Wednesday, May 12, 2010


by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: Malaysian Bumiputera Rights Movement (Perkasa) is beginning to show its true colour.

The Perkasa boss in Sarawak Abang Abdul Nasser Abang Hadari has made a call to the Barisan Nasional not to give priority to Sibu should the BN lost in the Sibu by-election.

He said it is better for the BN government to channel the money meant for the development in Sibu to other areas such as Mukah or Bintulu.

It is the same organization that has demanded the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak not to honour any promise made to the Chinese during the Hulu Selangor by-election.

The argument put forth by its president Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali was since the Chinese voters were withdrawing their support from the Barisan Nasional candidate in the by-election, therefore, it was logical for Najib / BN not to honour the promises given to the Chinese voters.

To Ibrahim, who is also famously known as the King of Frog in Semenanjung, the Chinese community must be punished for being obstinate despite of the BN government's efforts to woo them in the by-election.

Therefore, no body is surprised to hear that the subject of the King of Frog in Sarawak was making similar a call for the by-election that would take place on this Sunday, May 16.

His subject, however, didn't forget to remind the BN government not to neglect the Nangka state constituency as it is still under the BN, i.e. Datuk Awang Bemee Awang Ali Basah as the state assemblyman.

In a way, DAP was a bit too much in demanding the BN government to give RM500million to Sibu (read as the China town because about 70% are Chinese) as if the Chinese, who are only about 25% in Sarawak, are the chosen people in the state.

What about the Ibans and Malays/Melanaus in Sibu???

Don't they also deserve to get some sweeteners from the BN government?

Dato Sri James Jemut Masing was right to remind SUPP, which is a Chinese-dominant party, not to neglect the Ibans in Sibu or face the music in the coming state election.

And he has the right to feel angry and sad to see his race being sidelined by the party which is also a member of the state BN.

In view of this, may be James Masing should consider retracting his earlier statement that the BN government should honor its promise because to-date there is yet anything concrete for the Ibans in Sibu.

If SUPP wins the seat, the Ibans would still get the same treatment from SUPP, i.e. being sidelined.


  1. The bumiputera's issue in Sibu should be brought up..the government should be fair on all races in sarawak, especially their loyal supporters, the bumiputeras..there are more places to be develop,rather than dumping rm500 mil to Sibu..they are asking left and right today, tomorrow they'll ask for the whole of Sarawak..the representative for the Malays/melanau and dayaks in Sibu should start talking, we have been neglected for so long..

  2. yang patut di blame ialah pemimpin2 melayu. if pa ditulis about sibu conman ya benar, why orang sibu tak mengamok? tunggu kenak con agik?

  3. Orang kini lihat sibu, keadaann sama saperti mini singapoore, dan anggapan orang Cina sibu itu dimiliki oleh orang Cina, dan mareka tidak tahu yang mareka adalah orang pendatang. Dalam Bahasa China, mareka bergelar Pendatrang, tetapi mareka mahukan Sibu itu milik mareka, sampoai ada buat cadangan nama bandar Sibu ditukar kpd nama lain dalam bahasa Cina. Sampee tidak ada orang komen hal ini, sebab apa guna komen, kerna Sibu itu kepunyaan Cina, lihatlah rata rata bangunan milik Cina, bukan melayu/melanau. Biarlah sidak cina miliki sibu sampai nanti sibu itu kena banjir dan tengelam sama saperti singapoore dal;am tahun 2050 nanti akan tengelam. dan Jika Sibu rtengelam, semua cina dissibu juga turun tengelam. padan muka sidaknya. Kaliaue.