Wednesday, May 12, 2010


by Sebanaku Sarawak

SIBU: The by-election independent candidate Narawi Haron is going to do something different in his campaign strategy.

He is going to go fishing for fish!!!

Yes, you read it correctly. He is to look out for fish - not votes.

To make a point of his assertion, he went to the Central Market to meet the fishmongers and look out for good fish to bring home.

He said it was much better that giving ceramah because he can't find fish during ceramah.

While the Umno president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin preferred to get a fowl, Narawi wanted fish.

May be he wanted to do sushi with the fish.

But he got the guts to warn the BN/SUPP and PR/DAP not to look down at his fish fishing strategy for the by-election.

The former soldier, who might be aspired to be a fisherman, said although he didn't expect to catch a big fish during his walkabout, his total catch of small fish might be bigger than the total catch of big fish by the BN/SUPP or PR/DAP.

Among the places he had gone to look out for fish were Kampung Bandung and Sungai Merah market.

He was also too busy to comments of promises given by the two giants - the BN and PR.

"Let them hit the drum here and there. I stick with my own approach (looking for fish),"he said.


  1. just slightly above 200 ekok ikan dapatnya. tahniah ...

  2. Narawi shd use his GPMG instead of a SMG, which even cannot kill a small fish fry and why not make use of a Anti Tank or rent a Super Enager HE blast and for sure he will be in a very delicate position to make a good fishing trip. Narawai is not a good Military tactician, he shd rope in a few ex-MIO or the Military Int pax to do the bidding for him. It seem that he is a lone ranger after all. Not a good fighter at all.

  3. hahaha ... agree ...