Friday, May 3, 2013

DAP Chong Chieng Jen berbohong dan memfitnah kononnya Polis undi dua kali

GE13: Six not cops and they didn’t vote here, ACP Azam clarifies

KUCHING: No police personnel was involved in the advance voting at the Royal Malaysian Air Force (TUDM) base here on Tuesday as alleged by state DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen.
Investigations carried out by the police immediately after Chong’s claims were reported in the press revealed that the six personnel in question were actually TUDM’s, said ACP Azam Abd Hamid, the state police media relations officer for the polls.
“They are based in Kuching but are undergoing training in Labuan and they had returned for advance voting although they were listed for postal voting. The postal ballot papers were sent to Labuan but they had not received them.
“They did not vote (here) and were directed to return to Labuan,” he explained.
Chong, who is contesting in Bandar Kuching, made the allegation at a press conference on Wednesday, claiming that the six were listed as both postal voters and advance voters.
He accused the Election Commission of cheating and took the opportunity to urge all his party’s supporters to come out to vote on Sunday, adding that it was pointless to lodge an official complaint now.
In an unrelated case, ACP Azam said an investigation was carried out into the allegation that a corporal had voted twice — as an advance voter and as a postal voter — in Sri Aman.
He said the corporal had served in Serian before being transferred to Sri Aman and from their investigations, they found that the corporal had applied to become a postal voter while he was in Serian but when he was transferred, he registered himself as an advance voter.
“On the day for advance voting, the name of the personnel was listed in the polling centre and he had cast his vote. After that, he received a postal ballot paper from his old formation (in Serian) but he had returned the ballot paper unmarked to the Election Commission.
“He did not vote twice as reported by certain quarters,” said ACP Azam.

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