Monday, May 20, 2013

Nancy out to prove naysayers wrong


She said she never expected to be picked for the Cabinet but had always served her constituents and organisations that she joined with dedication.
KUCHING: Batang Sadong MP Nancy Shukri pledged to work doubly hard to prove her internal and external critics wrong on her appointment as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.
“At first I thought it was a joke, I never expected anything.”
She said there was bound to be some dissatisfaction among senior party elected members for not being appointed to the Cabinet but being a Muslim, she believed in Qada and Qadar or fate.
“We can’t please everyone. Perhaps the Prime Minister wanted a mixture of junior and senior elected representatives. A mixture of technocrats who better understand the needs of the young generation.
“He also received a lot of feedback from the people who gave their opinions and proposals through Facebook and Twitter besides checking out our performances on the ground,” she told reporters at Kuching International Airport here yesterday.
She was asked to comment on talk of dissatisfaction among senior state Barisan Nasional elected representatives who either did not get any ministership or deputy post after serving four terms and above. Nancy made her political debut only in 2008.
End of thestar excerpt.  
YB Nancy Shukri spoke on Bernama News Radio.  She said that she will be fighting for women's rights and will be doing something about gender issues.


  1. Tahniah. Ada org sesamakau tak suka kat kau. Hati2 politik dalaman. Jatuh menjatuhi budaya songsang org politik berkepentingan. Maaf YB. Jika boleh, tutupkan aurat tu sepenuhnya. Kena jaga title YB Islam n Hajah tu.

  2. Saya bersetuju dengan Anonympus may 20 6.32pm. Hampir SEMUA ahli parlimen PBB adalah lebih SENIOR dari nancy shukri. YB Datuk Wahab Dollah wakil rakyat selama lebih 26 tahun dan pernah menjadi Menteri JKR sarawak namun Timbalan Menteri pun tidak dipertimbangkan. YB Alex Linggi ahli parlimen sejak 1995 (13 tahun lebih lama dari Nancy Shukri) namun hanya Timbalan Menteri dan dilompat Nancy Shukri. Datuk Wan Junaidi ahli parlimen sejak 1990 (18 tahun lebih lama dari Nancy Shukri) dan lama berkhidmat sebagai Timbalan Speaker Dewan Rakyat namun dilompat oleh Nancy Shukri.