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Sudahkah tiba masanya untuk LRT atau MRT di binakan di Kuching?

Oleh Sebanaku

Membina lebih banyak flyover yang berjumlah ratusan juta hanya akan menggalakan lebih ramai penduduk kuching untuk membeli dan menggunakan kereta.

Adakah lebih baik jika kerajaan memulakan projek LRT (Light Rail Transit) atau MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) di bandaraya Kuching yang semakin pesat membangun?

Membina lebih banyak jalan bandar dan flyover walaupun akan memberi banyak keuntungan kepada contractor-contractor namun ia tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah secara jangka panjang.  5 atau 10 tahun selepas membina beberapa lagi flyover namun masalah utama 'traffic jam' bandaraya Kuching masih juga tidak akan selesai.  Yang perlu adalah untuk mengambil penduduk keluar dari kereta-kereta dan jalan-jalan (mengurangkan traffic jam) dan memberikan mereka kemudahan seperti MRT.

Impacts - Advantages of Mass Transit:

Environmental Impacts

Mass transit is believed to be more environmental friendly than other public transport facilities. Private vehicles emit about twice as much carbon monoxide and other volatile organic compounds than public vehicles. Mass transit reduces the number of cars on the road which in turn reduces the pollution caused by individual cars.

Social Impacts of Mass Transit

All members of the society irrespective of their financial status, religion or cast are able to travel which enhances the social integrity of the country. The necessity of a driving license is also eliminated. It is a blessing for those individuals who are unable to drive.

Economic Impacts of Mass Transit

Mass transit development can both improve the usefulness and efficiency of the public transit system as well as result in increased business for commercial developments and thus serves to improve the economy of the country. Transit systems also have an indirect positive effect on other businesses. Mass transit systems offer considerable savings in labor, materials, and energy over private transit systems.
Also mass transit allows a higher amount of load to be transported to far away destinations in lesser time because of its reasonable capacity than private vehicles. Because of their larger capacity offering them to carry high efficient engines they also help in saving fuels.

Other Positive Impacts:

Reduces congestion

The main idea behind mass transit is to reduce the number of vehicles on the road by providing a larger facility which carries higher number of passengers thus eliminating congestion.

Saves Time

Mass transit reduces the travel time to a great extent as it moves at high speeds and stops only at specific spots.

Cost Effective

Mass transit is comparably cheaper than other modes of public transport.


Five more flyovers to ease traffic congestion in Kuching

Borneo Post on March 27, 2013, Wednesday
KUCHING: The Sarawak government has identified five locations to be given priority for the building of flyovers to ease traffic congestion in this waterfront city.
State Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Seri Michael Manyin said the Sarawak Public Works Department (PWD) had undertaken studies and the findings had been submitted to the federal government for evaluation and approval for the projects with the estimated cost at RM400 million.
“The PWD has identified the causes for the traffic congestion in Kuching and how we can help to reduce it. From the studies, we found out that among the main courses of the traffic jams are the traffic lights and junctions.
“We have therefore identified and planned the first five priority flyovers. They are to be built at Jalan Mendu-Jalan Simpang Tiga, in Stutong, Jalan Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, the Datu Temenggong Abang Kipali Bin Abang Akip roundabout, and in Petra Jaya and Jalan Rock,” he told reporters after he officially opened the Jalan Tun Jugah/Jalan Song/Upland Interchange, here, today.
Manyin also said that the proposed Matang Bridge over the Sarawak River to connect the Matang area with MJC Batu Kawah, here, had already been approved by the Finance Ministry.
“The proposed bridge will cost RM145 million. It will ease traffic congestion from the Matang area leading to the city centre,” he added. – Bernama

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