Friday, February 22, 2013

Awang Tengah warns of bad politics

Sebanaku menyokong Yang Berhormat Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan dalam amarannya mengenai politik tidak bagus.

by Philip Kiew, Posted on February 18, 2013, Monday
AUSPICIOUS: Awang Tengah and wife Morliah (fifth and sixth left)  perform the  ‘Lao Shen’ with dignitaries.
AUSPICIOUS: Awang Tengah and wife Morliah (fifth and sixth left) perform the ‘Lao Shen’ with dignitaries.
LAWAS: Be wary of bad politics in the run-up to the 13th General Election.
Second Minister of Resource Planning and Environment Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan gave this warning at a Chinese New Year gathering for Lawas Chinese associations and guilds attended by nearly 1,000 people.
“It happened with the RM40 million Lawas-Long Sukang Road project surrendered twice by two different contractors, where thousands of people in Lawas were short of water when the treatment plant project was obstructed,” he recalled.
“This is bad politics compared to the BN’s politics of development and inclusiveness,” he added.
Awang Tengah said the opposition would be singing a tune of change in the coming election, but the public must wise up to the fact that the change should benefit them rather than bring about undesirable consequences.
The BN under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has a proven track record of delivering the goods.
“There must be experienced hands; youths and BN have this approach as reflected in the prime minister’s constant engagement with the younger generation and across the board,” he said.
Awang Tengah, who is also Minister of Industrial Development and Minister of Public Utilities, said the BN government has shielded Malaysia from the global phenomenon of rising cost of living due to geo-political changes in US, Europe and the Middle East.
“We have various kinds of aid for the people to cope with the inevitable global rise in cost of living, and the various transformation programme involving the government, economic, social and other sectors  as spearheaded by the prime minister,” he said.
Calling on the community to back incumbent Lawas MP Datuk Henry Sum Agong in the coming general elections, he said Lawas must continue to be BN’s bedrock and Sarawak, its fortress.
“The BN government has established a conducive environment for business and economic activities through affirmative policies, and we wish to see BN under the prime minister’s leadership continue to lead the way,” he added.
This calls for unity among the people to sustain the momentum of developing Lawas which still needs much infrastructure and public amenities.
Lawas MP Datuk Henry Sum Agong commended the community in Lawas, including outstanding professionals such as doctors for their emphasis on education and progress.He hoped for their continued support in the coming general election as the government has proven to be fair and inclusive in its policies.
The function kicked off with the ‘Lao Shen’ performed by dignitaries and ‘Hui Chun’ calligraphy writing by Tengah, songs and dances.
Earlier, organising chairman cum Lawas Hawkers Association chairman Siek Ngok Bing commended the Chinese community for their unity and called for their continued support.
Also present at the function were Tengah’s wife Datuk Dayang Morliah Awang Daud, Limbang Resident Maria Hasman, Pemanca Tan Yong H’ng and other community leaders.

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