bulan dan komunis ngn komenis merintah serawak sebab sebodoh2 manusia kau ya anonymous,,,,ko telah dirompak oleh raja lanun selamak tok...ko sik tauk...hahahahah...ko memang bodoh makan taik taip...fadilah...daud..kakakakakakak

  14. Wakil Adun PANTAI DAMAI, Dr Abd rahman Junaidi walau pun orng kanan kpd Tim Presiden PBB YB DA Abg Johari, munkin dalam urusan kerja kerana Abg Jo adalah Menteri Perumhan, dan Dr Abd Rahman adalah dalam anak syarikat milik Kemanterian Perumahan, dan kpd orang ramai didalam kewasan Dun P/Damai, Dr A.Rahman merupakan saorang yang kurang disenangi, kerana beliau kini suma" kata orang dan rata rata beri tahu ia suka angkat orang orang nya sendiri saperti keluarga nya sahaja saperti mendapat gerai dan tempat perniagaan diBoyan Gersik yang ramai keluarga YB Dr A.Rahman. Dalam hal kecik tok beliau selalu ambil kesempatan kpd orang nya sendiri, dan orang lain tidak ada peluang.? Apa jadi, termasuk dalam Sy milik Perumakan ia juga mentingkan abangnya untuk menapat kontrak bina rumah dikewasan Bako, carilah projek besar besar dan beri kpd orang orang dikewasan dan ambil lah satu dua untuk kaum kerabat sendiri. Ini tidak pandai main. Suma" aja lah jadi YB tetapi tidak pandai buat kerja yang senang, sampai ia hari hari limpas jalan Kpg Sourabaya Ulu, betul betul sik jauh dari jembatan, apa bila hari hujan air bertakong, dibiarnya selama lama tok, dan apa salah suruh pihak DBKU buat ator kewaan tok dan buat tambah kewasan yang selalu ditakongi air hujan. Tidaklah orang yang berlalu lalang susah dan akibat air bertakong. Munkin Mata YB udah kabor dan tidak nampak, memang lah ini projek kecil bernilai tidak sampai RM 500.- mana ada komisson, oleh itulah terus dibiar bagitu sahaja. Projek buat longkang disebelah jln kekubor , tidak tahu siapa yang dapat.? Mungkin suku sakat YB ? orang kampong tertanya tanya hal ini. YB sudah tentu tahu hal nya.Sama projek penhaang susuran di Sungei Gersik, ada orng kata YB Datuk Wan Junaidipunya, ada orang kata projek dibuat kerana akibat darihakisan tanah akibat dari projek binaan rumah kedai oleh pihak zekon, tidak tahu siapa kah yang punya, dan YB tentu tahu.Semuanya masing masing membahgikan untuk mendapatkan tambahan pendapatan. Rezke, jatuh dari langit katakan.

  15. Benar kata Sdr, berkenaan projek rumah kedai binaan di kpgGersik, yang mengadkan kemudahan Komputer adalah milik abang YB A.Rahman. Disini lah ramai murid sekolah yang lepak bermain komputer games, yang disediakan oleh Abang YB tok. Ramai yang beruniform Sekolah keluar masuk dalam rumang niaga komputar satiap hari. Ada sabuah gerai makan jual sup juga milik keluarga YB Tetapi satakat ini keluarga YB Datuk Wan Junaidi tidak ada berniaga didalam gerai ini tetapi saorang adik YB ini ada jadi orang tengah jadi broker projek besar dalam kewaan parlimen Santubong.?

  16. Memang benar apa yang dilakukan oleh pihak YB YB tok, kerana mareka ikut pepatah yang mengatakan, "Tolong diri sendiri sebelum nolong orang lain" Ini lah peluang nya untuk mengambil kesempatan, siapa tahu jika tidak kena lantik untuk jadi YB nanti dalam sinarai pilihanraya tidak lama lagi? Dari itu sebelum kayakan orang lain, adabaik kayakan orang sendiri dahulu.Kalau ikut ajaran agama juga apa dibuat itu semua tidak salah.

  17. semua nya adalah ikut Boss, contoh dari Boss, dan kerana nak hidup, kenalah ikut cara Boss. Dan tidak salah semuanya itu. Jika salah, salah lah Boss. Kerana contoh ada didepan mata saperti Sarawak Steel Industry, dolo Bos punya, dan semua tanah sakitar diambil gitu saja, dan kini semuanya udah dijual kpd Pemodal Cina. Yang dapat banyak duit adalah Boss.

  18. Kepada Mohd Kassim regarding to ur comment about the computer shop and this is the truth. I'm the real owner of the shop, not "abang YB" the son a.k.a anak buah YB. Hmmm.. susah nak embak title anak buah YB, kitak org ingat semua benda YB sponsor nak? Do u know i secretly applied the shop from SEDC using my "kakak tiri" name to avoid connection abuse (guna nama YB apply kedei). Aku polah government personal loan 30k untuk start-up kedei ya, pun orang padah YB tolong.

    Anak ko mok main kat luar rumah, and u hav 2 options, anak merayo lam kampung sik tauk sine tuju (end up merokok atas bukit gersik ya, blaja minum, blaja gam ka, sapa tauk) or suruh nya main kat kedei game which u know what he did and whom he with.

    Kitak orang ingat aku suka2 ka mok start kedei ya? Ingat kitak orang anti-goven ajak ka mok berik anak bini makan ngan minum? camne ngan bini aku? camne ngan anak2 aku?

    btw orang akan padah "abang YB" pun kedei coz my dad owez there. why? bcoz he's too old now and jobless, rather than doing nothing at home earn nothing, i asked for his help to manage my shop, by doing that, aku dapat juak la nolong orang tua aku.

    mun kitak orang sik tauk kebenaran? juz SHUT THE FUCK UP. jangan polah false accusation yang akan polah hidup orang lain gik susah.

  19. Kini jelas yang orang buka kedai komputar adalah suku sakat YB jauh atau dekat itu lain carita, dan jika mahu juga terus berniaga bukalah kedai komputer dalam sarawaak Plaza, barulah betul, ini dalam gerai yang dibina untuk orang orang mismin dalam kampong, dan kamik berharap sik payah FUCK UP, CUKUP SHUT AJA.

  20. Ada orng nama kan diri sebagai unti umno dan mengapa unti sedangkan selama tok, banyak telah dimafaatkan diatas pimpinan UMNO dalam Malaysia, walau pun UMNO belum ke Sarawak, tetapi kemasukkannya ke Sarawak ada lah pada bila bila masa sahaja. Dan mareka yng sik mahu UMNO adalah yang takut dengan bayang bayang diri sahaja dan adanya uUMNO berarti menguatkan lagi kekuatan orang Melayu di sarawak, dan menjamin bangsa lain juga selamat, itu sahaja dan bekan sebalik nya, dan sidak sidak yang gumpol harta dan terus jadi kaya lah yang takut tersekat kakayaan sidaknya terus berlanjutan. Orang lain mahu juga jadi kaya tetapi belum masa dan belum rezki. Hidup UMNO dan HIDUP SUBAKO.

  21. melayu, mun macam tok lah perangai, sampai bila-bila pun sik akan maju.

  22. mun diteliti sekejap nak dalam tok cuba tumbok fadillah.ati2 ya fadillah.solat tahajud,hajat dan taubat tiap malam.sik lamak bawa kawan politik berjemaah.mun dapat buat surau di rumah.mun maok kerja politik macam tok guru nik aziz.sama letup orang lain gugok politik, pak nik tetap macam ya.ya baru pejuang rakyat.tapi malang nak pak nik buat selalu dipandang serong.di dunia tok mun nak ikut cara rasullulah, cara islam, kolot.sik faham,apabila hal agama dipolitik tok negor ajak, sikit2 jak.sik pandea nak cucuk menyucuk, takut mun sik betul langkah, dicucuk durik di kaki.pilihanraya sik lamak,jadi ati2 jak.ya pesan orang tua macam tok.

  23. macam ada sik kenak fadillah.musuh dalam guni sampah, ulat akan terbang jadi lango.mun lango sik hal, takut lango dijampi.kerusi fadillah jangan diduduk terus, takut ditaruh benda sik bagus, kerusi ya panas. boleh jadi jenis kayu kerusi ya kayu belian, berpenunggu.keras. kayu belian tok bukan senang nak dicabut.salah ari bulan palak orang ya tercabut.sik apa sabar jak.banyak sedekah selawat kepada rasullullah.ambik berkat.

  24. aziz... aziz ... nasik dah jadi bubur. sepatutnya u sik termakan pujuk rayu fadilah untuk mujuk uncle you untuk maksa karim narit dirik dari bertandin ketua pemuda. kinek tok pa dah jadi??? kiak kaong sidak pemuda madah ngan u yang si fadilah tok sik dapat di pakey. u sik nengar. masih percayak ngan apa dipadah fadilah. fadilah madah semua orang sik betul. nya jak betul. angguk juak palak u percayak pa di padah nya.
    pa dah jadi kinek tok??? u gago mujuk sidak pemuda agar nyokong fadilah. endak alah-alah meeting. pa berik fadilah ngan u??? padah lok, pa beriknya? bukannya nak merik, nak mancung gik ada!!!!!!
    dapat di tulung gik orang kedak fadilah ya??? udah gik jadi perisai fadilah ya. tandah jak sidak karim, kamal munuhnya. jangan nak jadi bodo bahlul agik.
    da kawan-kawan fadilah ya tauk sumbangan u ngan fadilah yang didewa-dewa sidak ya??? sik da sidak tauk. u pikir fadilah ya, mun nya benar-benar ikhlas, ada berterus terang ngan penyokong nya hal sapa bertanggungjawab 'ngidup' karier politiknya yang nak berakhir disebabkan oleh karim beberapa bulan yang lepas??? jauh pawi!!! sanggup i engkah pelir atas chopping board mun fadilah ya jujur ngan penyokongnya.
    mun nya sik jujur ngan u, u pikirnya akan jujur dan berterus terang ngan penyokongnya crita u jadi 'penyelamatnya'??? hahahaha ... bodo, bahlol, paloi, u ya.
    harap fadilah maca tok. dan mun nya benar-benar ikhlas, polah statement lam paper deny tok mun pa di pada di sitok sik benar. lekak ya, jangan terkejut mun tiba-tiba dimintak kosongkan kerusi KP ya untuk daniel sebagai acting. ya lah, nang patut kosongkan kerusi ya. sik ngenang budi!!!!! bodo aziz...

  25. khaa..khaaa.. Itulah percaturan politik..
    Tak kisah siapa2..nak cepat naik adalah caranya..

    1. Menipu
    2. Pandai bodek
    3. "bunuh" (jika perlu)

  26. tahniah yb fadilah kerna dapat datuk. harap-harap lebih bersemangat bekerja dan berjuang untuk parti. diharapkan juak kabar angin yang mengatakan anugerah datuk ya sebagai hadiah terakhir sebelum besara dari politik adalah sik benar. nengsr anak jati petra jaya dah diwar-warkan.

  27. Nyaman-nymana jak nganok YB, macamlah kitak orang dipemikir tok pande kerja. Mun kerja macam tok aoklah, mun nak ngidup dan mengharmonikan rakyat.............belum tauk agik...... ngasut...baik punya...... YB still the best among the best.....But pemikir is the best among the worst..........

  28. coba buka gik cerita kenak tanah dkt belakang majid jadi title mix zone sebelah opis yb dtk. ? dah ya dipolah shop lot sik lamak gik melobor sidak cina diam di jln astana ya.. coba tanyak dgn yb?...udah lah reta urg bumi dah jadi hak milik urg cina di area mbks sia sik lamak gik di area dbku jadi milik sidak juak.. SAYA GESAKAN COBA JANGAN TUKAR TITLE NATIVE JADI MIX ZONE, SIK ADA PA PA KITA TINGGAL UTK ANAK CUCUK KELAK, YB AMBIK ACTION

  29. anugerah diatas kepandaian mencuri penghargaan dari orang lain.

  30. GEMPAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!January 23, 2011 at 3:52 PM


    Siapa tidak kenal Hj Haneef, ketua seni silat helang putih di Kuching. beliau sanggup menerima bayaran dari Mohd Yusnar Mentali dan mengupah 3 orang anak didik untuk memukul seorang pemimpin PBB.

    Kisah seorang pemimpin PBB dibelasah 3 lelaki, telah tersiar dalam media tempatan. Laporan polis juga telah dibuat oleh mangsa, Dan difahamkan pihak polis sedang mencari 3 individu yang tersebut.

  31. sapa pemimpin pbb ya? aziz ka?

  32. YB's...You fail to win the heartbeat of the people, " The people put you there they have every RIGHT to take it all away from you.

  33. The biggest traitors to the nation are those who keep sitting on the fence but grab all the benefits of the efforts of others.

  34. Its the little things which counts and if PM says, People first, Performance Now is it being practised at grassroots level? Seriously, YBs needs to take a long hard look at the mirror and tell themselves they might just eat humble pie and be knocked out if they do not change their attitude. How many of YBs can be seen at constituency, coffeeshops ,eateries and local vegetable markets.

  35. The YBs drive good cars plus very kilat ( polished) with an air of show off and do you honestly think they really care for the rakyat (people).?”

  36. Mr.Pengiran,

    "Tidak perlu protes di jalanan, hanya jangan undi Bini Najib (BN)

  37. Apa sebenarnya nak dipolah oleh pemuda pbb debah fadilah tok???? pembangkang kiak kaong madah pehin sri sik bagus. rakyat digambarkan sebagai udah muak dengan pehin sri. tapi kenak pemuda debah fadilah membisu ajak? ada udang disebalik batu kah, fadilah? nang sengaja maok cm turun? jangan kedak ya, walaupun sik suka pehin sri, nya adalah ketua parti. kita mesti membela ketua parti kita. polah la perhimpunan raksasa di seluruh kawasan di sarawak. tapi jgan jadi macam di samarahan. nemiak sekolah diembak pegi. nang merik malu pbb.

  38. setuju....polah perhimpunan raksasa supaya pehin sri dilantik menjadi ketua menteri hingga akhir hayat seperti lagu alleycat...betul tak dillon...

  39. Jangan nk nganok kamaluddin,he did all the good thing,nya derma beras ngam anak yatim,org miskin,bujang taha pun di tolong nya,kamal is not the "coaxed" person here,i trust in kamal rather than the yb,i know kamal well,he is the good guy,trust me